2021.10.25 20:59 Getusum412 Sportemon Go has partnered with the South Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby club owned by Russel Crowe!!

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2021.10.25 20:59 Mhorti_x PvP guilds and why you think they are dead.

You don't see many PvP focused guilds anymore, especially ones that last. Some people may say it obvious, but curious on why you think so. I have my own conclusions but am interested to see other people answers first.
On that point as well I know of two guilds that are PvP focused right now. Oasis on Stormrage (Alliance) and Factor of X (brand new Horde guild that I GM) on Tichondrius that are extensions of the Oasis Discord Community. The Oasis Discord community started as an RBG community but has extended much further into arena, mythic+ and raiding. Last week they did a 2v2 tournament with a cash prize. They plan on doing more and have done them in the past, some with prize pools some without. If you want more info just DM me. My guild links are below. But I can give you more information on the Oasis community as well and the Discord just DM me like I said.
Interested to see your answers! I love PvP and want to see the PvP community thrive even if it's going through a rough patch atm.
Thanks! <3 Mhorti
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2021.10.25 20:59 VirtualIce23 What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done?

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2021.10.25 20:59 serial4u Meryem Episode 2 (English Subtitles) - serial4u

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2021.10.25 20:59 Auxfite LTR of almost 3 months afraid to tell her parents about me

I let her meet my mom (dad passed away) and she still hasn’t told her parents about me and says she has doubts am I overreacting or is this a red flag?
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2021.10.25 20:59 JettGarcia32 I need help

I I'm not feeling good I'm not mentally ok right now been through some shit and I'm 14 any ideas
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2021.10.25 20:59 DankuBot Subreddit Of The Month [October 2021]: /r/newscorrections/. Know of a small (under 20,000 subscribers) humor-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside!

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2021.10.25 20:59 auziFolf Having issues with bookmarks not showing website icons? Here's how to fix it

When bookmarking websites in "bookmarks bar", sometimes there's a bug where it shows a blank icon instead of say, the youtube logo, or reddit, or twitch.. etc.
The fix is simple. 1. Delete the broken bookmark 2. Go to the site you want to save for example "" 3. add "/?app=desktop" after the website address like this "" 4. load the page, then bookmark it. It should fix the broken icon.
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2021.10.25 20:59 slayer80m Mechanic help

17 wrx stutters under load 2-4 gear. Boost gets cut and jolts a bunch. Car has died at idle as well as gone on to limp mod. DAM constant .750
Performance shop said it’s clutch pressure plate, before spending the money I want to make sure the problem could be fixed. Anyone out there?
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2021.10.25 20:59 Thebeanmanboi Come here and enjoy the warmth with my buddy, Phillip

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2021.10.25 20:59 Meghar Predictions Tournament

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2021.10.25 20:59 NORDLAN As Moscow Prepares for Another Lockdown, Frustration Mounts Among Vaccinated Minority

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2021.10.25 20:59 NoodleNerd25 I've been thinking about ending my life cause I do not see the point in living life.

I don't see the point in living life anymore. Good people gets shit thrown at them constantly, the bad get awarded and little to no punishment whatsover. Rich people have seemingly lost their humanity in general and regardless no amount of money can buy things like true love or complete happiness. I mean look at Jeff Bezos getting a divorce not too long ago and Elon splitting from Grimes. The rich aren't even that satisfied. The poor... well.. everyone already knows. My heart goes out for every single one of us honestly. Life in general just doesn't seem that great.
I personally do art and I'm slowly losing that spark of joy I get whenever I do. Same with playing games. I'm losing interest with everything. I have amazing friends and family and it's only due to them that I am alive right now. I don't know what death has in store for only fear is that I won't see anyone I love ever again. If it wasn't for that I'd be dead.
I don't see the point in living anymore. Everyone is miserable to some degree, the actual planet earth is about to be in shambles if we don't get our act right, the government is crooked and corrupt everywhere... I just don't see the point and I'm thinking about ending my life Friday while my boyfriend and brother is out with the rest of our friend group... There's 7 of us collectively. There's about to be 6.
I also ask you don't try to convince me to do otherwise. I think I already made up my mind.
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2021.10.25 20:59 AshEndless 531 Hoglers online right now this is nuts 🔥

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2021.10.25 20:59 ojos-is-eyes 21M - i want new people in my life so welcome [Chat] [Friendship]

I'm so f*cking bored and I can never relax so a little bit of chat would be cool :)
what can I say about me, I work as a freelance photographer and I'm a bartender in a bar on weekends too. I love music and researching for new music and artists. I miss parties :( if you feel like you wanna try to chat with me go for it ✨✨ all ages are welcome
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2021.10.25 20:59 the_quaxterr when is halloween 2021 event going to release

View Poll
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2021.10.25 20:59 ideletedmyaccountlol main names

can you guys give me some yasuo based main names?
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2021.10.25 20:59 tooshiftyfouryou “&86,” me, digital, 2021

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2021.10.25 20:59 MsPunkin_93 Rumor: Part Eleven

(Fiction) I heard a rumor… That The Sands of time was absolutely… 100%… Truly and utterly disgusted by Clear… And when he found out that Clear did something against him… The Sands of Time punished Clear… And continues to do so… Even now… Because The Sands of Time is powerful… And Clear was not…
And yet… Clear began to understand something… Pain… The seed that was planted deep within Clear started to grow… And grow it does… To a point… That Clear welcomes it… Because it was not the first time that a Pain seed had been planted within Clear… No will it be Clears last…
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2021.10.25 20:59 doinshit_nah $AIAD Trump’s hidden data and campaign tech stock

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2021.10.25 20:59 PurpleSDF LOUvMEM Match Recap

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2021.10.25 20:59 FakeBenson Rembrandt study 11x14in graphite on paper

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2021.10.25 20:59 True-Row2319 The movie starts with the plot rending and the happier story has the sadder ending.

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2021.10.25 20:59 yesMonke Just why

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