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2021.09.16 18:39 svanapps r/XRP - PrimeXBT Exchange Relists XRP for Trading (platform not available to US residents)

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2021.09.16 18:39 satanicsunrise Is it worth pursuing a relationship if we’re gonna be in differnet countries next year?

So this friend (m18) of mine (f18) and I have been having a great time with each since this past one year. I can tell he likes me based on the way he talks, flirts and acts and I think he knows I feel the same because of the way I act around him.
I really like him and Im 80 percent sure he would say yes if I asked him out, but there’s just one little problem that scares me. Just a year later, we are both planning on applying to different universities abroad. He’d be in USA while I’d be on Australia. And beyond all these feelings, we do have a genuinely wholesome friendship and if things don’t work out we’d lose this friendship where we can tell each other everything.
But thenagain we’ve remained extremely close, talked almost about everyday while meeting up only twice within the year, so if we give the effort we might end up making it last. And, I do want him mine. I wanna cuddle, sneak out to places, gift plushies and do dumb stuff couples do with each other with him. But I’m really scared it’s gonna be incredibly hard next year if I go with it right now.
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2021.09.16 18:39 uomosen Any idea what model Voice of Music console this is or its worth? Needs servicing

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2021.09.16 18:39 Endeavour1988 GPU and CPU questions

So I have ordered all my parts and awaiting them to arrive:
Be quiet 500 base case Evga bq 750w PSU MSI b450 A pro MAX motherboard 2x 8gb ddr4 3000mhz ram Ryzen 7 3700X AMD RX 6600XT GPU Asrock Challenger D 2tb nvme WD blue SSD
I have since read two things that concern me.

  1. Is the prism cooler ok for the CPU... I see it can with a 105w 2700X so surely it can do a 65w 3700X?
  2. Apparently the GPU runs at x8 in a pcie 3.0 slot not full x16, is this going to be an issue. I got a fantastic deal on the motherboard, I've seen benchmarks and it looks like o lose a few FPS.. currently it will be 1080p but looking at 1440p.
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2021.09.16 18:39 Formal-Strategy6701 شمارو نمیدونم ولی ستش خیلی شبیه آریاست اگه گفتین داخل چه گیمی است

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2021.09.16 18:39 shinramyeons How is Math 21 this remote learning?

Hi. Just wanna know what are the general guidelines of Math 21 this online setup. Are there sync exams or quizzes? Or anything related to Math 21? Thank you, would appreciate it big time. <3
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2021.09.16 18:39 GuessForGames Call of Duty: Vanguard - Crossplay Early Access Beta

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2021.09.16 18:39 TheO1destMan super hit 2021 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.09.16 18:39 needlelacemaster SUPER EASY TUNİSİAN KNİTTİNG 💗 ( Knitting Love ) Tunus işi Çok Kolay Örg...

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2021.09.16 18:39 009774425 Dominant hand in brace, Need ideas since I cant write :(

Was sitting down to process everything in my journal when I realized I can't really hold my pen in a way that's conducive to writing. Need ideas of what to do instead for the next three weeks please
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2021.09.16 18:39 snekbyt3 What does Chrome Quietus say?

I've already checked two wikis and Reddit, but I can't find an actual translation for the characters that are etched into Chrome Quietus' blade. Does anyone know what they mean?
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2021.09.16 18:39 mrswafi Short term course / training - German Taxation

Hallo! I would like to ask if anyone can suggest short term courses or trainings related to Taxation around Ulm/Stuttgart/Munich? Im an Accountant and currently based outside of Germany and my employer offered me a transfer to Ulm office. Thank you.
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2021.09.16 18:39 Odd_Bumblebee_2678 https://www.twitch.tv/kpcazzer

Phasmophobia stream i dont know what else to say
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2021.09.16 18:39 pornpanther r/AnalFleshlight - Where the girls are fleshlights, and the guys do as they please

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2021.09.16 18:39 Emrys_Wledig Technical specification for the bigWig file format

I'm looking to write some low level tools that interface with bigWig files and I'm having difficulty finding a technical summary of exactly what the contents of the file format are. I've been reading the KentTools source code in C which has modules to create and edit BWs. I've found a brief description of the sections and headers in bwgInternal.h here but the lower level modules for actually writing to disk are less well documented. I'm very happy to keep digging through the code and experimenting but was wondering if anyone knows of a better summary of what the various parts of the file expect, in English rather than in code. Thanks.
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2021.09.16 18:39 ScCloudy Mdou Moctar Shares New “Afrique Victime” Documentary

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2021.09.16 18:39 Takagixu 210916 Kwon Eunbi Subway Birthday Ad at Sinchon Station

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2021.09.16 18:39 missbloomsexeducator How can our friends do better?

Hey hey! I am a fellow sufferer writing an article about how friends can be better allies for us living with invisible conditions. If anybody is interested in contributing I would love to hear 1) how have your friends made you feel alone/unheard and not understood 2) what could/have your friends done to make you feel comfortable/safe living or hanging out with your condition? Feel free to email me at [niki.davisf@gmail.com](mailto:niki.davisf@gmail.com) or reply below. Also, please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous or how I should refer to you in the article.
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2021.09.16 18:39 Masong115 Please help, the usual download issues

So it seems like an extremely common issue, just got the MFS from Xbox game pass on my PC and I downloaded it and then I open it and it will not pass the third file download, I’ve been trying everything for about 12 hours and never gotten the total percent past 0% What solutions worked for everyone, I’ve tried many things
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2021.09.16 18:39 GuessForGames Valheim Hearth & Home is Out now!

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2021.09.16 18:39 lusadilusadi Vanessa Salazar, Beautiful Model Fitness, Full workouts

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2021.09.16 18:39 GazetaPravda Норвегия спасает Европу: Цена газа в ЕС рухнула почти на $200 за несколько часов

Норвегия спасает Европу: Цена газа в ЕС рухнула почти на $200 за несколько часов Финанс
Приступ паники на европейском рынке газа с ростом котировок почти до 1000 долларов за тысячу кубометров, похоже, начал отступать.
После утреннего взлета на 16%, до рекордных 966 долларов за тысячу кубов, октябрьские фьючерсы на газ на бирже ICE обвалились на 170 долларов и завершили торги в минусе относительно закрытия вторника (-0,8%). За семь часов газ подешевел на 17% - до 796 долларов за тысячу кубометров.
Контракты на ноябрь, в полдень достигавшие 970 долларов, спикировали на 171 доллар и также закрыли день чуть ниже 800-долларовой отметки.
Газ с поставкой в марте - в конце отопительного сезона - утром стоил 888 долларов за тысячу кубометров, а к концу торгов - 739 долларов, сбросив в ходе торгов 17%.
На помощь европейскому рынку, где газ подорожал на 300%, а электроэнергия - вдвое, придет второй крупнейший поставщик - Норвегия.
Потоки норвежского газа схлопнулись из-за профилактических работ на месторождениях. Но среда была пиковым днем сокращения поставок из-за профилактики, говорит аналитик Refinitiv Уэйн Брайан. Теперь до конца года норвежский экспорт будет восстанавливаться, пишет Bloomberg.
В августе Норвегия экспортировала 9,4 млрд кубометров газа - на 15% больше, чем годом ранее. Национальная газодобывающая корпорация Equinor будет наращивать добычу всеми возможными способами и планирует удовлетворить спрос, заявила Reuters в среду финансовый директор компании Ульрика Ферн. Поставки сжиженного газа в Европу также начали увеличиваться после того, как цены догнали уровни Азии, куда летом уходила львиная доля свободного СПГ.
По данным Kpler, компании отслеживающей танкерные перевозки, в августе Евросоюз получил 4,98 млн тонн сжиженного газа - на 6% больше, чем в июне. Сентябрьские поставки сохранятся на этом же уровне, оценивает Kpler.
Тем не менее, газовый кризис в ЕС еще далек от разрешения, и пока не прояснится ситуация с поставками из России, цены могут продолжить рост, пишут аналитики Energi Danmark: хотя «Газпром» вернул к нормальным уровням прокачку по трубе «Ямал-Европа», запасы газа в ПХГ к началу отопительного сезона остаются рекордно низкими - чуть больше 70%.
По данным ФТС, в июле «Газпром» на 10% сократил экспорт газа, в августе резко уменьшила прокачку по маршруту через Белоруссию и Польшу, а начиная с сентября на 12% урезал транзит через Украину.
В конце августа, после того как суд Дюссельдорфа отказался выводить «Северный поток-2» из-под газовых правил ЕС, «Газпром» прекратил продажи газа на своей электронной торговой платформе, где клиенты могли «добрать» объемы сверх заложенных в долгосрочные контракты.
Оправдается ли агрессивная стратегия Кремля на продавливание «Северного потока-2», остается неясным. Не исключено, что регулятор газового рынка Германии, у которого есть 4 месяца на сертификацию трубопровода, «выдаст все необходимые разрешения в кратчайшие сроки», говорит Дмитрий Маринченко, старший управляющий Fitch.
Тем не менее, начать поставки к 1 октября по второй ветке потока не получится, признал в среду глава «Газпрома» Алексей Миллер.
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2021.09.16 18:39 Orange_pigeon-juice Hey guys, I have been trying to get parrotlets myself but I'm trying to figure out what diet they need to be happy, but the problem is that I need to know if I should be feeding them in a pattern like one-day pellets, one-day seeds, and one day Nutri berries but I don't know, please help.

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2021.09.16 18:39 bestisthenotbest Hard choice

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2021.09.16 18:39 bakekir A very late HGSS level check (or how I swept the E4, Kanto, E4 again, and Red with just 2 Mons)

So I fell out of playing the nuzlocke alongside the pod right around Claire - the game was getting to a particularly grindy point, and between Uni essays and family stuff, I just didn't have the time to commit. Only now in the past couple days, spurred by the podcast's announced return date, did I finally pick it back up and blast through the rest of the game surprisingly fast.
How? Well it didn't take long for me to once again get bored of grinding, and decide to commit to a premature all-or-nothing run at the E4. Either I wiped and that was it, or I beat them and I didn't need to grind anymore. I figured I had two star players - a level 42 Alakazam, equipped with the Choice Specs you find at Lake of Rage, and a level 44 Gyarados I levelled just high enough to learn Dragon Dance.
Turns out these two things are absolutely broken. Specs Alakazam with STAB Psychic just nukes anything that doesn't resist it, and with the addition of the Shadow Ball TM cleanly ripped through Will, Koga, and Bruno. Then once Gyarados had done enough intimidate cycling to safely set up 3 or 4 Dragon Dances, it blew through Karen and Lance.
From there I identified these two as the only team members I needed, and used them throughout Kanto. 'Zam handled Misty, Surge, Erica, Sabrina, and Janine. Gyarados cleaned up Brock, Blaine, and Blue. By the time they were wrapped up they were both in the 60s, and I figured we could try our luck at the E4 again. Even with their more advanced teams, some small strat alterations (Gyarados taking care of Skuntank before 'Zam could kill the rest of Koga's) and it was a wrap.
So then for the finale: Red. I knew Gyarados could do it with enough of a chance to setup, but first I had to take out that Pikachu. There is where we say goodbye to 'Zam. I swapped out the Choice Specs for a Choice Scarf, meaning it could land a Psychic on Pikachu. It didn't kill, but did enough so that the recoil from Pika's OHKO Volt Tackle would take the two of them down together. Out comes Snorlax.
I send out Gyarados first to get an initial intimidate, then quickly swap out to Ho-Oh. Mayor Cheat? Maybe a lil, but it remained at level 45 as I caught it. It used Sunny Day, meaning that both the hail chip damage was removed and Snorlax's Blizzard was now much less accurate. A few more intimidate cycles, and Gyarados was safe to DD all the way up to +6 ATK and +6 Speed. Even then, the Lapras survived for a turn but didn't have anything effective enough to take me out in turn. Meanwhile the rest of Red's team fell like leaves in autumn.
I beat Red, and in turn the HG nuzlocke, with two mons in their 60s. But more crucially, I can now look forward to starting on Pokémon White alongside the rest of you all with a clear conscience!

LEVEL CHECK (Final team at Red, not all survived!)
Kiki (Gyarados, Level 65) - Caught in Ecruteak City, Level 10
Nausicaä (Alakazam, Level 66) - Caught on Route 34, Level 10
Caproni (Magnezone, Level 41) - Caught on Route 38, Level 16
Zero (Ho-Oh, Level 45) - Caught at Bell Tower, Level 45
Fujimoto (Slowking, Level 30) - Caught in Slowpoke Well, Level 6
Jigen (Typhlosion, Level 43) - Gifted in New Bark Town, Level 5
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