Hayes' son Austin?

2021.10.16 19:06 Aquariana25 Hayes' son Austin?

I feel like I missed something last season, because I don't remember anything about him having specific issues (beyond grieving his mom), but it's come up in Hayes' conversations with Bailey and Grey both. Did I accidentally skip or sleep through an episode or something?
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2021.10.16 19:06 fayizmujeebb What's something that everyone should try/do before they die?

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2021.10.16 19:06 Gwyllion In Judge Dredd (2012), the art runner/model maker, Ulf Suhrmuller, made himself the director on a fictional movie poster during the "Incendiary" scene.

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2021.10.16 19:06 Mario501 Title

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2021.10.16 19:06 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-domenico-cieri-estrada-23

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2021.10.16 19:06 UniversalNexus A relatively short and sweet theory on Crocodile's future + Crocodile character analysis

I like theorizing about what secondary characters will do and how they'll come back in the future.
You know what I'm talking about? "Minor" characters that are important to the story but don't appear as often as the main cast because they just can't be part of every saga.
I made theories on how characters like Vivi, some of the Revolutionaries, Kuma, Bonney, Vegapunk and Urouge are going to come back into the story and what role they'll play, because that's what I like to do; characters like Mr. 2 Bon Clay and Bellamy and their character arcs taught me that it makes sense for me to speculate about that.
Today, we talk about Crocodile...
While trying to keep it short and simple. Because maybe I just talk too much.
(Little spoiler: I didn't do so well afterall lol, hope you forgive me)
Why even bother theorizing about something like that? Well, tell that to Oda.
If Oda didn't have plans for Crocodile he wouldn't have been stringing him along for the last 400+ chapters and 11+ years without making him actually do anything: aside from getting re-introduced in Impel Down and taking part in the Marineford war, here's every Crocodile appearence:

  1. in chapter 593, after the Marineford war Oda makes a point to show that Crocodile is now motivated enough to go back to the New World with his partner Mr. 1 Daz Bonez; July 26 2010
  2. at the end of chapter 664 we have two additional pages called "New World Times" that recap the activities of several Supernovas, the Admirals, some of the Seven Warlords and -among other characters- Crocodile, who is the ONLY one out of this list that still hasn't taken the spotlight in the story, not even for a chapter (even Moria became relevant again when we saw that he went looking for Absalom and ended up on Blackbeard's island); it is mentioned that at this point Crocodile is still in the New world and he managed to defeat or escape from marine forces that were out to capture him; April 23 2012
  3. In chapter 700, we see him reading the news about Doflamingo's decision to leave the Seven Warlords; in case you aren't sure that that's Crocodile, anime episode 629 goes out of its way to confirm it for us; March 4 2013
  4. In chapter 903, we see him reacting to the news of Luffy being crowned 5th Emperor of the sea; May 2 2018
If Oda doesn't want you to think that a certain character isn't going to do anything "soon" ("soon" in One Piece terms), he simply won't show them to you. Shanks' first appearance in the post timeskip was in chapter 903, 300+ chapters and 8 years after post timeskip One Piece started; he then made his move 4 chapters later in chapter 907 at the Reverie. Case and point.
Crocodile is the only exception, as he has been making cameos for the last 11 years: we are constantly reminded -even if it is in such small panels- that Crocodile's still around and doing his thing: he's the only one that gets such treatment, because other characters that were treated like him have already made their move in the story (Jinbei, Moria and so on).
Meaning that Oda simply hasn't reached that stage of the story where he wants to do something with Crocodile, but that is for sure a part of the story that will come sooner or later.
But we're not going to have a buddy arc where we team up with Crocodile like we did for Smoker in Punk Hazard: Luffy finally split the sky, the World Government is making their move on Wano, the Revolutionaries are also making their move, Blackbeard too and the Gorosei and Imu are talking about a great cleansing/purge. Oda keeps telling us how the end of Wano is going to kickoff the last great saga of One Piece and if you're still denying it after what we've seen and especially after recent developments then I don't know what to tell ya.
I'm saying that the next time we see Crocodile is not going to be in a saga of his own, but he'll be an important character in a larger saga, like Bege in Whole Cake Island. The time that Crocodile gets relevant again is the time we get close to the Revolutionary Army. Let me explain.
The reason why Crocodile holds a grudge against Whitebeard (Ch. 540) in Impel Down/Marineford is because he was utterly crushed by Whitebeard in the New World many years ago (SBS 78) which lead him to abandon his dreams: he then tried to obtain power through a roundabout way -waiting for 10+ years for infos on Pluton and trying to take over Alabasta- instead of training and becoming a better version of himself (like Luffy did after his own complete defeat).
In short, the Crocodile we meet in Alabasta is a regressed version of himself, caused by the absolute defeat against Whitebeard many years ago.
But then, in chapter 593, he finally goes back to the starting point: he wants to give the New World (and himself) another chance. What has changed?
Crocodile after Alabasta has no goal in life anymore, proven by the fact that before being taken to Impel Down, when presented with the opportunity of escaping the temporary prison he's in... he simply stays back and accepts being in prison.
Then in Impel Down, he wants to get out because he has a real chance of facing Whitebeard (finally a new goal!) and decides to escape; he in fact then tries to attack Whitebeard(Ch.557), being antagonistic towards him and his crew and attacking them at first(Ch.560), but during the course of the war he completely changes his focus:
  1. HE SAVES ACE! What? (Ch.566)
  2. HE SAVES LUFFY! What? (Ch.578)
Wasn't he trying to kill them? Crocodile matures. After Squard's betrayal, he shouts: "The man who defeated me could never be the weakling I see before me now!"(Ch.563). Crocodile knows that Whitebeard is still stronger than him, but he realizes that his "goal" of defeating Whitebeard could never be achieved even if he were to defeat WB right now, and that's because this WB is not the same man that defeated Crocodile all of those years ago... he would be having a match against a weaker version of the man that defeated him, and trying to challenge him nonetheless sounds so pathetic as a life goal when you look at it this way: Croc wouldn't be fighting the man that actually defeated him.
Plus, this mentality is what made him regress in the first place: just like he realizes that going back to Alabasta is meaningless(Ch.540), even if HE KNOWS THAT HE CAN FIND THE LOCATION OF PLUTON THERE, and he lets go of that goal because it would hold him back, he now realizes that this goal of defeating Whitebeard has lost all of its meaning, has a change of heart and actually HELPS ALL OF THEM during the war.
So what is it that Crocodile wants now? Every line of dialogue after his change of heart and also other pieces of information are narrative hints that lead towards him being in affiliation with the Revolutionary Army in the future. Take a look at this: Crocodile now shows animosity towards the World Government and holds a grudge aginst them (probably because the mess of a situation he's in was caused by the very same Warlord system approved by the World Government, which lead to him being captured):
  1. Crocodile tells Sengoku that he really doesn't want to see the World Government and the Marines succeed;
  2. Crocodile tells us again the same thing but with different words: "Don't let them (Marines and WG) have their way!" after defending Luffy and Jinbei from Akainu;
Add this newfound hatred for the World Government to the fact that we know that Crocodile ALREADY HAS A CONNECTION WITH THE REVOLUTIONARIES, as seen in chapter 540: Ivankov and Croc go way back, to when Croc was still a young rookie, and Iva knows a precious secret about him that Croc doesn't want to be revealed (the infamous line that sparked all of the "Croc is Luffys mom theories/memes" lmao)
Mind you that this connection LITERALLY cannot be expanded upon unless both of them are present and interacting.
Add all of those reasons to the fact that literally all of the plot points and characters are starting to converge because of the series' finale approaching, and I really cannot see Crocodile anywhere else than close to the Revolutionaries.
I'm not necessarily saying that he will join them either, just like Bellamy is now on the Strawhats' side but refused to be a part of the Grand Fleet.
So that's why we can expect to see Crocodile with the Revos when we get to the part of the story that fleshes them out. He'll stumble upon them in a way or another, because the plot demands so: all of the pieces of the world are coming together and among the big factions that Oda set up for the finale, this is the one where he belongs narratively.
As to what he'll do, that's on you. In my mind, after getting back to where he was before he was crushed by Whitebeard, the only thing we can see after this is actual development: a brief interaction with Vivi? A sacrifice against the World Government during the final war to show us how you actually protect something the right way, as he himself stated? Maybe to protect the very same Vivi that he caused so much trouble to, making his character arc come full circle? I don't know, but Oda has plans for him.
A little bonus: after that whole discussion of Croc letting go of defeating Whitebeard as his goal and moving on, take a look at this:
Ch. 802
Weevil's very first appearance is him getting compared to Whitebeard in his youth... Looks like the literal embodiment of Croc's previos goal. I'm not saying that this supposed clash is Whitebeard Jr.'s role in the story and why he was introduced in the story, but I think a very small "Marineford-esque" clash/exchange between the two is almost guaranteed:
"You snotty brat could never be compared to the monster Whitebeard was... I know that for a fact!"
Thank you so much for reading, damn has this break week been tough lmao
Have a good one!
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2021.10.16 19:06 mert_1616 A cock statue in Denizli/Turkey

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2021.10.16 19:06 GW0lf21 Help finding seed

I’m not even sure if it’s possible but recently my minecraft world in xbox became corrupted. I was wondering if someone could help me or knows what to do maybe? I have multiple screenshots with coordinates on my world if that would help.
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2021.10.16 19:06 Crixzly I’m selling my ticket

After the shit I saw last night I ain’t going. Some of you niggas are too weird and don’t know how to most correctly. I’m not finna risk injury cause people don’t know how to properly do shit. Only bought it for 135 so making decent profit.
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2021.10.16 19:06 AviatorPrints Remote Work Tools for Checking in on Employees?

I'm looking for some kind of remote working tool that I can use to check in on employees - I'm not sure if what I'm looking for exists.
What I'm looking for:

Can anyone recommend something that could satisfy at least a few of these requirements?
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2021.10.16 19:06 confu2z vamos gente no podemos hacer lo con lo del calamar luminoso inútil, solo piénsenlo nadie lo usa y pasara lo mismo ahora con el allay

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2021.10.16 19:06 Jayc_x7 Hi Charlotte I did it I did Part 100 of let me Upgrade your wallpapers to Charlotte Parkes Edition I wanted to posted it here but I can’t because the file to too big and hopefully u can see my part 100 on Instagram and hope u enjoyed it because I made it special and hope u enjoy

Hi Charlotte I did it I did Part 100 of let me Upgrade your wallpapers to Charlotte Parkes Edition I wanted to posted it here but I can’t because the file to too big and hopefully u can see my part 100 on Instagram and hope u enjoyed it because I made it special and hope u enjoy submitted by Jayc_x7 to CharlotteParkesx [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 19:06 T_I_M_M_I_E_S_ GG

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2021.10.16 19:06 Least2020-2022 日本专家解读日本新冠疫情未来发展,日本或将在这个时候开放外国人入境!

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2021.10.16 19:06 GL1tch3r5 ſ LATIN LETTER CANDY CANE

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2021.10.16 19:06 ManagementUnfair3375 Me and my boyfriend look at quality time differently

Hello people of Reddit. I recently encountered an issue in my relationship. Me and my bf have been dating for 2 1/2 years now and we are both very happy in the relationship. The other day I came over his home after work, and he kind of wanted me to leave early and I could feel it, he didn’t even have to tell me. I made it kind of clear I was upset and he noticed so then we talked. He realized I was sad because I picked up on him wanting me to leave. I feel like we value time spent together differently. I want to be with him whenever I can and he doesn’t. He told me himself. He explained that sometimes he just wants to have alone time to unwind for after work or to play video games or to watch YouTube. Keep in mind we hang out at least once every week for date night but sometimes that’s not enough for me but it seems to be enough for him. Even though I understand his point of view I can’t help to feel hurt about it. It hurts that he doesn’t want to spend as much time with me as I do. Do you think this is just something I have to learn to accept? How do I help myself accepting this? Or is there a way we could possibly compromise? It’s funny too because sometimes I overthink about it a lot and get emotional about it but other times I think more rationally and think that it’s going to be okay
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2021.10.16 19:06 skrt_xocarti The belt buckle looks too big compared to the others and the back pockets look warped as well

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2021.10.16 19:06 arunshanker Phil Collins - Against All Odds - Live Aid 1985

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2021.10.16 19:06 Pineapples023 Loving these fall vibes!!🍂🌙

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2021.10.16 19:06 mr_copypasta How did you become more disciplined? [Serious]

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2021.10.16 19:06 thekeeper08 Moving from Columbus Ohio to here or surrounding areas.

Hello! I’ll be moving to the canton, livonia or surrounding areas possibly Ann Arbor even. I liked canton a lot, my work will be in livonia so I’d like to stay around there. Any advice on where to live or difference in life I should be expecting? How’s the safety and living experience in these areas?
Is Detroit really as bad as people talk about? I know it’s about 25 minutes from where I’ll be working and looking to live.
Thank you for any and all advice!
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2021.10.16 19:06 nomanov Как воспринимать утверждения о правильных мнениях и не запутаться

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2021.10.16 19:06 AlexWasTakenWasTaken Why a futures-based ETF will massively affect the spot price of BTC - A technical and general analysis

The SEC has now finally approved a Bitcoin Futures ETF. However it seems like the sentiment about this in terms of price movement for Bitcoin is not where it should be. People think that purchases of a futures ETF will have almost no affect on the spot price of BTC, which is absolutely untrue. Let me elaborate, as this might blow your mind.
Technical Analysis
When a futures ETF launches, there will be way more buying than selling pressure. We can see this already, because futures on exchanges trade for a much higher price than BTC spot. On FTX, the BTC-0325 Future is trading at 65'600$ while BTC is trading at 61'080$.
When futures ETFs launch, they too will reflect higher prices than the Bitcoin spot price. What will risk-averse, smart investors do? They will short the high ETF price, BUY BTC spot on a lower price and pocket the difference. Currently doing this on an exchange would yield a 7.5% risk-less return within the next 6 months.
ELI5?: I will now spot-buy Bitcoin for 61k and sell it to you for 65k BTC on March 25th. I can arrange and fix this sales price by shorting the ETF now. I have made 4k of secure profits.
As you can see in this example, the availability of a futures ETF directly affected the spot demand of BTC. With more and more ETFs launching and trillions of dollars being directed towards them, price spreads will increase and so will the buying pressure on spot markets. This is huge and many have yet to understand this.
General Analysis
The approval of a Bitcoin Futures ETF on Wall Street will legitimize the asset once and for all in the US. It brings the credibility of crypto to a new level for many higher-ups in finance.
Also, regulation is still one of the biggest risks we're facing. The further crypto can spread, the harder it will be to regulate crypto in a way that is harmful to the financial industry. And an ETF is doing exactly this, no matter whether it is futures-based or not. You cannot take down something that is so deeply connected to the economy. Once people allocate their 401k, IRAs etc. regulators will be even more weary of hurting the crypto space.
The launch of a US futures based BTC ETF is huge, both from a technical and general perspective. It is untrue that it won't directly affect spot prices and this will soon become clear to us all.
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2021.10.16 19:06 whintetheOtaku boring time XD

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2021.10.16 19:05 grizzljt Cannot play offline

I see a message 'Connecting to Battle.net' which takes about thirty seconds to time out and I get the error 'An Issue occurred while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.'
I just downloaded the game and immediately fired it up but my router has been acting weird lately. Us anyone else stuck at the game menu this morning?
version 1.0.66428
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