For the originally unreleased songs on BB did Lana re-record her vocals?

2021.10.25 19:20 galhelman_ For the originally unreleased songs on BB did Lana re-record her vocals?

I only knew thunder before and I can’t tell a difference between her vocals. Did she re-record them?
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2021.10.25 19:20 SCarolinaSoccerNut [The Athletic] Formula One’s U.S. growth, NASCAR’s decline come together in one startling weekend

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2021.10.25 19:20 TN_Egyptologist Votive sistrum fragment of faience, bi-frons head of Hathor, handle and upper part missing: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, Memphis, Late Dynastic Period, 26th Dynasty, 664 - 332 BC

Votive sistrum fragment of faience, bi-frons head of Hathor, handle and upper part missing: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, Memphis, Late Dynastic Period, 26th Dynasty, 664 - 332 BC submitted by TN_Egyptologist to OutoftheTombs [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:20 Arlacin What are your favourite Family Guy quotes?

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2021.10.25 19:20 Javi_Royal Future merchandise?

How feasible it is to see a Boonchuy family cookbook in the future, from the latest episodes I've been getting an itch to cook Thai food ( never had some but I would like to try some) I think it would be cool to have Thai food "related" to the show like other media have done in the past.
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2021.10.25 19:20 Achaerion The Outer Worlds - Supernova Full Flaws, No upgrading

After doing the flaw research, I have decided that I would do a flawed playthrough of The Outer Worlds on Supernova! Well, what a start I have had. I would like to note that I will not be levelling up my character throughout this run, neither will I put any perk points into my character, to prove that I am not using the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine. (This is because I have screenshots to show what level I am at! I hope you enjoy the story!)
TLDR - I decided to play outer worlds on my own custom difficulty and I am having fun but also I feel crippling pain! (Just kidding!) and will keep the subreddit updated if they are interested!
I first started off by selecting the specific stats I wanted to use which was a mixture of Stealth and Tech to make the starter area easier! Using the lockpicking to get myself some good gear to begin with and tech to allow myself to improve my weaponry through tinkering (I don't know how it would be completable without it, but willing to try that in the future!). Edgewater was not too difficult of an area to begin with recently due to there being no flaws and you are expected to be quite a low level around that area. However, the first objective I had in my mind was to keep jumping of a ladder repetitively to get the permanently crippled flaw.

Permanently Crippled is a flaw that makes you move 30% slower which is not too difficult in itself but the inability to dodge is what makes the flaw so difficult when you begin the challenge, as this was a straightforward flaw to grind out and took a bit of time! I made sure to save my game after this because I did not want to take a long time trying to acquire the flaw again. After this, travelling became a nuisance, but what became more of a nuisance was that I forgot how often I used dodging when I played through Edgewater when I have completed supernova in the past I used dodging a lot due to its usefulness. I had to play around this and try to take out Primals (big monkey!) just as this would be my first challenge, they did prove quite difficult as I had to die quite a lot to get past them, but once they were dead, I felt like I could conquer the world!

Oh how I was wrong, marauders easily became the secondary cause of my death due to the fact that there is a lot of them! But I have progressed slowly and surely through them, stealth is key to killing marauders in this playthrough as you can pick them off if you are wise. I have also found that I can utilise certain areas or building to be used as Autosave points! (Which to be honest is so nice of the devs to do!) Ludwig is also a must due to the mag-2-Zap being very powerful against robots to begin with! This is where I decided to help either Adelaide or Reed. To cut a long story short, I helped reed and got back his people as I did not like the tone Adelaide took with me, along with this, he genuinely does seem to be changed after realising what was wrong, plus when i complete the game! I SHALL CHANGE HALCYON FOR THE BETTER! No secret ending here. This is where I got my second flaw Robophobia!

Robophobia is a flaw that decreases your Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament by -1 when there's a robot nearby. (Including SAM, your companion.) which to be honest has shown its effects since I got them, meaning I barely do damage to robots anymore, which is great! Obviously without levelling my abilities, I naturally do less damage, but after diverting the power to Edgewater and gaining the extra workers, I had a spaceship and decided to take off to the stars and by the stars I mean The Groundbreaker
On the groundbreaker, I decided to complete all the quests possible. This included two major challenges. The first challenge was the quest Happiness is a Warm Spaceship. Which to be honest was not too bad for the first half of the quest having to kill the MacRedd (As I couldn't persuade him) and the rest of his crew. This is only a tiny bit difficult as I died a few times to them. However, once you get the pattern it actually becomes like a routine and you just have to try and take out the scrap mechanical as fast as possible due to it being a robot! But other than MacRedd's massive gun, no problems really! I then decide to attack myself over and over with my own plasma weapon to get a flaw called Plasma Weakness.

Plasma Weakness as you may think makes you take plasma damage received up by 25% and OH BOY! did this come to bite me in the butt! A lot of enemies has plasma damage and with the lack of levelling up anything, you take a good amount of plasma damage from mobs! Not to mention the second part of the Happiness is a warm spaceship quest means that I have a bit more to do and boy do mantisaurs sting! Not only that, but there were robots too! They also hurt hard given that I also gain a weakness around them! But after a few deaths and running to find cover many times, I managed to complete it!

My secondary challenge was the quest Solution Vital where you have to go to Scylla to retrieve a medical robot! Doesnt sound to hard and never normally tend to have problems with this quest. But the pain I suffered was legendary! Primals are a whole new level on Scylla and that took turns repeatedly beating me down after I killed the first few robots through stealth. So yeah once I got past the Primals very easy but I didn't want to go back to Scylla for any reason other than later when I have a better gun and will hopefully commit space crimes to primals!

This next section is on a completely different day - I needed rest to recover from being destroyed quite heavily by the game.
With this I need to get a navigation key to Monarch, and to do this I need to go to Roseway! I thought I am going to do something completely different on this run and actually turn all the information I acquire to Gladys for once, as I never normally do! I have not done any prior research I just thought it might be a good way to maximise my money.
So first I start off in Roseway getting to the town there was extremely easy, a breeze some might say. Then I understood the carnage that this playthrough may take, due to the fact that money is not easy to come by and tinkering is only a little speck to improving your weapons compared to actually being a sensible human being and levelling up! and also I may say the extent of which I realise that Robophobia may actually be one of the most damning flaws for me to take (which isn't a bad thing as the challenge is what counts!) I speak to all the quest givers and end up on my way.
I make my way around Roseway and kill all the Raptidons around the settlement, mostly so that I could get some bits as they are way to weighty to carry around as food! This is where I become encumbered a lot! Not too problematic around roseway as the rapts aren't too difficult to kill at this point. Large open spaces are fairly easy to deal with a close range enemy a majority of the time. I am aware there are spitting raptidons, but a majority of the time, I found its easy to sidestep them.
After this, In the Auntie-Biotics I did the quest to save Jameson, and I will do all the quests I can, as I will try to do most quests to increase my bits and health value which is useful for staying alive! This was the first of many problems! For there were robots everywhere! Which is where I find out, that I do almost no damage to robots at all! The raptidons upstairs are easy to deal with and were killed swiftly, However, the few robots in the lower level are harder to deal with, a few deaths were conceded here and I realised my weapons did barely anything to the robots! So robophobia was justified for one of the most difficult flaws to take! Especially as I know what comes later game!

I run back to Roseway as that is a free save point for me and I could sell more of my equipment! This is where marauders and Outlaws in mass were difficult to try and kill, after dying many times to the robots, I was tilted so I decided it was best to take a break as if you dont take a break from things that are getting out of hand, MORE MISTAKES ARE MADE! This is where I actually decide to find an alternative route as I cannot approach the normal way, for I would be killed within seconds after getting past the marauders next to the deforesting machine! So I decided to go towards the Storage Facility to get the FORCE weapon schematics

The Storage Facility was interesting as there were actually no deaths inside or outside of this place, mostly on account of a few close calls and lucky moments! Where robots upstairs nearly killed me twice and the robots downstairs nearly killed me twice. The Marauders outside were extremely easy to deal with due to safe spotting behind a small wall and most of them wanting to kill me from afar! I had the chance to get the drug addiction flaw. However, I thought carefully about it and realised, it would actually a majority of the time not affect me that greatly as I would then be able to use drugs to my advantage and its not hard to find them around the map. Maybe the weight would be problematic, but I havent had much of a problem when I am over-encumbered a lot of the time. At this point, I thought the two most damaging things I could get would be either Corrosive or Shock damage flaw where I take 25% more damage and Herpetophobia which Permanently reduces points to Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament by -1 when attacked by Mantisaur, Mantipillar, Mantiswarm or Mantiqueen. Which may be difficult to try and get in itself as most encounters will probably end in death if I fight them to gain this trait. So the damage increasing traits may be the most difficult overall. But I will let you decide!

Then I made my way towards the Covert Labs, the main and final part of the quest in Roseway and coming close towards the end of my Roseway experience. Which I decided to sneak towards to get that lovely checkpoint so that I would not be too scared to attack the outlaws outside of hte covert labs and after dying once, I managed to safespot again as they mostly want to attack me from a distance. So I killed the outlaws with relative ease, I found the key to trying to get past certain areas is to make sure you take things slow and attack the right target first. So snipers/robots end up being a priority.

Inside the Covert lab properly, I used the service entrance up the top and decided to deal with the raptidons quite simply, but the covert lab could be easy or difficult based on your knowledge of the game, taking the back entrance makes it easier due to being able to talk to Cassandra the Outlaw leader and getting the outlaws to stand down whilst you deal with the difficult parts including the mother Raptidon and sedating them, which was only slightly difficult due to sneak being low but patience was key. But to get to cassandra was a lucky feat as most NPC's with heavy weapons shred my health, the Outlaw Squad Leader got me extremely low on health but because of a save from Tactical Time Dilation (TTD). It was a lucky save as if i didn't have it, there would be a large problem! Clearing the rest from here own out was simple other than the few robots near the main entrance. I also retrieved the lighter for Lillian with extreme luck as I tried to snipe down on the Raptidons, accidentally fell into the pen but in a place where they could not hit me back easily so were killed with little to no problem, I did think I was going to die but sometimes luck is on your side.

Along with this I killed Cassandra after making a deal with her, letting her out hten shooting her, however you don't get the research for this so needed to do that part again, as I killed the outlaws after retrieving the lighter. So didn't miss too much out but slightly annoying after dealing with the outlaws and robots. After getting everything from the lab, including the raptidon musk too, I sold them all to gladys but she doesnt give you 10,000 bits so sold off some of my stuff to pay for the Nav Key, which I am yet to buy! So I might face the Terrors on Monarch and see how it goes! So until next time I hope this was a good read and looking forward to hearing the feedback!

If you want to see the footage/ with or without commentary, I can show this if there is a demand for it.
Character Levelled up so far down below:
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2021.10.25 19:20 Sir_Lord_B Comments posted from automod get flagged as spam and require manual approval

For around 8 months I've had an automod rule that posts a reply to certain users filtered within automod rules. This worked well until recently.
Now, the automod posts get flagged as spam and need to be manually approved by a mod.
The automod replies are stickied via automod.
The subreddit spam filter settings are :

I don't understand why this used to be OK but is now flagged as spam, and I don't know how I can prevent this.
Has this happened to anyone else? I searched for similar reports of this issue but didn't find any.
Can anyone help?
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2021.10.25 19:20 PatientModBot EFF co-founder John Gilmore removed from org's Board

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2021.10.25 19:20 CommanderRepublican Someone signed me up

For my own sub
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2021.10.25 19:20 Mrjl23 How much, if at all, does the age of the wrestlers in NOAH affect your viewing experience?

A few weeks ago on this subreddit I responded to a post by someone looking for information as they were just getting into Pro Wrestling NOAH, and I referenced another post that a user had made that praised a number of wrestlers in the company, but also made the point that the advanced age of a lot of wrestlers was something that detracted from the product. I didn't feel that this was as much of a concern as that user had, but the age of many wrestlers in prominent positions is certainly something that starts to raise eyebrows once you crunch the numbers.
I think this sort of depends on the particular wrestler, but I can't immediately think of any other wrestling company in the world that has as many wrestlers over 50 who are frequently featured in the upper card. For myself, I don't find that it affects my experience too negatively but I suppose it does give me some concern for the future (ie. there's an obvious need to build up more guys in their 20s and 30s).
For food for thought, here are some statistics on age with regards to the N-1, the G-1, and the Champion's Carnival this year:
N-1 Average age: 44.125 Oldest competitor: Keiji Mutoh (58) Competitors over 50: 10 out of 16 (8 over 50)
G-1 Average age: 38 Oldest competitor: Hiroshi Tanahashi (44) Competitors over 40: 7 out of 20 (none over 50)
Champion's Carnival Average age: 37.3 Oldest competitor: Shinjiro Otani (49) Competitors over 40: 4 out of 10
Obviously all these companies are in different places so this isn't really an apples to apples comparison, but when you see that the average age of an N-1 competitor is older than the oldest guy in the G-1 (whom Kevin Kelly isn't shy about mentioning is past his prime on commentary), that's a statistic that I think is interesting enough to pay attention to.
I don't think there's anything wrong necessarily with having the crop of talent that NOAH does and I love watching a lot of those guys work (Sugiura is still a fantastic pro wrestler and Saito pulls out a great match every so often, and I love the mystique and the more realistic style that the former MMA guys like Fujita, Funaki and Sakuraba bring), but I also sometimes get the feeling that it isn't really sustainable to rely on these guys in the long term, especially if you imagine how hollowed out NOAH's current roster would get if you simply took everyone 50+ out of the picture.
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2021.10.25 19:20 janerumwaifu Splat | Woomy

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2021.10.25 19:20 VenomXTs Beam me up

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2021.10.25 19:20 Im_Just_Too_Nice My puppy gets so excited greeting people, that she can't control her bladder and she pees a little.

My puppy is around 6 months old, and she is very good at telling us when she needs to go potty, and she hasn't had an accident inside for a long time. But when she greets people, she gets so excited she can't control her bladder. It's usually just a few drops, so nothing too bad, and I have gotten into the habit of greeting her outside.
Has anyone else ever experienced this?
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2021.10.25 19:20 y76trades [PS4] H: QE25%LVC Cryolator W: AAE Flamer offers

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2021.10.25 19:20 LAZYTOWWWWWN No.

Year 61
Day 21,947
Current Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl victories: 0
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2021.10.25 19:20 dmcdrama Good Monday evening! From my back porch on Hideaway Lake🌻. Mississippi’s best-kept secret!

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2021.10.25 19:20 hodleryassuo Bitgame - Profit-sharing

Regardless of whether Bitgame users win or lose, they will receive free mining rewards in the LUT token as long as they deposit and bet. LUT can bring you considerable additional benefits. You can operate and grow together with us. TELEGRAM - Official Website -
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2021.10.25 19:20 HomelessRodeo Multiple lions at Salt Lake City's Hogle Zoo test positive for COVID-19

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2021.10.25 19:20 Capixal Mega link

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2021.10.25 19:20 amazepaw Best drink for cotton mouth?

My vote is on Arizona Iced Green Tea. That shit is the elixir of life.
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2021.10.25 19:20 Dave_Velociraptor Fake Morelos/Referee picture debunked

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2021.10.25 19:20 Pumpedandbleeding All cakes suck

Icecream cake is icecream let's be real.
Cheesecake is also not a cake.
Cupcakes can count as cake, they can fuck right off.
All proper cakes are inferior baked goods.
If i'm going to spend my calories I will NEVER spend it on cake. I've tried countless cakes and honestly I just don't enjoy them. I can tolerate them and finish a piece, but it feels like a struggle. I hate icing and find the soft bread like part of a cake to be off putting.
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2021.10.25 19:20 riplieu MOASS TOMORROW. Right?

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2021.10.25 19:20 thecyriousone Unless you're a the bottom of a body of water, if you're underwater, you're also still above water.

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2021.10.25 19:20 SonOfSvens Pat Signal [10/25/21]

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