Is there any value in this?

2021.10.16 19:54 jklpuzo Is there any value in this?

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2021.10.16 19:54 Tryndamere_Main This is it

Alright y’all. I’ve been a lurker here for a while now. I have known I have needed to quit for awhile now but I’ve always given up after a day or two every time I try. But something in my brain clicked tonight and I know fully well that weed is destroying my life and If I don’t quit now it’s only going to get worse. After I realized that I went and threw my stash in the dumpster. Based off the other posts I’ve read here I’m so scared of the next 2 weeks. The longest break I’ve taken in the last 3 years can’t have been longer thank 4-5 days and lately I’ve been ripping off my pen around the clock so I’m basically never not high. It’s making me depressed again, which only makes me want to smoke more weed to make the pain go away. Now I don’t even have the one thing that makes me feel good anymore. But I also know that I might feel like a human being again once I’m sober and the idea of that is exciting. Any advice from ex-daily smokers for what to expect in the next few days as far as withdrawal symptoms and tips for how to manage them would be very appreciated.
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2021.10.16 19:54 CreeperTNT781 taiwanese wikipedia

are you aware that taiwanese has a vibrant wikipedia community? here you can see taiwanese (minnan) has more than 400,000 articles written even more than cantonese! if you are literate in Tâi-bûn or Pe̍h-ōe-jī you help expand articles and write more by joining the writers at !
once i get better at reading and writing taiwanese im going to write about some really obscure topic :p
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2021.10.16 19:54 Cuttlefish2021 I finally got one mind, here we go

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2021.10.16 19:54 Strangeronthebus2019 A Human being writing to a friend in Heaven

This is the use of creativity and imagination as an outlet for self care and mental health.
Hi B ❤,
It's been awhile...apologize for the delay in writing, So much has happened and I've been just trying to get by. Just trying to survive another day it feels like it sometimes. Pray for me and the safety of my family...Thanks for popping by now and then, do see your image here and there in my daily life.
I am a Dad, though I am sure heaven obviously knows about it. Getting use to it, and trying to balance that and work on other roles heaven may task me now and then. A lovely girl, when she was born, the nurse handed her to me and I was so terrified...infants are so small and fragile...she look at me and smiled...she has the loveliest and goofest smile I ever seen....she has the loudest burps I ever heard...hilarious as it contrast with her small frame. Even as I sometimes struggle with this new role as a father...she gives me the lovest smile like she genuinely appreciates me being there.
I try to read her a bed time story now and then or I just make it up...and she's really amazing....experience...
It's the little things, cherishing these small moments.
Watching her sleep...she's a my eyes...
I hope tomorrow will be a better day.... Need to find balance and have more regular exercise, sometimes I struggle with time and being feels like I am living in many different realities at the same time...and I struggle with time....sometimes I see the present moment sometimes generations if the past, present and possible futures all come at me at one's a mad house....
I need to get a grip...I hope I grow into a better person...I hope I can focus and make the most of my situation even with the adversities...Sometimes I just have to make peace with who I am. I wish I could blend in...but I have to admit...I really grown to enjoy the company of the "wind" of the Holy Spirit...
I still struggle with suicidal thoughts....trying to smile...but it's not been easy growing up on this island...I wish I was somewhere else sometines...but I know... it seems fate, destiny...what have you....means I have to be here at this time...sigh... I don't hate the people or the place...there are genuinely good people here...
Just feels like this place punishes those who are different, and don't fit the ideal mold or narrative...and I am as different as they come it seems....
Pray for me B, take care dear Friend.
Saint Young Men
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2021.10.16 19:54 Fruit_Punch86 [Self] Kiss the rails, i'm going home! - but the train is a immobilized wreck. (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Sunrise Suit Costume)

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2021.10.16 19:54 Bill_Nihilist Controlling the adversaries in a GM-less game by invoking character drawbacks

I'm working on an improvised and highly collaborative storytelling game. One of my major goals is for it to run GM-less, and so I want to incentivize players to volunteer hardships on their characters. At the same time, I've been struggling with a few of the GM's core traditional roles, like controlling the adversaries in a given scene, and now I think I've found a way to reconcile all of this neatly.
tldr: When players suggest an ordeal, they include how it plays to their character's weakness, thereby enhancing characterization and providing a logical reason for them to step into a GM-like role while their character steps back.
One of the core principles of this game is to model narrative structure by having the party incur adversity before they can overcome their problems and trigger a climax. Essentially, players want their characters to achieve a mix of Trouble and Triumph (in trad games, players want to avoid trouble).
In this game, Ordeals are any challenge the party faces, which provide opportunities for both Trouble and Triumph, and they are proposed by players. I'm thinking that when a player proposes an Ordeal, they will specify how exactly it includes a Limit to their character. These Limits are one of the ways that characters incur Trouble and they help define the character as well. Limits are also helpful to direct how a character will grow when they level up. More difficult Ordeals might include Limits that apply to multiple characters / the whole party.
The question was: who will control the Ordeal? Who plays that GM-like role of making decisions for the bad guy(s). By invoking their character's Limit, the player can essentially take their character back a step, allowing the player to assume a GM-like role and control the Ordeal. It's worth clarifying that when a character is facing some Limit, they are not entirely out of the scene, they're just dramatically less effective.
I like this approach because an Ordeal without any Limits can be dull. Just fighting a bunch of goblins is fine at first, but encounters become exciting when the bad guys have some advantage they can exploit. It also highlights the contributions a character was making by showing what happens to the team when they're rendered ineffective. Lastly, it also provides a way to minimize conflicts of interest when controlling an Ordeal.
1) The party is entering a catacomb, when skeletons emerge. The player whose character is an archer suggested these enemies because the archer's piercing arrows won't do much against the skeletons. The archer-player directs the skeletons against the remaining party, while the archer-character tries to stay out of trouble and play some support role. We learn about the archer by what they do other than shooting arrows (scouting, tending to the wounded, cowering, whatever).
2) The party is deep below the earth when the player with a pyromancer proposes a fire elemental ordeal, meaning the team will have to find a new strategy when previously they had relied on the pyromancer for blasting. We learn the pyromancer doesn't handle failure well when they rage and howl at their impotence.
3) The party faces a gelatinous cube that is impervious to the slicing of the paladin's sword, they need to reassess how to fight when their frontline tank isn't effective. We learn just how selfless the paladin really is.
And now the classic feedback questions: How does this strike you? Have other systems implemented similar mechanics? What implications (either good or bad) do you see arising from this?
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2021.10.16 19:54 AllIWantIsSpace So how do Freeblade Knights get around?

I cant imagine they get to take a drop keep with them when they leave, so do they just have ships with big hangars to hold the knights, sort of like titanfall? Im just curious as to how it works because I won a huge carrying case at a GT recently and have been thinking about making it look like a cross section of a hangar with catwalks and stuff.
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2021.10.16 19:54 yohceezax Sacred Symbols+, Episode 129: Racing Toward Excellence

When you do a video game podcast, chances are you're not going to do every release, every series, every genre its due justice. It's just the way it works out; we're only three guys with three distinct gaming tastes. But there's no denying that, when it comes to Sacred Symbols, our Gran Turismo coverage is unacceptably lacking, considering it's not only a first party game, but arguably Sony's most popular IP, ever (it's certainly the best-selling). Thus, today's episode of + is the first of our attempts to help ameliorate our shortcomings. To get the conversation going in earnest, I (Colin) invited Alex Jones (not that one!) to the show. Alex is an industry veteran who, among other things, worked for ESPN on their esports initiatives and tried (but failed) to get the famous sports network to cover GT and other racing series. So he's the perfect person to speak to about the past, present, and future of Gran Turismo leading into GT7's launch, as well as the promise and ultimate demise of Driveclub, EA's aggressive purchase of Codemasters and what that means for the genre, and Nintendo's clever gateway drug known as Mario Kart. So start your engines... or just hit play.
Patreon Video
Patreon Audio
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2021.10.16 19:54 Charmy_LaLaaa Rilakkuma Shopping Bag

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2021.10.16 19:54 CJTalksFunny Nick Plays the Squid Game | 169 | WDUTUR #shorts #squidgame #comedypodcast

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2021.10.16 19:54 Quiet-Sherbert-439 I don't know how to make guy friends

So I'm 20, and I'm rather quiet so I haven't had that many friends in general. But literally every single time that I've developed a real male friendship, they express feelings for me and the whole thing goes to crap. And I mean, this has happened like 10 times already.
Fortunately, for one of those times, I reciprocated feelings, I've been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years already. But, we've been doing long distance for a few months since I moved away for university, and I just have this massive fear of making friends with guys because of what always happens.
So now if a guy is nice to me, I immediately get suspicious, and I have no idea what to do. I don't want to be awkward and closed off to all guys, I want to make friends. But, I have these trust issues that I don't know how to resolve. What should I do?
TLDR: Guy friends always end up asking me out, and I just want to make a friend without having trust issues.
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2021.10.16 19:54 Toolfe Size for the first time bottoming

Hello i have a question to the bottoms mainly i guess. So its about the title obviously, and i was curious if a dick of 19cm long and 5cm of diameter is that huge ? And I especially ask this for a first time but also in general. Thanks in advance for your answers 😄
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2021.10.16 19:54 joey57013 Welcome To 🚀 FoxTrot 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

Welcome To 🚀 FoxTrot 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap. Welcome To 🚀 FoxTrot 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

FoxTrot 🚀

FoxTrot is going to be the next Meme Token in the line of many. It has just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

You will be surprised by the power of FoxTrot

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🔥 Burned 60% Supply

FoxTrot is 💯 FXT





🔎 Telegram
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2021.10.16 19:54 TheCapybaraMan I work with welders, and I'm definitely glad I got a degree in engineering instead of going into welding.

I work with welders, and I'm definitely glad I got a degree in engineering instead of going into welding. submitted by TheCapybaraMan to memes [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 19:54 Drew0223 Loving this car more and more 😍

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2021.10.16 19:54 based73 The world is Cyprus

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2021.10.16 19:54 ContentForager Mystic Light Problem - Why the animation takes so long to repeat (Lian Li Lancool 215 - MSI Center) (/r/MSI_Gaming)

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2021.10.16 19:54 jemd13 Is Age of Wonders Planetfall a good 4X game?

Hello friends.
I recently found out about this game and it looks interesting. I love the fact that it's scifi themed while keeping the hexagon tiles similar to civ/endless legend. The races and customization also look cool. But I've heard conflicting opinions on how '4X' it is.
Some people say its a 4X game, others that its a war game similar to total war. I enjot Civ 5 and Endless Legend a lot, and noticed AoW:Planetfall shares some things like the hex tiles, tech trees, buildings that provide improments, etc.
Would you say AoW Planetfall is a good game for someone who enjoys Civ5 and endless legend?
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2021.10.16 19:54 Full-Fuel9074 Welcome to APEXRP! Fair Launched Minutes Ago! For all those Apes who love XRP. Huge Potential Here!. Based and Transparent Team

APEXRP - For all those Degens, Gamblers and just good ol BSC pals looking for that next safe, and apeable token on the BSC Network.
Contract: 0x3ba258379d9f4a1934e7187ff3ee50ebc383c91d
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidity Lock:
Not only can you earn XRP on every transaction, there will be giveaways directly at launch where holders will be eligible to also WIN $XRP!.
Launched by a based, transparent and SAFU dev, this moonshot will sure make you glad you APED!!
✊ Passively earn XRP
💸 Total supply 1 billion (100% Locked LP)
⛔️ Max wallet: 5%
⚠️ Max Buy: 3%
⚠️ Max Sell: 1%
➡️ XRP reflections: 8%
💧 LP: 1%
📰 Marketing: 1%
How do we get our free XRP rewards?
It will automatically find its way into your wallet every HOUR so make sure you have the XRP contract ticked on in your wallet. If you haven't received your free XRP after several hours, it may be pent up and you can trigger it manually by buying or selling 1 USD worth of the tokens.
If you need the XRP Contract Address feel free to ask the team!
The free XRP rewards will be based on the volume of the buys/sells and it also will depend on how much tokens you HODL. We are getting taxed for 10% to put it in our XRP rewards function and redistribute in automatically.
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2021.10.16 19:54 hhaydxn Ive got a little bit of wax left at the bottom of this cart and I can’t get it to hit. What should i do?

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2021.10.16 19:54 ClickWD Top 10 Best Casino Affiliate Programs 2021

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2021.10.16 19:54 shakycheb Does using leca discourage gnats?

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2021.10.16 19:54 gravitas-deficiency A skookum amount of chooching from a tractor that's over a century old.

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2021.10.16 19:54 Geneshairymol Obese Patients "Don't use the lift!

Is it true that obese patients sometimes balk when alot of people are called to turn them? Or if a lift is being used?
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