My date revealed to me that he was paid $50 to convince me to commit suicide…

2021.09.16 17:39 BabyGaboonViper My date revealed to me that he was paid $50 to convince me to commit suicide…

The title is crazy I know, so here’s the story.
I (24f) went on a date yesterday with a guy (23m) I actually used to date back in high school. It’s been about 6 years now since we dated and we reconnected recently through Facebook.
I remember our HS relationship being a difficult one. We were both angsty teens (me 16 and him 15) with difficult home lives and abusive parents. His family hated me, while my family couldn’t care less who I dated. He was obsessive and manipulative back then, but he disguised it with what teenage me would have considered charm. He was pretty popular at the time and his friends always laughed or turned up their nose at me. Meanwhile I thought I was extremely lucky to be dating someone popular and I was in love with the guy. I didn’t have many friends and since my home life and sometimes school life was so rough I often confided in him about my depression and how he was the only one I felt like I could talk to. I was already suicidal at the time (my dad was physically hitting me and my mom liked to destroy my things. They both once burned full trash bags of my clothes because I hadn’t picked them up off my bedroom floor right when they asked me to).
I remember feeling so distraught one night after my dad had grabbed me by the throat and choked me for reasons I can’t remember, I messaged the boyfriend about it and how I wish I was dead so that I didn’t have to live like this anymore and he said “I’m so sorry you’re going through this. if you’re really not that happy here, maybe you would be happier in the next life”. He said a slew of other things in such a sweet and comforting way, he was acknowledging my feelings and validating them, not telling me I was stupid or selfish for feeling that way like other people had. I thought he understood me and I loved him so much more for it. I was obsessed, I viewed him like a savior, my only friend, the only thing keeping me sane.
Eventually his parents forbade us from dating or speaking to each other because they hated me so much and we broke up. We still secretly remained in contact but he treated me differently after that and I was so upset with my whole life that I did end up attempting (thankfully a failure). I never told anyone that til this day. Me and the boy never really spoke again until about a week ago.
I had completely forgotten about all of this til this point and didn’t recall any of it until we had our date and started reminiscing. We kinda had a laugh about our mutual trauma and how messed up we were as kids but that we grew up into pretty cool adults. Now here’s where the truly messed up part is.
While we were laughing about the screwed up past, he let it slip that his friends had paid him to date me and see if he could get me to commit suicide by the end of the year. I was dumbfounded by this information and kinda emptily laughed and pressed for more info. Smiling the whole time, he admitted it was fucked up but everyone in school knew I had a rough home life, (they could just tell somehow?) and I wasn’t very popular. Some even said I was an eyesore to their school. I wasn’t attractive either.. I just looked like a rundown kid. His friends apparently thought it’d be hilarious to you with my feelings and make me feel SUPER special to date a cool person and yank it away. They said they’d even pay him $50 for the trauma if I ended up killing myself. In the end they all paid him just for the trouble of dating me.
He didn’t word it like this of course, but the underlying truth was there.
I sat there reeling as I listened and everything from the past clicked into place and made so much more sense. He saw my expression and changed tune real quick and said he was extremely ashamed of his behavior back then and grew up since then and said he was glad to see I grew up to be happier and conveniently threw in how much more beautiful I had become as an adult. He kinda compared me to the ugly duckling story…
Needless to say I ended the date in a heartbeat and said he was a real piece of work and to never contact me again. Now his friends are blowing up my phone saying I grew up into a stuck up bitch and that he changed and is an amazing person now. I told them all to fuck off.
I’m at a loss for words… I didn’t realize people could actually be this cruel… I thought I’d worked through my past and moved on but I feel like this set me back and my self esteem took a real hit from this…
Do you guys believe someone could change THAT much after only a few years? He did seem sincerely sorry, but I’m disgusted and I don’t think I’d ever be willing to be with someone who did something so heartless…
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2021.09.16 17:39 robertkuddusi69 What do you do when you feel worthless? Or feel like there's no reason for you to live?

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2021.09.16 17:39 Fireflyfanatic1 Is it a Holiday? Or is it something else. Closed today?

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2021.09.16 17:39 Lulu014 Need Help Selecting Keepers

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2021.09.16 17:39 TheBlazeBot Cash, COVID, and cover-up, part 3: 'You will have tasks that must be done'

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2021.09.16 17:39 rgoff31-psn Breakthrough COVID-19 cases are rising in Maine, but they’re still rare

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2021.09.16 17:39 poppear [P] easyopt: zero-code hyperparameters optimization framework

I got tired of writing over and over again the same boilerplate code to do hyperparameters optimization so i built easyopt
It is basically an optuna wrapper that does all the boring stuff for you.
You just have to write a simple YAML file and run easyopt create to create a study and easyopt agent to run the optimization agent.
It supports all the optuna nice features such as:

With some bonuses like:

You can find the project here:

I would love to hear some feedback!
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2021.09.16 17:39 The_Badfish Father (60yo) is underemployed in VA, will lose housing soon, needs to move back to NJ

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2021.09.16 17:39 anthonyhmtnj Famous Marxist follower Justin Trudeau

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2021.09.16 17:39 Monty721 New Prusa Mk3S Bed Adhesion Issues

I recently finished building a new MK3S but I'm having issues with the print lifting from the bed at various points during the print, sometimes in the first few layers other times a the end of the print. I clean the bed before every print. I've seen some recommendations to wash the rough PEI sheet with soap and water, I've watched guides online suggesting using glue stick that is then wiped down with isopropyl alcohol but they don't say how often to do so. I've included images of my first layer calibration. I've tested multiple z adjust values but have largely the same results. When I look at the first layer calibration results and compare it to the instructions from Prusa it seems I have too much squish but reducing the squish makes the adhesion issues worse. Any ideas on improving the bed adhesion? The bed is at 60C during the entire print which is the setting from the Prusa slicer's filament profiles.
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2021.09.16 17:39 doyouhaveanyhobbies Just noticed these big mushrooms and mold in my Monstera’s soil, I gave it a big drink about a week ago before leaving town. Is this safe? Should I remove it?🥴

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2021.09.16 17:39 Waiiiiiiiiiiifu Proportions, anyone??0

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2021.09.16 17:39 JohnnyRich76 What am I doing wrong?

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2021.09.16 17:39 EntertainerNo082798 Ways to get hormone therapy?

Hello. I’m Lilly. I’m a transgender woman who came out to my friends and family as trans recently.
I’m looking for ways to pay for HRT, so I can transition physically and eventually start transitioning socially, as well.
My insurance doesn’t cover HRT I think, so I want to take hormones soon on or before the beginning of 2022.
Are there any trans healthcare options for trans people who want to transition, but doesn’t have the right insurance for it? Thanks.
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2021.09.16 17:39 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,40W x 30H x 3D cm,Anastasia Yakovleva Realism,Photorealism,Abstract,Fine ArtNature. Realism,Bird,Wood,Kingfisher,Stump,Acrylic,Branches

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2021.09.16 17:39 casual-pancakes [OC] My circle of the shepherd druid, Quinna, and her fae familiar

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2021.09.16 17:39 ahotmess87 how long should a 250 page depo summary take?

i have a feeling i’m going to bill about 6 hours for this. the deponent speaks poor english and i have to reread every response to make sure i’m understanding his answers.
i just started a new job and i’m worried about billing too much/too little.
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2021.09.16 17:39 copperrez Maybe not the fanciest, but my first and super happy with it :)

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2021.09.16 17:39 Fleury777 Presale Today at 1pm

Just curious I was looking at the Ticketmaster site and it says there's a presale happening at 1pm today does anyone know if that's just for season ticket holders? I'm sure no rush to get tickets but I was just wondering.
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2021.09.16 17:39 HunterHandler Looking for advice recommendations.

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2021.09.16 17:39 ReviewEquivalent1266 With help from elites like Biden and Milley, Beijing’s money and technology is fueling repression worldwide.

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2021.09.16 17:39 stranger_loves HITBOX! #1 (August 2021)

From this PM prompt, proposed by u/Constant-Ad-3630.
In New York City, heroes and villains collide every time, fighting for the safety of not only the city, but sometimes of the world... Among all of these great heroes, only one of them has enough manpower and skill to master the martial arts, to use said prowess to defeat his enemies. And that hero is no other than...
But today, Hitbox seems to be taking a small break from his heroic endeavors, as the morning comes to wake him in a normal way for once. No villainous explosions, no cars flying through his window, only his usual alarm wakes the powerful martial artist up.
“Goddamn it... I hate that sound.”
He lifts his arm and WA-POW! A single blow from his fist sends the clock flying to the wall, a new dent in the bricks! Yes, this sound is always annoying, and so Hitbox has a tendency to buy a lot of clocks - rather that than buying a incredibly expensive cellphone just to break it every morning.
Now our hero rises from bed, and prepares to work out. A flex here! A flex there! He immediately drops and begins doing push-ups. He switches, now he’s doing crunches! He switches, he’s doing burpees! The energy of this man is simply indescribable. And only by the end does a single drop of sweat hit his floor, because he has that much stamina! What a character!
Now he goes over to his kitchen, not a fancy kitchen, but a modest place of a humble hero. He opens his fridge, scours through the device and finds a Tupperware. He takes it out and carefully puts it in the microwave... What time will it take to cook?
Beep. Beep. Beep.
1 minute and 10 seconds to cook this magnificent meal! Hitbox has all his focus on this meal, waiting for it to cook properly. Sure, it’s a technological device, but he knows to be wary of all that may happen. Lest we forget the battle he had with Technomage last month! What an evil man, controlling electronic devices! However, as the minute and 10 seconds come to an end, we get to see what meal will our hero eat... And he is about to eat...
Yes, Hitbox deserves a big break from his strong diet. After all, it is a very lazy day, and he must enjoy it however he wants to. He is a great hero after all! And now he deserves to enjoy a good meal from Taco Bell.
He grabs his phone scrolling through Twitter, munching on a good taco... Until he sees something, something horrendous!
A tweet from none other than Stretch Armstrong!
We know, it’s not a very original name. But nonetheless, what a menacing villain!
The tweet reads the following:
“Robbin da bank, LOL. Someone stop me.”
And Hitbox... promptly ignores it. Again, this man is on his break, and other great heroes shall engage in battle with Stretch! For now, he deserves his taco.
Wait, another tweet! Now this one reads the following:
“@HitboxReal yo, Technomage told me you like The Fray? XD.”
And now Hitbox stands! He is truly angered by the revelation of his personal playlist! That damned Technomage, he truly knows how to get some people going!
Still in his pajamas, he leaps through the window and lands on the next building’s ceiling! He keeps going, ceiling to ceiling, until at lasts, that stretching snake is exiting the bank with bags of money! Time for a confrontation of great magnitude!
Hitbox jumps, and lands in front of Stretch, as well as his own heroic colleague, Sub Bass.
“Hitbox, dude, I was about to sonic blast him.”
“Never mind that, man. This is between this weirdo and I.”
Sub Bass steps aside and lets hero and villain face each other.
“Ah, Hitbox, I see my tweet got you quite... riled up, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps now you’ll teach me how to save a life? HAH!”
“How dare you leak my personal playlist, you damn bastard.”
“But what is wrong with enjoying emotional music, Hitbox? Do you perhaps believe it is not... MASCULINE?”
“You’re putting words in my mouth, Stretch. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people enjoying more emotional things in life!”
“But then why are you so stressed out by my revelation?”
“Because it is an invasion of my privacy! And also because there are people that fail to understand that masculinity isn’t the only choice of goodness they have as males, because emotional expression and exploring one’s gender or sexuality and other things not associated with masculinity are more than okay as well!”
“...Geez, I didn’t need that sermon.”
“Well you’re gonna need a spot in ICU. TAKE THIS!”
Hitbox moves quickly and immediately hits Stretch in the gut with the force of a bull stampede! The villain is truly down! Hitbox has won!
Sub Bass approaches, still confused.
“So, uh... What do I do now?”
“You free those people in the bank, Sub Bass, and give back the money to the people. As for me...” Hitbox looks to where his home is... “I’ve got a taco to finish.”
“Bone apple teeth, as they say, Hitbox.”
And with this, Hitbox leaps once more into a building’s ceiling, and goes back to his home. Thus continues the rest, for the mightiest martial artist of this world... HITBOX!!!
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2021.09.16 17:39 Blood-n-Cheese Curse of the Restless Dead by Brian Valeza

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2021.09.16 17:39 CoqueTornado Concierto en la sala Maravillas este sábado 18. Pop rock 80s, canciones originales

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2021.09.16 17:39 prdfndr Why do some dancers look much better musicality-wise than others?

When attending milongas, or watching professionals, some people look much more connected to the music that others. For instance, check these two couples:
While they both seem to dance to the music and respect the structure of the song and phrases, Arce's dance (the guy in the blue shirt) looks on a much higher level, almost like there is a whole extra dimension to it.
I notice this effect in other couples too. I feel I am missing something in tango, because while I see that some people look better, I do not understand why it is so. Any ideas?
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