Transfer Rumors: Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez wanted by two Premier League clubs

2021.09.16 16:58 SportsStar1903 Transfer Rumors: Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez wanted by two Premier League clubs

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2021.09.16 16:58 Vesuviussky Does anyone know if Christopher Hastings made a variant of issue #9 of Jonathon Hickman's 2015 Secret Wars? I've got issues 1-8 with his variant covers and I'd love to have the entire set but for some reason, I cannot even find a photo of this edition nor any information if it even exists.

If anyone could help me out with a link to what the cover looks like or any info at all would be a big help. I've seen some variant covers for issue #9 but I'm interested in Hastings edition specifically if it exists.
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2021.09.16 16:58 QR-T For US, 2 pack solar wall mount $61, dm me if interested 🙂

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2021.09.16 16:58 datdamnboi_thicc I just DRS transferred a portion of my GME over-the-phone - Easy as pie, but..

Fidelity Ape here - I just talked thru the phone to an equity agent for DRS transfer, and it was a success! At least I think. Just DRS xx of my GME and tbh I asked about doing xx of my popcorn stonk as well (figured it was worth trying since I hodl both), by the end of the call they said both of my requests were in transfer process and to expect a confirmation message or email in a few business days. I will be honest, it is very nerve-racking getting no immediate proof of process or receipt of this transfer over-the-phone, am curious if other fidelity apes had the same experience or feeling when direct registering OTP? The main thing easing my nerves until I get confirmation is what my agent said, "We haven't been doing a lot of popcorn stock transfers, we have been dealing primarily with gamestop transfers recently". B u l l i s h.
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2021.09.16 16:58 Seraphymz High volume low calorie meals?

I am an “ex-binge eater” extremely high volume eater, I’ve been fairly successful in defeating my BED and losing 115+ lbs through mindful eating, high volume low cal meals, and exercise. Looking for more ideas on high volume low cal meals because lately I’ve really been struggling bonus points for protein.
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2021.09.16 16:58 MrSnuTrippN Carson Gangland: Known Bodies

Big Monk/Big Shiphead from 190 ECC shot and killed by Victoria Park Locos on Harlan Ave on July 18th, 2010.
Lil Byron from Carson WSP shot and killed by 190ECC on Del Amo and Leapwood right outside of 190ECC turf on October 24th, 2010
Bryan Champion from 190 ECC shot and killed by SVCC on University Drive on December 4th, 2012
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2021.09.16 16:58 TwoMuddfish Add me for gift exchange! NYC! 9370 3914 7701

9370 3914 7701
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2021.09.16 16:58 Ok_Ostrich9240 Do you need to Touch Grass?

You Guys need to touch grass. Like seriously, this sub is just NSFW, I saw this one lad saying he wants to get C O N S U M E D by Itsuki. Seriously, I ask all fans that will see this to go outside, recollect yourself, and don't be a degenerate. Thank You.
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2021.09.16 16:58 ThePastaMaster1 ich_iel

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2021.09.16 16:58 SussyMonki My school is cool lmao

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2021.09.16 16:58 PetiteSylvette What plant is this? Zine 7b maryland

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2021.09.16 16:58 03SEXTERRA [PA] Is it legal for an employer to remove an internal job position after the job had been posted and applied

A while back I bid on an internal position. I received the confirmation emails and never heard back after that. I was informed today that they canceled the posting after I had applied and none of the resources or hiring managers thought to say a word about it until I started asking for my interview. Is this allowed? I know its shitty but do not know if there is anything I can do about it
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2021.09.16 16:58 Demon7sword IVE ARRIVED

ok so I FINALLY got to level 13, as for our room, basically upon reaching the checkout desk exil just stared at the faceling running the front desk for a bit and he just gave us a royal key, our number is #777 and thanfull has no windows finally our new home expect new updates soon the gaming chair is great to
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2021.09.16 16:58 mike_ozzy Preventing knobs & pots from loosening.

Anyone have any tips or tricks from preventing knobs and pots from loosening up? I use set screw knobs and tried some lok-tight but it didn’t seem to work well - it was very thin and ran quite a bit. I got some rocket sockets for pots and it helps get them a lot tighter but I have this fear that pots will loosen, rotate and ground against the case and the user ends up with a non-functional pedal.
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2021.09.16 16:58 Thebirdman333 NIH launches Long-COVID study

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2021.09.16 16:58 Visual-Ad-3561 How has having poor credit impacted your life?

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2021.09.16 16:58 Info_Dose [TASK] Video Editor (simple cuts and adding music and sound effects) - $10 for 4 videos

We need a Video Editor who can do some basic stuff in any video editing software, such as cuts, adding some animated text, and adding music and sound effects. All the music, fonts, sound effects, video footage will be provided to you. Something like this or this is what I am trying to replicate.
Videos will be send to you once or twice a day. I know it seems very little, but 4 of these videos take like 2 hours to get edited once you understand the format. That's like $5/hour, which is not that bad.
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2021.09.16 16:58 Doctor_Tomorrow Hey Reddit, what are some things to consider if trying to cross the Alps like Hannibal?

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2021.09.16 16:58 sheev1234 Crossover meme

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2021.09.16 16:58 ResearchHealth Reminder: The real objective of the American backed Afghan Army was freedom to maintain their alternative lifestyle

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2021.09.16 16:58 ugghhno 22F looking for a group to either join/want to create

So I tend to pop in and out of my boyfriends group and I want a group somewhat like that. They find new games to play together, they vibe and usually have the party going. It's chill but personally too toxic for me. I want to create something like that with a bunch of people. If you're down drop your psn. Preferably 18+ and I'm always down to try new games. If your down drop your psn and I'll start a group.
I usually play apex lately but have gotten into r6. I'm likely going to get battlefield off of my boyfriend along with back 4 blood if you want to play those. I tend to be on randomly throughout the day unless I'm off work then I tend to be on late at night. I really want a group where some of us are on at all times if ya'll are down.
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2021.09.16 16:58 kiLLeR_BuD Looking for kratom starts and maybe some info on growing exc in swflorida.

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2021.09.16 16:58 MovieFanZ5026 All 3 are good choices

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2021.09.16 16:58 Prepreludesh Review #418: Blaum Bros Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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2021.09.16 16:58 JFaustX Thought this sub might appreciate this.

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