Wentz? Great guy never medum.

2021.09.16 17:07 PJxP Wentz? Great guy never medum.

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2021.09.16 17:07 Araknhak All right, hear me out: What if soccer stadiums had water filled moats, to prevent idiots from running into the field?

First of all, this could hypothetically prevent lots of cases, since most people just don’t want to get wet. Second, for those assholes that still want to jump, the water would slow them down, giving security the time needed to grab them. So why not?
PS: For those who think that spikes or something, would be a better idea, just don’t.
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2021.09.16 17:07 ZZayos 20 [M4F] British Engineering Student looking for fun chill chats

Hey I'm Jack from the UK and I'm looking for someone to have a chill casual chat as extremely bored. I'm a tall white 20 year old.
I'm well spoken and going into my second year of an materials engineering degree. I like to climb and have recently started taking up running.
I'm kind of between a geek and a nerd and enjoy history, geography science. I'm into a lot of different TV shows and enjoy watching movies. I'd consider myself an introvert and am looking for someone who wants to chat preferably long term.
I do indeed have a British accent and just ask to hear it.
If you're interested in chatting send me a DM on here with your asl
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2021.09.16 17:07 kobony Original Art Color/Acrylic Painting,100W x 100H x 2D cm,Barbara StrobelPortraiture,FigurativePortrait. Acrylic Painting,Jazzsinger,Fascinating Woman,Decorative,Portrait

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2021.09.16 17:07 Divya-6969 30 hot photos of Hemal Dev - actress from Vidrohi, Power Play and 1962 : The War in The Hills.

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2021.09.16 17:07 EricSchC1fr Barr Told Trump He Would Lose The Election Because People Think He’s An A–hole

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2021.09.16 17:06 gasinspectorD Best YouTube audiobook channel

Does anyone have any particularly good channels they like to listen/subscribe to?
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2021.09.16 17:06 BigManDeep Closing Tsumitate Nisa

I started a tsumitate nisa account with SMBC about 1 year ago, but since then I feel I want to either terminate it, or change the amount withdrawn to much lower. Is either possible? If I terminate, do I keep the amount I gained from the investment (and is it taxed?)? Idealy i'd love to lower the amount instead since I started it out way too high. 
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2021.09.16 17:06 Rei004 nese agoni eshte gey alkingzi nuk eshte

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2021.09.16 17:06 discalerts Ledgestone Mystery Boxes

Ledgestone Mystery Box - Comes with 3 double stamps - 6 discs total
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2021.09.16 17:06 heart_of_osiris Kenney really had the gall to say that COVID isn't predictable and that they've done their best. This needs to be regularly called out as a blatant lie.

Few things shock me about this government, as I have pretty low standards, but I have to admit, I was gobsmacked when Kenney had the gall to stand at that podium yesterday and basically say that COVID has been hard to predict and that they have done their best. Kenney will lie to our faces in an attempt to abdicate his responsibility in leading us to this point, so I hope everyone doubles down on appropriately blaming him for this mess, because where we have ended up today was widely and vocally predicted by experts. I hate how often I am able to quote or reference Orwell nowadays, but, "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears".
On July 1 when he opened the flood gates, experts were screaming from the rooftops exactly how this would go. In fact, some of them had literal modelling already done to show exactly how this would go. Looking back on that modelling and that data, I'm amazed at how ACCURATELY it predicted this situation (and I have always had faith in the experts, but when I say they were on point here, they were REALLY on point). This wasn't just "oh they were kind of close" level of prediction. It was to a tee.
If any reporters are listening or reading this (I know some of you are in this subreddit), I really really really hope you can and will double down on pointing out that indeed, this outcome was predicted not by just one expert, but many. The data was laid down, visual data and charts were created, experts tweeted and screamed that this would happen literally the same moment that Kenney announced his opening plans. Do not let Kenney try to change the narrative. He set us on trajectory to end up here and then vanished for 30 some days while everything went to hell.
Rick Bell even encouraged and gave Kenney a chance to give us a REAL apology and in Kenney's own words, "I will not apologize". I'm furious at his refusal to take responsibility. I know that these sorts of politicians have a tactic to never admit making mistakes, but it's brutally obvious at this point who is responsible (looking at you too, Shandro and Hinshaw) and his refusal to admit so is insulting to all Albertans. It's clear as day who led us to this point.
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2021.09.16 17:06 Same_Q-Diff_Crypto Q: When did smart contracts launch on Tezos mainnet?

Hello Tezos community,
I'm having trouble finding the exact date launch date of smart contracts on Tezos.
Can anybody point me to official docs that state a date?
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2021.09.16 17:06 AndrussAlex What determines how long my ship will take to do a warp jump?

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!
👾 This post is made up by our fellow commander nicknamed u/HyperAnomaly, because of some troubles he asked me to post it for you c: So all the credits go to our friend! :) I just fixed some minor grammar mistakes and posted c:
Here we go:
TL: DR? See the conclusion at the bottom.
Previous posts have proposed that the warp jump time interval could be a function of the number of warp drives, ship mass, ship energy, or ship size. To my knowledge, no formula has determined the exact relationships, so I set out to figure this out.
Definition of variables:
T = period of time between warps
m = mass of the ship
E = energy production of ship
n = number of warp drives
c = number of cells on ship
f = warp drive factor (an upgradeable attribute of the warp drive)
Effect of the number of warp drives:
A fully upgraded Thane was run against three opponent ships. In run #1, the ship had 1 warp drive. In run #2 it had 2 warp drives, and in run #3 it had 3 warp drives. No other attributes of the ship are altered. The slight difference in mass of each instance of the ship when changing the number of warp drives was negligible.
Opponent ships were re-rolled until they were ballistic-only offensive compositions. This was done 1) because a lucky warp and laser barrage could snipe the warp drives and 2) because a previous dev post on Reddit has stated that ship AI may see a large incoming missile volley as a stimulus to trigger a jump. The Thane ship design had a massive amount of full ship shield coverage to ensure that the number of warp drives, ship mass, and energy production was constant for the early engagement (i.e. all initial ballistic volleys were fully absorbed by shields for the first few warp jumps).
Screen recordings were reviewed on my phone to determine when an event occurred (to the closest second). Numerous jump readings with jump time averaging were used to offset the integer time measurement limitation. Battles were run at 2x speed because I am impatient.
Average jump times:
Run #1: ~11 seconds
Run #2: ~7.5 seconds
Run #3: ~5.7 seconds
Prior to obtaining this data, I hypothesized that with mass and energy constant, the warp interval time period may take the form of T=T_0/(1+1/n) where T_0 is a constant. Why? Because this agrees with anecdotal evidence that doubling the number of warp drives does not half the jump time interval. It also is a very simple function that also exhibits the reasonable behavior of T going to a non-zero minimum time as n goes to infinity (this prevents near-instantaneous sequential jumps).
By rearranging the equation, we can isolate T_0=T(1+1/n). Since we proposed that T_0 was a constant, its value should be the same for each of the 3 runs above, and if we plug in the data we can test this:
Run #1: T_0=11(1+1/1)=22
Run #2: T_0=7.5(1+1/2)=11.25
Run #3: T_0=5.7(1+1/3)=7.6
We can see from this data that T_0 is not constant as we expected. However, we do know that all ship attributes are constant except for the number of warp drives, so we must have missed some functional relationship between T and n. Fortunately, there appears to be a simple ratio of the T_0 times above. Chiefly, we can see that the 2nd run time is half of the 1st run time and the 3rd run time is one-third of the 1st run time. This suggests that our original guess of T_0=T(1+1/n) needs to be modified to T_0=n*T(1+1/n). Once we make this change, T_0 comes out to a constant that is stable between the three runs.
Simplifying this equation gives us our desired result, how the warp time interval for a particular ship changes as a function of the number of warp drives added: T=T_0/(n+1).
Effect of ship mass and/or energy:
A standardized core skeleton of a ship was created that had excessive energy and shields, 4 chain guns, and more than half of the ship's internal volume empty for 1x1 armor modules. The skeleton mass is calculated. Three runs are then performed where the armor slots are either 1) steel armor, 2) solar armor, or 3) reactive armor. Since half of the ship’s internal volume is armor, the ships have greatly varying masses because of the base mass difference in each armor type. The number of modules is kept constant. The overall energy also varies because the three classes of armor each have different energy generation/consumption.
In each of these three experiments, I found no variation in the warp jump time interval with neither ship energy nor ship mass. Therefore, as far as I can tell, these factors do not come into play when determining the warp jump time interval. As a caveat, however, energy production would matter if it is less than total ship consumption since this will prevent the warp drive from charging.
Effect of ship size:
I hypothesized that for a constant number of warp drives, the warp time interval of different ships should take the form of T(c)=a*c+b where c is the number of cells on a ship’s schematics and a and b are unknown constants that are independent of both n and c. Performing experiments similar to those described above I found the following:
T(108) = 10
T(232) = 15
T(308) = 17.4
Performing a linear regression on this data gives an R^2 value of 0.9973, confirming the hypothesis.
Tying it together:
Since we now know T(n,c)=T_0(c)/(n+1) and that T(c) must be of linear form, we can combine this knowledge to yield T(n,c) = (a*c+b)/(n+1). Using known values of T(n,c) from empirical testing, we can use linear algebra to solve for a and b and find that a = 0.117 and b = 17.8.
There is an added complexity, however: the warp engine has a “warp factor” term that can be upgraded. Throughout all of my testing, my warp factor has been f = 12+2.52 = 14.52. Unfortunately, I cannot significantly vary my warp factor enough to determine its empirical effects. However, I suspect that it affects the *a* term above such that a = k/f which implies that k = 1.70.
Combining what we have determined, we arrive to the final equation:
T(n,c) = (1.70 * c / f + 17.8) / (n + 1)
T is the time between warp jumps in game seconds (running at 1x speed).
n is the number of warp engines installed.
c is the number of cells on the ship.
f is the warp factor (12 by default)
(warp time interval does NOT depend on ship energy or ship mass)
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2021.09.16 17:06 umar_naq1996 Creating a fantasy iPhone Wallpaper in Photoshop.

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2021.09.16 17:06 Ok-Taste6104 🌒 Aphelion 🌒 - BNB/BSC Based NFT Marketplace - Presale Launching in 3 Days 💰

🌑 Aphelion Token and NFT Marketplace 🌑
Aphelion is a true community run token that have just completed their beta NFT Marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain to avoid high gas fee costs associated with the Ethereum networks, meaning you will mint/buy/sell NFTs using BNB rather than ETH and it will cost next to nothing to mint your artworks!
✔️ It has simple and familiar Tokenomics:

🔒 Aphelion are taking the following measures to make sure your funds are safe:
Aphelion has been in the works for months and is only just beginning its marketing efforts. Pending launch there will an initial airdrop of 5,000,000 APH to 100 random holders.
💰 The presale begins on the 19th of September at 21:30 AEST:
Be sure to check out their whitepaper on their website.
Don’t miss out on this amazing project, it has real potential as an alternative to Ethereum based NFTs.
🔗 Links related to PetPals
📜Contract 📜:0x32e9cf5335844eda2988acd2d6587a7f9c6d8e33
💫 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.16 17:06 edutreasure Adobe Photoshop CC Fundamentals and Essentials Training udemy coupon

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2021.09.16 17:06 Lost_Tumbleweed_2203 Presenting the first #decentralized #betting platform focused on the future prediction of asset prices in the #crypto ecosystem

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2021.09.16 17:06 Buttcheeksofury Found this in a community park bathroom. The fact adults have to be reminded of this...

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2021.09.16 17:06 Turbo_Charged-95 Imagine getting cussed out by a little kid calling you trash when you carried hardcore. GG to the opposing ronin. My teamate was a freebie.

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2021.09.16 17:06 Angsty_Panda Kamen Rider

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2021.09.16 17:06 lividfrost PSA: Corrosion is NOT AS BAD AS IT LOOKS - Floor 11 Tips & Tricks

tl;dr - Since corrosion can't kill you off field, play as if every character is low HP Hutao. Or just use Barbara.
Corrosion definitely looks like a pretty scary mechanic on paper, but it's actually not too bad in practice. Just wanted to put out a quick tips & tricks post to help anyone who might be struggling with the new abyss.
First lets take a look at the actual corrosion mechanic:
When opponents are defeated, all party members will be affected by the "Corrosion" status. Characters being Corroded will lose a fraction of their HP every second. Active characters can be brought down by Corrosion. When non-active party members have less than 15%, Corrosion will no longer damage them. \Corrosion lasts 10s and can stack. The duration of each stack is counted independently. The duration resets each time you kill an enemy.*
A few key points to note here:

  1. Corrosion will ignore shields
As long as your main DPS stays at relatively safe levels of HP, your sub DPS/supports can stay around 15% hp and only need to take 1 or 2 ticks of healing max to make sure they don't die of the bleed when you switch to them.
If you are constantly trying to heal everyone to full with a ground AoE healer (like bennett, diona, who can only heal one character at a time), you're going to be wasting a lot of time on HP that's just going to be lost on the next enemy kill. That's also HP that could be going to keeping your on field DPS alive.
In a quick swap team where everyone is sharing equal field time, bring a healer that can heal everyone (Jean, Barb, etc.).
Since your supports will mainly be sitting at low HP percentages, having high shield uptime units is actually much more important to make sure your units stay alive. Shields ARE NOT DEAD. LONG LIVE DADDY GEO. (Diona is great too. Even units with low uptime shields like Beidou c1, Noelle are all good. The shield just needs to be up to protect your low HP supports.)
Not saying that you should save all your burst casts for after killing an enemy, but if you're ever in a pinch, casting a burst will stop the bleed ticks from doing any damage. All burst casts (4 & 5 star characters) have i-frames. Using burst i-frames to deal with high stacks of bleed is also really helpful with keeping your team healthy.
This is probably irrelevant for the majority of the playerbase, but I wanted to put this out there that teams like the ayaka & ganyu version of morgana team will not work. You WILL need a healer on each team regardless of your dodging skills (some crazy CN player is probably going to prove me wrong on this in a week just you wait lol).
Who should you use?
One of my clear teams was a carry Noelle (c6) team w/ Beidou, XQ and Raiden. (You can switch out Raiden for any geo battery tbh and probably net more damage, I just wanted to play with booba sword.) Noelle's constant full team heals + her fat shield means you can pretty much forget about corrosion or taking damage. (Carry Noelle will also have more shield uptime.)
Barbara is one of the other very comfy healers with her one hit wonder ult that double both as an iFrame and a full team heal. Your CA's can do a decent amount of dmg and will heal x4 the health of a regular auto (PLZ USE CAs IF YOU HAVE THE STAMINA). If the burst and elemental skill tick heals aren't enough, a few CAs can easily get your team back to full HP.
(Remember again though, that unless you are running without a shield there isn't much of a reason to keep your supports at high HP, so don't waste your time healing everyone with Barb if you don't need to.) The downside of bringing Barb is your damage xd (also high burst cost).
Jean does a huge upfront heal like Barbara and does good damage (unlike Barb) and can bring VV to the table, which makes her practically better in every way. The trade off is that she's a standard banner 5 star and if you're not bless by RNG, sucks to suck. (Also, her ult heal ticks are much smaller, so while she's good at burst healing, if you get massive stacks and need heavy sustained healing, she's not quite as good)
Sayu's cast time team heal is not nearly as good as Jean (except maybe if you're running c6 full EM), but her heal ticks are a bit better (I think, my Sayu is not as invested as Jean yet so not sure). If you're playing a team where everyone shares equal field time, Jean will be better. If you have one main DPS taking most of the field time, I would personally recommend Sayu.
One thing to note, both Sayu and Jean have 80 energy ults, so you will need to funnel or build ER to keep 100% ult uptime.
Pryo Archon
Bennett is still VERY good. The other team that I cleared with was a bennett zhongli team. Bennett heal ticks are very fast and with a shielder you can easily play low HP quick swap, get a tick or two or healing in after you swap in and then swap out. You will definitely not be able to keep everyone at full HP all the time, but you can also really take advantage of ult cast iframes while standing in bennett ult to heal more while not taking damage (benny ult heals so much for me that I pretty much hit the 70% threshold just from one ult animation, your results may vary depending on investment).
If you are having issues keeping ult uptime (which you shouldn't), recommend ER sands. If you need more healing, grab a healing bonus mask. Definitely not as braindead as Noelle, but still very strong.
Diona is not great again corrosion. Her heal ticks are very slow. Her main strength comes from the fact that your shield is so strong (at high HP investment), you won't need too much healing in between, so the low tick rate is ok in that situation. But since corrosion ignores her shield, her low tick rate heal can't keep up as well. Swapping in a character and having to wait 2 seconds for a 3-4k heal tick is just feels bad. Her shield is still very good, but with 80 energy cost, she will be a bit more challenging to use compared to some of your other options.
- IDK anything about Qiqi but I guess she would be pretty good? She's literally the only healer I haven't leveled I'm sorry :))))))))
As a reminder, it's only floor 11. With relatively high investment, you can mostly just brute force it anyway. GLHF
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2021.09.16 17:06 Aegabberty For sale - anyone interested?

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2021.09.16 17:06 rednemesis337 Earn Flexible

Hey does anyone know if I can put a coin on flexible earn and then keep adding the earnings(basically compounding) or do I need to de-stake it first from flexible and put the new amount? Original amount + weekly earning ?
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2021.09.16 17:06 Choice_Ad2544 Lesson learned

So the water will be shutting off tomorrow because I was dumb and counted on the money from the ctc. I figured I'd be ok taking my family out to eat because my kids have done so well in their schooling would be doable because the ctc was coming and that would pay it off. Spare me your life lessons as my dumb ass has already learned that the government is ran by drunk monkeys. And the IRS is ran by drunk monkeys with meth problems. That being said
Has anyone gotten any deposits today?
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2021.09.16 17:06 Quirky-Lingonberry27 Combining and operating on multiple metrics

Hey Everyone!
If I were to have 2 metrics, something like:

And i wanted to show graph that would show the difference between these 2 (say at one particular time the aggregate sum of metric 1 is 40 and the aggregate sum of the second is 19, id want to see 21, or 47.5% or something - how could I set this up in grafana?
Keeping in mind, user1 would be a variable tag - id have the same info on user2, user3, etc. and I would want it to compare each metric that has similar user tags.

Thanks in advance!
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