Say hello to my little friend 🤠

2021.10.25 20:26 stale_kale Say hello to my little friend 🤠

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2021.10.25 20:26 botanisty [USA--LA] PhD in environmental stress and plant-microbiome symbiosis (starts fall 2022, no GRE requirement)

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2021.10.25 20:26 Yeetus_The_Mighty_ Same name, different reaction

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2021.10.25 20:26 VeidR1 Mirena cramps question

Hi all!
I had my Mirena inserted exactly a month ago after taking the combinatipn pill for 5 years (I took them back to back with two periods a year in the last 2.5 years). The insertion was very painful and the cramps lasted for a day after.
After that, I had slight cramps and that was it until today. I got a period today and it is the worst period I have ever had. I also had chills for a while. At one point I just wanted that thing out of me.. I took 800mg Brufen and now I am much better. Also, 2 hours before this started I got an ultrasound and the IUD shoulf be in a correct position.
My questions are: Is that normal under „heavier periods in first three months“?
And if you had a similar experience, did it stop? How are you feeling now?
Thank you!
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2021.10.25 20:26 WinterSky5 My friend of 6 years stopped talking to me because I said racism against anyone is bad

All I said was being racist against white people is also bad and got accused of "believing in reverse racism" and am now apparently a bad person?? Like I thought this was common knowledge and only the weirdos of Twitter thought otherwise. If this is a controversial statement then my generation is a complete lost csuse
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2021.10.25 20:26 CoryTrevorLeyhee EARGO YOLO!!!

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2021.10.25 20:26 jujubeee714 Broke out in Psoriasis

After my second Pfizer shot I broke out in psoriasis at the shot site on my arm. Rash spread to my face, feet, legs, knees, etc. Rash was so bad i had it biopsied, that's how I found out it was psoriasis. I don't have psoriasis. Guess now I do?
Is this normal?
Ty. I'm afraid to have a booster now.
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2021.10.25 20:26 nicolegrace1207 Taking a shot before presentation to ease nerves?

I have a massive massive fear of public speaking, my heart beats so fast I can’t hear myself think, I get sweaty, I go red and ultimately words do not come out.
I’m exactly 10 days I have a presentation which is worth 50% of my final mark and I HAVE to pass. I really don’t want to have to do this which realistically how much would taking a shot or two ease my nerves? Any other tips?
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2021.10.25 20:26 ReasonPure Hi guys!💕I changed my hairstyle!how do you?💖💖💖

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2021.10.25 20:26 v_p_s__ (MtoF) Femminilizzazione viso in Italia?

Ciao ragazze! Come da titolo, conoscete qualche chirurgo bravo e affidabile che faccia questo tipo di operazione in Italia? So che negli states moltissime persone trans ricorrono alla FFS, ma in Italia? Esiste qualcuno? Sento di averne bisogno, e a pensare che se fossi trans in un altro paese sarebbe molto più facile mi saltano i nervi.
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2021.10.25 20:26 MortonKlein My closet rig

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2021.10.25 20:26 Ramdus_Prime Had to let it go

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2021.10.25 20:26 KTownInThaHouse How would you rank all the songs from The Colour and the Shape? (Please respect each other’s opinions)

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2021.10.25 20:26 gauravmc Key not visible after clicking 'Show my key' & 'Activate' [F1 2021]

I made an order (for F1 2021 game), and after its status became complete, I clicked the 'Show my key' button, followed by 'Activate' button. The page refreshed but I'm not seeing any key!? I went back to 'my orders', chose my recent order, and now I'm neither seeing those buttons nor any key. What is going on? Did my key get activated? How can access it? Is this a scam?
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2021.10.25 20:26 BossNoise Just finished The God Is Not Willing

And I am blown away. I was expecting to not enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed TBOTF or tKT, but man was I wrong.
I do not like Karsa Orlong - even after several read through of tBOTF, very little of his "redemption" feels earned to me - admittedly this is probably personal bias - so when I heard that the sequel trilogy was "the Karsa Orlong trilogy" I was pretty disappointed. It took about one chapter for me to totally change my opinion.
Several of the characters introduced have quickly become some of my favorites - especially Rant, the Jheck Brothers, and more marines than I can count. I am consistently blown away by how skilled Erikson is at getting me to care about characters, even when they don't have much page time - I feel like I know Spindle's squat as well as I know Fiddler's.
Perhaps most surprising for me is the emotional reaction I had to "background" details. When Monkrat is giving the history and details of the "Runts" to Spindle, I could definitely feel my eyes water up - but when Nilghan is relaying to story of the Unloved Women to Rant, I had to put the book down for the night afterwards.
Overall, five stars, I'll probably read it again in a couple months, I don't know how I'm going to stand the wait until the next book!
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2021.10.25 20:26 KINDLE_TokenKIN Investment application | Retail market and cryptoactives | Release.

Hi! My name is Guilherme and I am the creator and developer of the $KINDLE Token project and I would like to request monetary support for the launch of the project and development of the digital sales platform with cryptocurrencies.
I present the project to you:
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I'm developing a digital sales platform where retailers/sellers pay an amount to publish and offer their products on the platform. All products will be traded in cryptocurrencies. In the following pairs: KIN; USDT; BTC.
With the power of freedom that the De-Fi universe gives us, we can easily raise any store to international sales levels through our Kindle CryptoStore platform.
Can you imagine being able to buy clothes, games, nfts and more using cryptocurrencies?!
In addition, Kindle CryptoStore will also provide retailers with excellent marketing support. We will start marketing campaigns where buyers will be able to invest their money to collaborate with the marketing campaigns and receive double the amount invested, as a certain percentage of sales in the marketing campaign belong to investors.
Come with us! Invest in $KINDLE Token and join the team of future millionaires!
Reserve your token amount before launch, send your transaction Txid to Telegram :
Any amount will be welcomed!
BEP20: 0x758c922E64DD4A6492b44490dDA2F9edCC804ef9
USDT-TRX: TSsPXV2mr48W5AJ73pwc6v9hQ2Sfp2jbo4
BTC: 14fwF1nTgeWekedJkVAJNRiFy8WearFtH7
ETH: 0x3865d740a22705707BD5dD25380594A5311bF2D7
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2021.10.25 20:26 alexalex12 Juan Fan Theory *Major Spoilers*

>!So I just finished the game and and the final scene furthered a question I had the entire game which is, is Juan really a good guy and does he really have the best interests of Libertad in mind? I’m curious to hear what you guys think but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and to me, Juan stinks to high heaven. Since I played male Dani, for the sake of brevity, I’ll refer to Dani as he/him.
The first thing that obviously stood out to me is his previous KGB affiliations. Now we know obviously by this time the Soviet Union has dissolved and he supposedly no longer works for the KGB. This does not necessarily mean that Juan ceased all his spy activity in my opinion. It's pretty well known that after the fall of the SV many government officials and KGB agents defected.
I will try my best to establish that Juan is a CIA agent acting on behalf of the U.S. to help install a puppet government so that Viviro can be shipped to the U.S.
We know Juan was instrumental in the '67 revolution, providing Soviet intelligence and weapons and when Santos took power, Juan was his personal agent. During this time, we are given no indication that Juan ever stopped working for the KGB while acting as personal agent to Santos and are led to believe that he only stopped being an agent for the Soviet Union when it collapsed. Which if true, meant Juan was probably keeping very close tabs on Santos for the KGB and was possibly influencing politics as well on behalf of the Soviets.
We are also told that during the Santos regime, the U.S. imposed blockades that greatly contributed to the economic crippling of Yara. This coupled with Santo's corruption led the Yaran people to become disillusioned and eventually elect Anton largely based on his promises of what the production of Viviro, a miraculous cancer medicine, would bring to Yara.
Fast forward to present day and the political situation is somewhat reversed. We see that Anton has instead put up blockades of his own to keep the U.S. out and it's implied that he is withholding the shipment of Viviro to the U.S. while another revolution is growing it's roots.
"The right tool for the right job" This is of course Juan's most famous phrase and we're led to believe that the phrase applies to weapons. However I believe that for Juan, this applies to people as well. He uses Dani and Clara as "tools" for his interests.
The first thing I noticed right away is that Juan seems intent on having Clara be the leader of the entire revolution despite it being reiterated time and time again that Clara is largely disliked by the Yaran people due to her affluent background (Juan even says this himself) and that Libertad is largely seen as a joke and not to be taken seriously. Later we learn about Yelena who seems to be a much more capable leader who is well respected by her peers. She leads La Moral, who by all accounts are much more organized and successful than Libertad. Despite this striking difference, Juan chooses to back Clara for reasons that are never made entirely clear.
Juan expresses to Dani many times that Clara needs to keep her image clean so to speak and this is why Dani must be the one to go all around Yara to do the dirty work and not Clara. Which on its face doesn’t make much sense. If the reason why Clara is disliked is because of her privileged background, how does it look having Dani, an orphan, go around committing violence on her behalf? Throughout the game Dani turns out to be very successful as a guerilla and it becomes clear that other Yara guerillas respect him as a leader often times while still voicing distrust of Clara and Libertad.
The first giant red flag for me was the assassination attempt on Anton planned by Juan using his intelligence. When Dani reaches Anton's room we find that he is not there but Diego is. In this same scene Diego tells Dani that his father Anton is sick and we later find out that this is a terminal illness for Anton and he does not have long to live. Dani seems surprised to learn this and it appears it is a secret to anyone outside of Anton’s close circle.
A big problem that was discussed by characters in the game is that if Anton dies, Diego would simply take over his father’s regime. As it turns out this is the very reason that Diego was even born. Anton did not like children but was convinced by Maria Marquessa that he needed an heir in the event of his death and thus Diego fathered a child with her.
Throughout the game it seems that some of the characters are unsure about killing Diego. The kid is only 12 after all. Most unsure of all is Dani especially after Diego saves him. But Juan seems completely indifferent to whether Diego dies and I believe that Juan not only knew of Anton’s terminal illness long beforehand, but that Diego was actually the true target of his plan and that he expected given Dani's demonstrated violence and hatred for the Castillo regime, would kill Diego instead of sparing him. With Diego gone, it would simply be a waiting game for Anton to die as Libertad slowly chipped away at his forces. I believe that after Dani spared Diego and was rising as a more prominent leader than Clara, Juan increasingly tried to have Dani killed.
The next mission Dani does is right after the hotel assault. Juan asks Dani to conduct a series of dead drops to facilitate the sale of Viviro to the CIA for cash. The first question that comes to mind is how does Juan have this contact having not been an active spy for almost 30 years? What’s clear is this definitely does not appear like Juan’s first dealings with them but then why have Dani do it? I get it, Juan is an old man so it makes sense to have Dani do a lot of the more violent and physical tasks but a simple dead drop should be something Juan is completely capable of doing on his own. But what’s more suspicious is Juan says he will pick up the cash while Dani drops off the Viviro.
As Dani completes the dead drops he’s ambushed by Anton’s general. During Dani’s torture/interrogation, Anton asks Dani if he really thought he wouldn’t notice the sale of his Viviro to the CIA, but it’s never made clear exactly how Anton knew this. What is clear is that Anton knew he was going to get somebody important, otherwise why send your right hand man and general to go bust a dead drop if you think it’s just going to be some random Libertad guerilla?
When Dani escapes, he calls Juan. Now one would expect Juan to ask maybe how Dani got captured or how Castillo knew what they were doing but Juan’s initial reaction is an empty, “Glad you made it” and then asks Dani if he “talked”. I believe Juan either secretly got information to Castillo that someone important would be making the dead drops or that Juan knew his operation had already been compromised and sent Dani anyway knowing he would be captured and most likely killed.
Where I really started to distrust Juan however was when Dani is about to kill Sean McKay and finds Juan is already on the phone with him having struck a deal with McKay in exchange for letting him live. Despite McKay being directly responsible for many of their friends’ deaths, Juan gives the excuse that after the war is over they will need McKay’s money and that McKay just promised a shit load of it. Dani asks what Clara will think and Juan tells Dani that he will deal with Clara. It’s yet another time where Clara is supposedly the leader but Juan seems to be the one truly in charge. We have to assume that Juan is the one who made contact with McKay and not the other way around or one would think that McKay would reach out to Clara instead because she is supposedly the leader.
If Dani does decide to spare McKay it’s never made apparent that Juan ever tells Clara what happened or what deal was made. One also has to ask why we would have any reason to trust McKay would keep his end of the deal once he was free and clear from Yara and the guerillas unless there was some sort of guarantee that Juan had from perhaps the CIA.
McKay was the exclusive exporter of Viviro and Anton had previously prevented Viviro from being shipped to the U.S. I believe the deal Juan made on behalf of the CIA was to let McKay live so that he could start shipping Viviro to the U.S. after the war was over. If Dani stays around after letting McKay live, McKay makes some very interesting comments and phone calls.
Among them is the point that the money McKay promised was the cost of a “double double” to him and that he could bribe any government official on any department level. Through a series of phone calls we learn that McKay is not only shipping Vivro but WMD’s as well. One of these calls just so happens to be a man named Willis. This could very well be Willis Huntley. That might be a name familiar to many Far Cry fans as Willis Huntley is a character featured in several of the Far Cry games. What’s important here if you haven’t played the previous games and are unfamiliar with Huntley is, Willis Huntley is a CIA agent.
I also believe that after this deal was struck and future Viviro shipments to the U.S. on behalf of McKay were secured, Juan no longer had any need for Clara and was solely focused on killing Diego from this point forward.
When Clara is captured by Castillo, Juan gets Dani to help him supposedly go save her but everything Juan does on the mission points to anything other than him wanting to save Clara. He sends Dani in alone once again, almost as if using him as bait and wanting him to get killed while Juan stays outside with a sniper rifle. Dani walks into Castillo holding Clara at gunpoint. It is shown from Juan’s view that he does not have a shot on Castillo but he does have a clear line of sight on Diego.
Now throughout the game, it’s made clear that Anton is one of the most evil people on Earth and despite how cruel he may be to Diego at times, it does appear as though Anton truly does love his son and Diego may very well be the only thing he loves.
So Juan doesn’t have a shot on Castillo, that’s fine but if the goal was to save Clara why on Earth why would you try to kill the one person Anton actually does care about when he has 2 of your friends at gunpoint? There is absolutely no way that Juan did not know that by taking a shot on Diego that Anton wasn’t going to react and kill at least one of them. As expected, Anton shoots Clara dead.
Afterwards, Dani is infuriated with Juan telling him, “They never talked about killing the kid”. Juan flips on Dani and accuses him of not caring about the kid and how Dani just wants the war to go on. He also mentions how “they almost had her” referring to Clara seeming to imply that it’s Dani’s fault Clara was killed. This infuriated me when I was playing it the first time because Juan was directly responsible for Clara being killed. Had he maybe waited a few more seconds for Anton to come into line of sight, Clara might still be alive. For all intents and purposes it also seems that Juan is almost completely indifferent to Clara being dead.
In one of the final scenes, Juan tells Dani, “You know, there won’t be an election” seeming to imply that the war will continue. A natural response would be, “Why do you think that?” but instead Dani simply responds with “Castillo still has friends who don’t want to let that happen”. But why do we have any reason to buy this? If we’re to assume that canonically Dani clears all FND bases, how does Castillo still have any foothold with him, his son, and all his lieutenants dead? And we already know that an election did take place to get Anton into power. So why would one not happen now that the Yaran people are united and liberated?
I believe this was a subtle hint by Juan that a real election won’t take place in that someone similar to Anton will be installed but with U.S. interests in mind this time around and inevitably there will eventually be another revolution.
And of course finally we get to the final lines we hear in the game between Juan and what is pretty clearly Vaas at this point. Juan mentions how their “Viviro supply has tripled”.
TLDR -Viviro, the cancer saving drug, was being withheld from the U.S. by Anton.
-Juan working on behalf of the CIA was interested in installing Libertad as a puppet government so that Viviro would stop being withheld from the U.S.
-Juan knew of Anton’s illness and because of this Diego was Juan’s true target of assassination the entire time despite acting as if it was Anton.
-Juan facilitated a deal between the CIA and McKay to ensure future Viviro shipments would go to the U.S. once control of the government had been turned over to Libertad.!<
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2021.10.25 20:26 Top-Distribution-762 [NO SPOILERS] Swimming "jump" creatures at beginning of S01E06?

Sorry if this is common Foundation knowledge but who are the swimming jump "aliens" that tend to the people in hyperspace stasis, or did the Foundation TV show just make them up?
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2021.10.25 20:26 No_Sink_149 New poster came in the mail, I'm so ready

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2021.10.25 20:26 Reddituser2452 Ok hear me out this a Jett nerf

Make it so her passive (float in air) only is active after using a updraft.
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2021.10.25 20:26 yfvv_ria Sharing my Eula Day fanart!

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2021.10.25 20:26 zaw1ni7iazei8eeng5va Fight mode

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2021.10.25 20:26 AbeTheCop23 Darkrai taking up to 10, 4740 6300 5330

4740 6300 5330
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2021.10.25 20:26 csecgrunt Hunter Visual Glitch Fix (Kinda!)

Hey yall
If you've played as a hunter and have seen the visual bug seen in this video (by the left side of the feet), you're probably annoyed at not being able to figure out what the hell's going on or how to fix it.
I have figured out that this bug (AFAIK) only appears while;

  1. the Hood is up
  2. wearing a helmet that was ORIGINALLY released before Beyond Light.
I've worn the guardian games helmet, the Crystocrene helmet, the Phobos/CindeCalamity helmets and so on; all of these helmets or ornaments do not cause the bug; helmets like Shadow Specter, the Vanguard Dare, and other pre-BL helmets seem to cause this bug.
Just figured I should share my findings with yall since I'm sure it bugs someone else just like it bugs me.
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2021.10.25 20:26 Paper2847 What do you do in your free time?

& what do you aspire to do in your free time?
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