Welcome to APEXRP! Fair Launched Minutes Ago! For all those Apes who love XRP. Huge Potential Here!. Based and Transparent Team

2021.10.16 19:59 Full-Fuel9074 Welcome to APEXRP! Fair Launched Minutes Ago! For all those Apes who love XRP. Huge Potential Here!. Based and Transparent Team

APEXRP - For all those Degens, Gamblers and just good ol BSC pals looking for that next safe, and apeable token on the BSC Network.
Contract: 0x3ba258379d9f4a1934e7187ff3ee50ebc383c91d
Buy: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3ba258379d9f4a1934e7187ff3ee50ebc383c91d
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3ba258379d9f4a1934e7187ff3ee50ebc383c91d#readContract
Liquidity Lock: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x883422a454646Bd43EB3285D6aBd6ec6f6058414
Not only can you earn XRP on every transaction, there will be giveaways directly at launch where holders will be eligible to also WIN $XRP!.
Launched by a based, transparent and SAFU dev, this moonshot will sure make you glad you APED!!
✊ Passively earn XRP
💸 Total supply 1 billion (100% Locked LP)
⛔️ Max wallet: 5%
⚠️ Max Buy: 3%
⚠️ Max Sell: 1%
➡️ XRP reflections: 8%
💧 LP: 1%
📰 Marketing: 1%
How do we get our free XRP rewards?
It will automatically find its way into your wallet every HOUR so make sure you have the XRP contract ticked on in your wallet. If you haven't received your free XRP after several hours, it may be pent up and you can trigger it manually by buying or selling 1 USD worth of the tokens.
If you need the XRP Contract Address feel free to ask the team!
The free XRP rewards will be based on the volume of the buys/sells and it also will depend on how much tokens you HODL. We are getting taxed for 10% to put it in our XRP rewards function and redistribute in automatically.
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2021.10.16 19:59 waltwhitefunny How do I not get bored of everyone so fast?

How do I stop getting bored of people so quick? I meet a girl we fuck then I'm instantly bored like the magic has worn off. Then rightly so they get pissed at me for leading them on. I can't help but do it every time. help pls I know I'm a horrible person and I want to be better.
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2021.10.16 19:59 tristen_lynds how do i make a spamton voice from deltarune

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2021.10.16 19:59 sarahmichelef Status report on Knights-turned-Sabres

Eaks: mullet still glorious Miller: playing first-pair minutes. not shooting much so no telling if his slapper is still powerful and wildly off-target
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2021.10.16 19:59 blueflappybird Drabble collaboration with a fic - link in the comments. Art is my own.

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2021.10.16 19:59 reya007 All the most beautiful concept arts from Minecraft Live 2021

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2021.10.16 19:59 amalgamatefrisk Why yes I would say I do

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2021.10.16 19:59 joellegend1 Change my mind

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2021.10.16 19:59 _tyb2_ Teen nudes

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2021.10.16 19:59 Between3N20Karakters What is your opinion on legalising marijuana?

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2021.10.16 19:59 whyalwaysme830 Stories like Homestuck, Worm and A Song of Ice and Fire

I like my stories very lengthy with a shit ton of characters and complicated plots. Can anyone recommend anything like these three i mentioned above? Could be a web novel or a regular book. Bonus points if its humorous like Homestuck.
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2021.10.16 19:59 UnluckyMark Dating On Coke Need Advice

I’m considering taking some coke before a date as I hear it’ll help with confidence, but I also feel like I would get more anxious and nervous. Any one have any experience with this?
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2021.10.16 19:59 Zaladonis Weight sensor mat for cat food and water bowls

Does anyone know of a good and relatively cheap weight sensor for a cat food bowl and a cat water bowl?
First off, I am not worried about my two cats eating too much, so everything that comes up online for "smart cat food bowl" is not useful and very much overpriced. I am, however, worried about them running out of food or water and I don't notice till a day later.
The bowls are self dispensing from a reservoir using gravity, but are not powered or smart in anyway. And that is ok. I would just like some kind of mat or scale that I can use with a smart things automation to tell me when each bowl gets to its empty weight. Or even better tells me how much food/water (by weight or percentage) is remaining.
Thanks for the help. This community is great.
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2021.10.16 19:59 Nearby_Actuator_8029 GloryDoge - Private Sale live 🔥| BNB passive income from DAPPs revenue through staking | Easy 100x potential | Building the next-gen IDO Launchpad to help bring innovative ideas to life and protect early investors' funds | Contract Audited & Team Doxxed | Devs Daily AMA On TG | 0% Team Wallets

Website: https://glorydogecoin.com
Contract audited and team doxxed by DessertFinance:
🤔 What is the GloryDoge project?
Building a secure DeFi ecosystem to help bring innovative ideas to life and protect early investors' funds.
GloryPad, the first product, is the next-gen IDO Launchpad where developers, influencers, and investors gather to bring innovative ideas to life. Includes several new features like automated KYC and live activity feeds... (Under development)
GLORYD, the token, is the backbone of the project, and the golden bridge connecting the DAPPs to the inverstors. Backed by a solid economic model.
GloryDoge investors will earn 4% reflections from every buy and sell, plus 50% of the revenue from the DAPPs will be distributed to the ones who choose to stake their tokens.
Investors will also have access to premium features on the DAPPs by holding a certain amount of GLORYD.
🤔 Who are the team members?
A team of highly motivated minds, with years of solid knowledge and experience in Software Engineering, UI/UX Design, and Marketing.

🤔 Any doxxing plans?
Yes! The founder and co-founder are doxxed by DessertFinance. They handed over government IDs and passports for verification. They are located in Sweden.
🤔 What are the tokenomics of the GloryDoge token?
10% total tax on every transaction.
4% tax is distributed proportionally to all holders.
2% tax for marketing, contests, and celebratory distribution events. Used in full transparency to investors.
4% devs and team expenses. No one should work for free.
Normal transfers from a wallet to another wallet are 100% tax-free.
50% of the revenues from the DAPPs will be distributed proportionally to all holders in BNB through staking.
10% of the revenues from the DAPPs will be added as locked liquidity to PancakeSwap.
DEX and CEX wallets are excluded from tax/revenue distribution.
0 initial dev or team wallets.
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x660af593fdc6d44c76dbbbec2a6e792149238c2c
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x660af593fdc6d44c76dbbbec2a6e792149238c2c
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x660af593fdc6d44c76dbbbec2a6e792149238c2c#readContract
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2021.10.16 19:59 Bloodbaron1213 Atria - Heavy Wishes [hard rock/metal] for fans of Coheed and Cambria, DGD, Post Hardcore! Check it out!

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2021.10.16 19:59 No_Cancel7804 Whats up?

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2021.10.16 19:59 Games-of-James Implemented a functionality so that shot enemies now fall either face up or face down, depending on the angle of the shot, in "She wants to quit", an indie game I'm currently creating as a solo dev! (NSFW version in the comments!)

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2021.10.16 19:59 InvestigatorUnique41 What is this white spot? Been there 2 weeks. Cannot identify

What is this white spot he’s had it since I got him he’s had it for over 2 weeks his appetite is great he doesn’t rub there’s no swelling I have him an ich treatment and I’ve had him in 88 degree water….could it be a scar?
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2021.10.16 19:59 BowNonB i dont. knwo

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2021.10.16 19:59 Cbone06 Eleven’s Necro Soup

Hello everyone,
The inspiration for the deck: Ever since I saw Eleven get spoiled, I’ve been thinking about how the deck would play so, I got to brewing. I figured that Eleven and [[Necropotence]] would work really well together as it’s one of the only ways to get your hand to at least 11 fairly consistently. I also was waiting to see if there’d be a W/G partner to make it 5 colors. Hence why it’s 5 color soup (playing generically good cards, etc…)
Win-cons: This deck aims to fire off a [[Peer into the Abyss]] or an [[Enter the infinite]] and then either consult or breach its way to victory.
Observations and Thoughts: Obviously this deck was whipped up fairly quickly so by no means is it perfect but, so far (gold fishing it) the deck wins around turns 3-5 (so more midrange-y, it gives me a Zur type vibes for how it functions). Building the deck, I took inspiration from the old Golos turbo deck and some other Naus/peer decks.
Oddly enough, even though this isn’t really an Ad Nauseam deck, I’ve found by playing it for value/card draw to be very effective. It allows for you to cast it, get up to 11 cards in hand (chances are you find at least 1 tutor for peer or enter or you just rip it off the top) and then attack with Eleven!
I’d love to hear feedback and any thoughts you might have on the list!
Here’s the deck list: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/pZpFGP21dkWRh_F8QKi15Q
(I haven’t written a primer yet but hopefully I’ll have one soon!)
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2021.10.16 19:59 HuaRong Weibo Reaction Part 2

Source 1: EDG Official

Testing comps, letting through Lucian Nami; whenever we're on a roll they always have to do something weird. All I can say is that no wonder EDG is by default considered to be top 8 only. After all, consensus is not from nothing. Please reflect on what you're playing for.
ban石头人都不办卢娜 喜欢玩这种没开团的 干脆选手自己想玩啥选啥 估计没有这俩教练bp还能好点😅😅😅 maokai zhukai能不能滚啊!
Rather ban Malphite than Lucian. Playing without engage. Why not just let the players have their comfort picks? Will probably be better than these coachs' ban/pick. (emoji) ???? (Idk what zhukai is)
bp是真的烂 但我说句你双c这把被爆了没问题吧
Shit bp (ban/pick). As you picked double carry, no wonder your team exploded.
加油吧 8强
Cheers, top8
And you want to content with DK and RNG? (ironic heart emojis)
就喜欢让别人看笑话是吗?! x6
You really like to be jokes, don't you?!
Whenever we give Meiko enchant supports in worlds, we always lose badly.
WTF are you doing?????? I'm getting quarterfinal PTSD!!!!!
哭死 (T-T) 怕我睡太晚,你们真的好温柔 ()
Im crying. You didn't want me to sleep too late. You're all so kind.
You're hiding something too? Come on, tell us what you're hiding (replies following:)

Source 2: LPL Official (1,2,3)
LPL this year are toys
You want civil war?
今年是lpl最菜的一年 (cracked smiley face emoji) 原来是真的
This year is LPL's worst year. So it's true. (Referencing Ning's words)
100T's toplaner is so funny. Against T1, it's 30 mins per ult. Against EDG it's an ult every minute.
虚假的一号种子 edg 真正的一号种子dk
Fake first seed: EDG, Real first seed: DK
就没见过EDG这么宠粉的队伍 说不熬夜就不熬夜 拿捏
I've never seen a team so kind to their fans as EDG. They said we wouldn't have to stay up so late, and look! Trash.
EDG has never disappointed us in disappointing us
EDG is just sandbagging
牛逼了,两天赢了一场,还是鬼子队,一二号种子脸都不要了 \
Pog(took liberties), one win in two days, and against only against the japanese. 1 and 2 seeds have no face.
The tradition of EDG continues
Before the tournament, a lot of people said that the teams from LCK all suck except for DK. Now, LCK3 defeated LPL1, and we even lost to LCS2. To think we laughed at NA.
上一把才被t1 凯南绕着电 结果还是记吃不记打,继续被凯南绕着电
We got electrocuted by kennen against T1 last round. Apparently we didn't learn out lesson and decided to continue our electrocution.
LPL has a higher limit than LCK, but execution is a problem (laughing facepalm)
Don't ask for too much. At least we made it out!! Compared to yesterday's reverse 1st place, it's already pretty good.
万一 三个二号种子 就不用内战了
If... 3 2nds places, then we wont have civil war
Good luck in QF. Please draw wisely and don't pick DK.
There's no excuses this time about the opponent being too strong. 5 EDG players standing at the dragon pit opening, all crowded at the corridor. Their faces has "come on and wipe us Kennen!" written on it. (laughing face palm) I'm numb to it now.
Korean Government: Attention to all departments. If Korean citizen helps foreign team win, then their citizenships will be revoke and they'll be banned from returning to the country.
Faker and Showmaker will meet, and the winner will take the crown.

Source 3: Some random popular guy (1, 2, 3)
太温柔了edg,为了不让我们熬夜看你再被t1虐一把,宁可输给北美捞比,我真的…哭死 😭
You're too gentle, EDG. To stop us from staying up late to watch you lose to T1 again, you'd rather lose to NA, I'm really...so touched to the point of tears 😭
So wonder FPX managed to get 2nd seed. (some self-depracating chinese stuff), the noobish, arrogant, prideful LPL
这两天老子脑子抽了看世界赛。有这时间看CPA注册会计师不好吗📷 TMD
I must've had a stroke when deciding to watch these two days. I should've watched some accountants do their work instead.
EDG felt sorry for their fellow LPL team and decided to help shoulder FPX's burden, they're so concerned about the audience's health. They're so kind, i'm crying.
I really suspect that FPX and EDG scrimmed with each other, both thinking that they're strong, but in reality it's two chicks pecking at each other
Only one coupon over two days. The colonel's heart is bleeding
I don't think 100T is strong than c9 and meat pigeon. They have 2 burdens too, and you still can't beat them? You guys are so damn good that you even lost to Ssumday who's on the verge of retirement. If you guys were in group A, you wouldn't have made it out for sure.
Can EDG win their first bo5 at worlds?
虽然EDG进了 但感觉又要碰到DK,8强魔咒还在继续
Although EDG made it through, but I think they'll hit DK. the curse continues.
Stuck in quarters for all eternity xD
LCK两天6/0 LPL两天1/6
LCK 6/0 in 2 days, LPL 1/6 in 2 days
Quick, draw DK to prove yourself. Win your first worlds bo5 (doge). Show everyone that it's all according to your plan
I think LPL only scrimmed with themselves right? They let through Poppy, TF, Lucian, Nami. Yuumi Talon seems to be made up on the spot and unprove in screams. Can LPL even play enchanters?
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2021.10.16 19:59 BcbornLeo 36 [m4f] #Vancouver / anywhere - Do you like..... weed and stuff?

36 Vancouver area, BC Canada, Male
Taken, 2 kids (if that bothers you move on) I am not looking to change my situation or life or find a romance, I am just looking to gain a friend, chat partner, buddy, conversation partner, someone to bounce things off, be an ear to, be someone to come to advice, flirting, a connection and chemistry. This isn't about a romantic relationship, its about a real relationship whatever that may be and whatever that develops to be, no pressure, no rushing, and just going with the flow. If it doesnt flow, and its forced, it doesn't work.
Its hard to describe what I am looking for exactly but a connection, chatting, daily banter, flirting, not looking to change my current situation though. It just has to naturally develop.
My life:
Sports, watching sports, and being all about sports.
Double vaxxed, some rules are too strict but what can you do. Im all for science over opinions though.
Nudes are up to the sender, they are not the choice of who they are speaking to or wanting them I do not pressure or ever ask for things to make someone uncomfortable, if they want to send pics, nude or not that is up to them and them alone. I will gladly accept, but never share, nude or not.
Meetings are possible for those who are around me and local, schedule and time dependent. Privacy and trust dependent.
Mike Tyson, I am athlete, sports related ones. Joe Rogan.
Snapchat, discord, kick, telegram, etc..... any can be used besides reddit if needed.
Pics will help set the tone and interest, it usually gathers interest and excitement or it will drop off and ghost. Either way its probably for the best.
I don't have a celebrity male crush, but it would probably be an athlete.
I don't drink much but I have had my drinking and party years. More into cannabis now and use it medically and recreationally.
I am into movies, sports, netflix, tv, music, podcasts, technology.
I am open to discuss anything from space to sports to food to life to past times to future times. I am open for banter, flirting, discussion, opinions that are different than mine, views that are different than mine.
I accept all races, and sexualities. No discrimination from me.
I love food, love to cook, snacks and sweets.
Prefer dogs as my fave pet (don't have one)
Tell me about you, where are you from, where did you grow up, what did you plan for the weekend, what are you into? Please reply with more than just hey.
Chat can be moved elsewhere. Message or chat ok.
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2021.10.16 19:59 planetpheromone Gorou's Secret New Skill on Raiden Shogun

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2021.10.16 19:59 Defiant_Slide3567 Does anyone know cherry hardcore formula ?

It worked in one day for me and it gave me really good results :(
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2021.10.16 19:59 poppy-pop-rocks 23 [F4M] US/Southeast US - If you could fight one historical figure who would you fight?

My name is Maggie and I would like to talk to you (yes you!)
I’m ultimately looking for something long-term and organic. Friends are always nice, but I’m looking for more than a BFF. I would prefer you were older than me but it’s not the end of the world if you aren’t.
Now for the fun things about your (potential) gal!
I’m 23, 5’10 and plus size and very comfortable/ confident in my body. I live in South Carolina and have a dog named poppy!
For work I currently nanny two amazing girls and it’s honestly a dream. I love kids and one day I want to be a stay at home mom. I have always been described as “the mom friend“, so I believe it was destiny.
I’m a total nerd for Star Wars, Harry Potter and legos. I very much enjoy college football (see my comment history and laugh at my jokes).
My hobbies include axe throwing and crocheting, so I’m basically a badass grandma.
I play some video games (my top two being Skyrim and Star Wars battlefront 2).
My music taste ranges from Mongolian heavy-metal to Dolly Parton. It varies from day to day.
I spend way too much of my time reading and watching tik tok while I cuddle with my dog. Hopefully you’ll change that soon though!
I do prefer the chat feature but I’m not too picky! I have discord but no Snapchat, I’m not down with the kids :(
Hopefully something in this resonated with you, if not have a great rest of the day and thanks for reading ❤️
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