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so i was playing npc rp by groovy and i am in the backrooms

2021.09.16 17:19 alimohammad313 so i was playing npc rp by groovy and i am in the backrooms

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2021.09.16 17:19 BusyDirt How is your week going?

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2021.09.16 17:19 Alarmed-Weather9147 Deadline gripes from Kansas City

Client #1 is a new client this year with a few alarm bells going off in my head including a good amount of debt. 3 businesses including 2 S-corps. I charged him around $2k per return. He acts surprised when he learns that it’s $2k per return and not total and also surprised when I want payment from him before filing. 🙄. He tells me he has to move funds around and he will pay by check Friday. I didn’t file but feel guilty. I don’t usually require it if my regular clients, but I just don’t have a good feeling about getting paid.
Client #2 gets me his stuff Tuesday afternoon. He’s just getting over COVID so I pushed to get it done by mid-morning yesterday. He spends until 4 going through it and making corrections to the numbers he gave me before he would sign it.
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2021.09.16 17:19 bricktop0 Natalie

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2021.09.16 17:19 Sandyredski If you’re deeply depressed but still want to be productive, you can work on your obituary.

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2021.09.16 17:19 drnbull123 [Free] Looking to colorize a photo of my father. Here he is at 17 years old 50 years ago.

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2021.09.16 17:19 Diamond-girl1 Client is asking for native AI file once design project (marketing recipe booklet) is complete.

To preface, my client is extremely disrespectful and I am trying to phase them out. I'm currently working on a seasonal recipe booklet for them and they requested the native AI file once complete. It's obvious that they want this so that they can use it as a template for seasonal use. I'm also not even comfortable designing a book in Illustrator, it is standard practice to use Indesign and I have already begun the project in this application.
Unfortunately in the past, I have let my client get away with having the native file, however since I am trying to phase them out of my life, I am comfortable fighting back this time. We do have a project proposal and this is not included in the design deliverables or price.
What do you think I should charge them to add this to the design deliverables – considering this will take away a future project from being given to me. For reference, I am charging $1500 for the total project (includes 1 design revision and an additional $200 for more revisions).
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.16 17:19 BoltFlower Individually, we are all in this together

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2021.09.16 17:19 Cross_Is_Gaming [Price Check] Lvl 50 Prototype Hazmat Suit

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2021.09.16 17:19 akuma1839 Help me pls

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2021.09.16 17:19 Incognizance Cruella by Yu Xiyan

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2021.09.16 17:19 MDE_murat_MDE Ne bok yicem şimdi ben kiralar ateş pahası

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2021.09.16 17:19 trxshghoul Your helper for shopping

Hello, I work in AliExpress and I can find cheapest goods for you with promocodes and coupons. Also I can give you a cashback if you order a lot of things! I work like that: 1) you give me a list what to find with as correct explanation as possible 2) I search the cheapest price and coupons for you 3) I give you your list with links. You can text me in PM, I also have Telegram
Why I need that? I collect cheapest things from AliExpress for my blog, and analysis of people's needs for my project. I don't require money from you but would be great if you tip me after you receive your package.
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2021.09.16 17:19 CryptoDonkeyMiner RTX 3070 LHR ETH Unlocker - NBMiner vs GMiner vs Drivers

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2021.09.16 17:19 Jefcat The Voice Actors at a promotional stop last month (photo from Given twitter feed in celebration of 200,000 followers!) (L-R, Yuma, Shougo, Masatomo and Takuya)

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2021.09.16 17:19 Jedidea What's the worst thing a teacher has done to you that wasn't a crime?

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2021.09.16 17:19 nejkerera31 Do you think that Nova will ever get the buff on Shift+RMB cooldown?

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2021.09.16 17:19 DeadMeat-666 What does 何何て mean in this sentence: “この何何てごめんね”?

It seems to mean “this thing”, but the dictionary only says things like “what”, or “how”. How does this sentence translate to “I’m sorry for this”. Thanks
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2021.09.16 17:19 froggiechaire 2013 hyundai elantra broken coil spring

hello! i have never posted on this subreddit before so pls bare with me,
this car has had its alignment fix a time or two before and has had multiple tires replaced, we went in to get some tires replaced and after “forgetting to do the tires” for about a week (originally said it would be done by monday, still not done thursday) they called and said that there was a broken coil spring that needed replacing and it would be 1,000$ to fix
any help is appreciated, for if i could do it myself, if the rate they gave us is unfair, if it could be their error, anything!!
thank you so much for reading this far and have a great day smart car people of reddit!
tldr; mechanics provided bad service and after neglecting to change our tires for a week because they 4got (yes they literally said that) then say car needs a 1,000 repair for a broken coil spring
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2021.09.16 17:19 -qhil- Rate my outfit please :)

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2021.09.16 17:19 TravisWWE12 Kiera Hogan

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2021.09.16 17:19 Mechmonkey85 Inner Sphere Shadow Cat?

Ever since Mechwarrior 3 the Shadow Cat has been my favorite 'mech. But as they say, "variety is the spice of life."
So my question is, does the Inner Sphere produce a 'mech with capabilities similar to the Shadow Cat? If there is more than one option, what is the earliest design in the timeline?
Candidates must meet certain requirements: -a powerful long range punch -some sort of medium/short range backup weapons -97 kph -7 tons of armor -Jump Jets
My own weak searching turned up a couple possibilities, but I would like to hear more. Talon) TLN-5W (alas, no jump jets though) Wraith TR2 Cronus CNS-5M (model looks pretty good )
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2021.09.16 17:19 gsnurr3 Team listing updates on the website!

Team listing updates on the website!
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2021.09.16 17:19 TennisADHD Watch you talk about?

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2021.09.16 17:19 Excellent_Area3575 Self portrait

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