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There should be no stigma about dropping out of college

2021.10.25 19:25 throwawayRanter500 There should be no stigma about dropping out of college

College is not meant for everyone, and the only way to know if you can handle college or not is to go there. Plenty of people who study their butt off still don't make it. People don't drop out because they are lazy or whatever. Often, someone's best may not be good enough.
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2021.10.25 19:25 -Im-A-Plauge- Thanks I hate underwater spiders

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2021.10.25 19:25 Frags-iwnl [US-MD] [H] Geonworks f1-8x black, Bear65 Poly [W] PayPal


Bear65 Timestamps

Please comment before sending a PM. Thanks!
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2021.10.25 19:25 Vinegar-TomTom Teenager transforming quickly into SIC

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2021.10.25 19:25 queersobertexan New cpap user - sleep getting worse

Hey so I have moderate to severe sleep apnea and I just started using a cpap machine for the first time last week (a resmed 10 with a full face mask). I keep waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I can’t breathe because the air pressure feels like it’s too high. Last night it didn’t happen but I still woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep with the mask on. I haven’t been able to get a full nights sleep with the mask on yet and I’m getting really frustrated. My sleep is actually getting worse. For reference, I did just get deviated septum surgery about a month ago and I may be breathing through my mouth once I fall asleep. Thanks yall!
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2021.10.25 19:25 ellielrsm friend codes?

hiii leave friend codes or add mine: dadae _^
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2021.10.25 19:25 ZhuZoom You wake up one morning and find yourself at the head of a James Bond like international criminal syndicate with limitless funds, what is your organization called and what are your goals?

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2021.10.25 19:25 SeatComfortable7285 Limited summons for F2P

Hello guys, you might want to hear my thoughts based on my experience on limited banner :). Feel free to watch the video 😉
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2021.10.25 19:25 brystianbinghvf I'll also bundle him with other squish of you don't want to sell him alone but I'm soooo diso! Please no scalping.

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2021.10.25 19:25 Highlord_Kochei I'm severely depressed and have nothing left in me to give.

Im a ghost in my own life. Nothing and I truly mean nothing gives me any amount of satisfaction or happiness.
I drift through the day at work and sleep wheb I'm home. I put of a fake smile for my daughter but inside I'm just... blank.
I don't want to kill myself, mostly I lack the effort to even attempt it. But if I was crossing the street and a bus was about to hit me I likely wouldn't bother moving out of the way.
Even in my dreams I'm sad. I cry in my own dreams. I wail like a baby and wake up only to face the reality that my dream is a reflection of my life.
So I just keep going through the cycle, I dream of my own mental breakdown, wake up to wander half dead through the day and go to sleep to start the nightmare over again.
I've gone to therapy several times. With a few different therapists. And none of its helped. My medication barely does anything and it's the one that's worked the best.
I just don't know what to do anymore. And even in if did I just don't think I would have it in me to even try at this point.
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2021.10.25 19:25 ronce57 Rot mix?

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2021.10.25 19:25 BethWinchester MSI OSD Software not downloadable?

I’ve got a new monitor and wanted to download the MSI OSD Software but whenever I klick the download button the site crashes, is there any other way to access the download?
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2021.10.25 19:25 NoReggieZay new ursa novas just hit my dispo these fr crazy 🦑

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2021.10.25 19:25 BeardedBovine How do you get major drops?

Sorry if this is a n00b question but how do you get drops during the majors? Do you get 'em bu watching the matches?
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2021.10.25 19:25 catinthecupboard The Day the Silence Came [Part 2]

We sat in that cul-de-sac for a while before getting spooked by some crackling sounds and leaving. The trip back to my apartment was scary. It was the first time after the initial shock wore off after the Silence started that I felt unsafe. We had long been lulled into a sense of comfort. Life was strange, different and sometimes a struggle, but it had become normal. That, whatever the hell that god awful thing was, it was not normal. It was something out of a horror film.
I wasn’t a drinker usually but upon getting home I pulled out a bottle of tequila and passed it around. Boo got some biscuits and a safe blanket to lie on. Poor guy. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have even noticed that abomination until it was right on us.
“So,” Jack started, taking a drink and then passing the bottle. “What do we do? What the hell was that?” I sipped it and grimaced, passing it to Leeroy and hoping he had ideas. Leeroy was the oldest of us all, freshly sixty last month. He had been a long haul trucker for twenty-five years. Surely he’d seen some stuff. “Do we think it’s related to what started this trouble?”
“No,” I decided, shaking my head. “I don’t know what caused the Silence, but that thing’s a parasite. It’s taking advantage of the situation. If it had made it happen I doubt it would’ve waited this long to do it.”
“Skin walker?” Leeroy suggested over the bottle, then seemed to rethink it and shook his head.
I motioned for Jack’s phone and pulled up the pictures when he passed it over. Looking at that thing again distilled a cold fear in my bones. It didn’t look like a crazy person under the skin suit. It didn’t seem to have any patches of fur sticking out anywhere. I couldn’t quite tell what was underneath. Leeroy was right, I didn’t think it seemed skin walker either. We had long debated if the Silence was caused by aliens, and I’d like to believe that they would do a better job of… that. Aliens it was not, and this was clearly its first ever attempt. Besides how disgusting and horrific what it had done was, the part that really spooked me was understanding its goals. Why did it want to dress up as human?
A few more drinks and we put the bottle away to decide on a plan of attack.
Problem number one was telling Ashley. Whatever the hell that thing was it was dangerous, and as much as we all wanted to protect her, she needed to know that the city wasn’t safe anymore. After that we needed to recon with everyone else we knew. Was Harry the first Silencer taken, or was this a more widespread problem? We needed the manpower to figure our way out of this mess. There was no way four people and one and a quarter dogs could take this thing alone.
Telling Ashley had been left to me as the token woman of the group. I was, apparently, the most ‘nurturing’ of us all. (I’d also lost at rock paper scissors.) So while Leeroy and Jack took a couple cars to get themselves home and all stocked up, I went to her door with a chocolate bar and guilt. Working Ashley up was something we all wanted to avoid. She wasn’t immature, but she was sensitive, and still dealt with an incredible amount of trauma from what happened to her family.
Like I said, we met Ashley two months after the Silence came. Leeroy and I had been expanding our boundaries of patrol and exploration when we came across her house. Ashley’s family had lived in one of the more manicured neighbourhoods of the city. The type of block that had won some fancy ‘best block’ award and kept it tacked up on a sign post. We had been marvelling at the expensive houses and fancy gardens when we heard someone crying. It was the type of ugly, gut wrenching sobs that you felt in your soul. It didn’t take long in the newfound quiet of the world to find the source: a young girl clutching a bible, standing on a roof and squeaking ever closer to the edge. It was impossible to coax her down, so Leeroy scaled the ladder she’d used to get up there and ended up grabbing her before she jumped. When we finally calmed her down enough to get her to speak, we found out what had happened.
Ashley’s family was incredibly, deeply, and fundamentally religious. Never cut your hair, skirts only for women, everything is a sin religious. Their church had been preparing for the rapture for eons, so when Ashley’s family were eating dinner and everyone suddenly shut off, she believed that the divine event they’d all been praying for finally happened. It came, it raptured, and she had been left behind. Imagine having it drilled into you that only the worthy would be saved during the rapture, with the sinners left behind to struggle in eternal damnation. Then picture that belief system, and being the ONLY person in your family unaffected by the Silence. It was agonizing.
She had spent most of those first two months reading her bible and pleading with God to take her too. Eventually she had decided that if she was already unworthy, and a sinner, the only place for her was Hell, and that led her to the roof.
Getting Ashley to come with us had been another nearly impossible feat, but eventually she did, and she’d been living down the hall from me ever since. I don’t think she’s convinced that this isn’t really the rapture, but she seems to have made some sort of peace with it. She’s incredibly kind, smart as a whip and an excellent card player. Ashley’s become the little sister I never had, so I wasn’t looking forward to scaring her.
Candy in hand, I knocked, and she answered with a smile that turned into a grin at the sight of a Mars bar. Bribery never hurts, in my experience. “Come in! Is that for me?”
We sat down on her borrowed couch while I examined the art that wasn’t hers. Horses, horses everywhere. I had no idea where the person who rented this place was at, but they had a serious Western fetish. “So uh, you know how things have been really good and we haven’t been worried about anything, you know, safety wise?” Excellent, truly fantastic start.
“Well that changed this morning.” Ashley paused mid-bite, staring at me in shock as the nougat stuck to her teeth. “Jack was out checking his usual route and one of the Silencers had gone missing from 24th and Winslow.”
Slowly setting aside the candy. “We found the body.”
Hugging a tasseled couch cushion. “Something skinned him and tried to wear it.”
That warm, nurturing, womanly touch for you. It was clearly making this easy.
Ashley sat there clutching the cushion and gawking at me for a few seconds before she seemed to recoil deeper into the couch. Suddenly she shot up and bolted for the bathroom, pitching her head into the toilet. I sat there, stole a bite of chocolate, and then got up to stare out the window while she heaved in privacy. My mom would have been a hundred times better at this. Every day without her I wondered how I possibly could make it through this. I missed her wisdom and reassurance more than any of the creature comforts the Silence took away.
Eventually a small voice called for my attention and I found Ashley red faced, sitting beside the toilet. I crawled into the tub and pushed the door shut with my foot. It felt safer in the tiny apartment bathroom than out there with the horses and porcelain cowboys. Sitting in the bathtub I felt like a kid again. I almost reached for my Garfield book. It was comforting.
“I’m sorry,” I said finally. “I’m scared too.” She looked aghast, eyes bobbing from me to the toilet and back again. “I know adults don’t say that a lot and I don’t know if I qualify as an adult yet, but… I’m scared.” There was a wealth of silence between us. “This sort of shit looks cooler in the movies.” Ashley frowned. “Sorry.” She wasn’t a fan of swearing.
“What do we do?” she whispered, twisting the hem of her dress into knots.
“Leeroy thinks we need to prepare to defend ourselves. So we’re going to get a couple guns.” Plus all the mace we could carry. Ashley looked shocked. “Then we’re going to talk to everyone else and see if we can go after it as a group.”
“Aren’t guns illegal? Where do you even buy them?”
I shrugged, not knowing how to answer that question. Guns weren’t exactly big knowledge for us but we had a phonebook, we would figure it out.

“Canadian Tire?”
Everyone stood in a group, staring at the place Leeroy had led us to while the Silencers gawked back. “If only I’d known. I have thirty-five cents in Canadian Tire Money saved up.” Jack laughed behind me while Leeroy shot me a dirty look, digging a page ripped out of the phonebook from his pants.
“It says hunting supply,” he grumbled, jabbing at the paper.
That it did. Canadian Tire contained a little bit of everything, and admittedly it was one of my favourite stores I almost never visited. Canadian Tire was an event. It was always crammed. You were always fumbling for those little fake five cent bills crumpled at the back of your wallet while the cashiers looked bored. And for some obscure reason there was always a cheap hot dog and fries stand parked in the parking lot. I’d bought my first quality set of pots and pans there and if I wasn’t so edgy about being ‘caught’ still I would have done an arm sweep of Kitchenaid equipment right then and there. I settled for a drain strainer and bag of snack mix instead.
“I don’t want a gun,” Ashley mumbled as we walked past cleaning supplies and housewares. Jack frowned and I shrugged, putting a hand on her shoulder. Leeroy reached over to give her a friendly nudge.
“Now darlin’ don’t you worry. This is a ‘just in case’ gun. Never meant to see action, but there just in case. You won’t never have to use it! I promise.” We all found ourselves stunned into silence when we turned the corner to find the hunting section ransacked. It was like a Black Friday sale had hit it. Hangers were empty, shelves had just scraps and the display that held any sign of weapons had been smashed and emptied.
Ashley reached down and gripped my hand while we made tentative steps forward. We all walked around, checking for anything of value before regrouping in silence. “I guess the others got here first,” Jack offered up quietly. “I wonder when they came.”
We all wondered if they had seen ‘it’ or if this was an earlier equipment run. Maybe we were just behind. Up until now we’d never felt truly threatened. It felt stupid now.
“Okay, so we go elsewhere,” I suggested. “There’s gotta be a gun shop in this town. I bet they have a phonebook here. We’ll look again.”
While Leeroy and Jack went hunting for that phonebook, I took Ashley to do some alternative shopping.
“What are we doing?” she asked, watching me snatch a cart from a Silencer.
“Improvising,” I answered, wheeling towards Gardening and swerving aisles until I spotted it. “Here, find one you can lift.” I held out an axe for her to test before taking up one of my own. “Even if we get guns, we should have more than that. Did you ever play any video games?” She shook her head. “Well, rule number one: always have a melee weapon. You never know when you’re gonna run out of ammo.”
“Where do I put it?”
That was a good question. I was looking at a short blonde girl in an ankle length dress. If there was ever a time to nudge her into some pants now was it, but in the meantime, I had an idea. It took a few wrong turns in the dark store, but eventually we both had a tool belt strapped on and our axes hooked in. Ashley grinned, hands on her hips before pretending to flex. It was the silliest I’d seen her and we both burst out laughing. Shopping took on some of its pre-Silence fun and I helped her pick out a backpack and loaded it with a few important things that every young woman in an apocalypse needed. I was teaching her the finer points of using a utility knife when the guys caught up with us, a plan already in place for our next stop.
Ricky’s Gun Supply didn’t have the charm that Canadian Tire did (or the supply of Mars bars that I had pillaged) but it would do. Tucked in between a pawn shop and a hookah supply the place looked dusty and closed. Evidently it had been Ricky’s day off when the Silence came, so that left us to break in, something that until now we’d never had to do. It wasn’t exactly Fort Knox but it took more than a few smashes against the window with an axe before the glass shattered.
“What if the alarm goes?” Jack asked, having lost the bet to reach inside and unlock the door. He flipped the lock while we laughed. Leeroy gave an exaggerated bow as he opened the door and I walked in, Ashley right behind me. As soon as we got a foot in the alarm went. An awful howling wail that started low before sounding like it was roaring down my neck. Ashley hid, Jack stood frozen in shock and Leeroy and I tripped over displays trying to find the source.
Scratching at the panel in the dark it took a minute of struggling before I managed to rip out the battery. Battery backup system. We should have guessed. I stood there breathing and shaking, trying to calm down before backing up into the barrel of a gun, a little click punctuating the cold steel.
“Wrong store assholes.”
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2021.10.25 19:25 BeccaBunny666 I've paid my rent selling nudes AMA

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2021.10.25 19:25 Fria13 How to tell him I'm a virgin?

How to tell him I'm a virgin without sounding weird or make it a big thing..cause it's already big in my head for apparent reasons. I'm still a virgin because I'm embarrassed to say it and because I wanted to feel secure with someone,and now it's exactly what I want. We are both 25.
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2021.10.25 19:25 commanderbullet5 has any team played more games in a single year?

think about it c9 got a whole splits worth back in lock in through all spring and summer split the best of 5s the losers bracket playing play ins then group stage has any other team played more stage games in a single year i cant think of any
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2021.10.25 19:25 MathWizPatentDude [Online][5e rules/sheets][Fridays, 8-11+PM EST] Searching for up to 2 spellcasters to work jointly in an ongoing and continuing campaign

This campaign is in process and ongoing on ROLL20.
This is a laid back campaign that includes experienced players more familiar with D&D 1, AD&D, 2nd ed., 3.5, and other games, learning the roles and mechanics of 5e. We are open and looking for new players to fight evil in a self generated world, map, and scenario. A pair of players who know each other (life partners is ideal) would be an amazing addition for this campaign. The campaign has been running for many months, and each session ends with an associated summary "topic" on the ROLL20 game page for inspection.
Players are expected to work with the party's interests and goals in mind. This includes advancing the story toward the current quest(s). Room for character arcs and good storytelling from the players. Characters are pre-generated, human, level 6-7, with boiler plate backgrounds. Players are welcome (and encouraged) to round out the characters with a solid backstory by filling in the blanks with their own details. Upcoming planar travel expected (future story arc, hinted).
Mild role-playing (hoping for more), more fantasy storytelling than anything else, moderately heavy combat, moderate/high magic/items, routine puzzles/riddles/trickery, custom items for players/NPCs, custom actions/feats for enemies. Audio only, no video.
Consistency and weekly commitment is the primary demand. No experience necessary; we are willing and open to teach you how to RPG/play as we learn these newer D&D 5e rules together. Resources, including books and compendium are available and free for players. Macros, roll tables, API scripts, and custom actions/reactions are routine, in fact, anything is available, possible, and likely.
Vulgarity and drinking is allowed, in moderation. We are a friendly bunch if you are the same.
Passive observation is available if you are considering joining us to see if you will be a good fit. The game is every Friday, beginning at roughly 8PM EST, and going until people get tired and drop out, or a good suspenseful story point is achieved.
Please use DMs, as this is likely the best way for use to exchange info (like email, phone, and/or game invite links).
I look forward to hearing from you!
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2021.10.25 19:25 Level_Talk_8263 Nmom thinks being sick is a competition

My nmom is disabled, and has had a chronic pain condition for as long as I’ve been alive due to being in an accident.
I don’t feel sorry for her at all, because she weaponizes her victimhood and acts like I can’t be sicker than her. I recently tested positive for a chronic autoimmune disease, but I don’t know which yet. It makes every day a struggle.
She makes suffering a competition. No one is worse off than she is, she’s in so much pain, poor me no one helps me. And then she uses her condition as an excuse to be a verbally abusive asshole to me and my dad.
I told my employer that I tested positive for a chronic condition, because it has been effecting my work. She got pissed and has always gotten pissed when I’ve reached out to others for help or empathy. She literally said “That’s what your family is for” - in other words, you can’t get help from anyone else but me.
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2021.10.25 19:25 mrjackson009 Shamayne_Shay

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2021.10.25 19:25 Spooky-Cat-2001 Some fanart for the new Connoreatspants figure.

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2021.10.25 19:25 ForkastNewsBot Bitcoin propels crypto institutional inflows to record $1.5B

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2021.10.25 19:25 Dominic9090 People voting for default tracks in multiplayer

If you are voting for the damn campaign tracks in multiplayer lobbies you need to take a hard look at why tf you’re so boring, like Jesus Christ the whole fun of multiplayer is to try out these wacky tracks and everyone jsut votes for the same tracks you’ve played 5 times in the campaign man
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2021.10.25 19:25 mattwright0901 About to restart Black Clover

It has been years since I read/watch Black Clover. I remembered skimming as far the betrayal, and Yami's big fight. I heard that it got really really really good. And since I kinda forgot most of the story. I gonna restart from episode 1. My plan is to watch the fan edit episode 1 (found on reddit just google a bit). Since the first few episodes were pretty rough. And then just try to power through. I do hope my opinions change. But what really really really irk me the first time around is the quirky characters. I have reading shonen since the mid 90s. And ever since One Piece, in particular, did this large cast thing. Where you don't have time to shone through every characters. So instead of depth (until the highlight is on that character), the quirkiness is how you gonna remember and distinct that particular character. Manga that started a bit before that like Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, Saint Seiya, Yaiba (detective conan author), Dragon Quest, etc, didn't quite have that same characteristics. But series like Fairy Tail, Black Clover do. And it ain't all bad. Some can be pretty fun. But I remembered at one point due to this huge huge huge cast. That let said character x, y, and z said about one to two lines per episodes (especially if the story isn't about them). And character x will always talk about food. Character y talked about booze. And character z's nose bleed about his sister. It gets really annoying with the repetition. And the repetition wasn't really varied a bit. It was so standard. Especially character Z, whose mirror power is kinda cool. And I kinda like watching him in action. But it got so bad for me, personally (and I wished I could get over it, since enjoyment is everything, and I would preferred to get over it). That I always cringe when character Z popping up on screen. Not that X or Y much better, but Z is where the cringe inducing is at. And I think that probably why I just couldn't go too far with the series.
So does that got better? That aspect in general. Maybe this time, I gonna learn to skipped around the anime a bit. I remember the best part about Black Clover is the quick pacing. These stuffs seemed to bog it down so much. I don't want these things prevent me from enjoying a great story.
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