Vibe check 🍂🍃

2021.10.16 20:33 Post_One_1 Vibe check 🍂🍃

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2021.10.16 20:33 Acereaper_Blaze when was the first time you had a good experience and how did it become good?

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2021.10.16 20:33 Blackbeard-14 Sighh.... lemme go dust of my old Christmas decorations!

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2021.10.16 20:33 cybereality Ubuntu on a Mini PC w. Portable 1080p Monitor. $400 Worth of Parts.

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2021.10.16 20:33 hockeyman224 [H] FN Glock Moonrise w/star pattern [W] FN Glock Nuclear Garden

B/o is a FN glock nuclear garden for my FN Glock moonrise with star pattern.
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2021.10.16 20:33 Musiclove1414 I'm not well today

I'm nonverbal because my thoughts are intense and its hard to verbalize them. I cut myself today.
My grandparents know and they called the hospital. I texted a crisis line. I have been crying a lot. I'm probably gonna take a break. I dont know what's going on because I was feeling so good this morning. Now I'm going to the hospital. I just feel so out of it.
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2021.10.16 20:33 Weebnonce After I killed his horse in minecraft

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2021.10.16 20:33 Alps74 Gentiane

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2021.10.16 20:33 duhnexpectedmulaney Today's episode of petty children getting married and having stupid fights

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2021.10.16 20:33 AllMightyImagination WB's lack of I don't give a fuck is much needed

Look at Black Adam. Within the constructs of PG13, Jaume Collet-Serra showed the violent nature of this title chacater without the studio handicapping it. I appreciate how WB really hasn't interfered with how people handle destruction on the Shazam side.
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2021.10.16 20:33 Armarlio COSMOS Sites Are Broken AF!

This is going to piss many people off but I just wanted to bring this very broken mechanic to everyone's attention so hopefully it can put some light on the matter and be addressed. For those of you unaware, COSMOS missions are one time only missions but the sites you need to go to; to get said item are accessible by anyone. Each site has multiple rooms, where people will just sit inside them AFK, let their drones kill everything while an MTU sucks everything up and the rats will infinitely respawn all day, netting billions and billions of passive ISK - all this and it's in HighSec of all places! RISK = ISK, I don't think so. I attached an image of what dropped from this one guy's MTU after he had been doing this ~hour. Here is my suggestion for an “easy” fix:-
Either the loot tables or the respawn rates for the NPC’s need to be changed or as they are COSMOS sites; the gates to enter should be locked with a key given out by the COSMOS agent. If everyone starts doing it maybe it’ll get pushed up to CCP and get it fixed at some point and hopefully it's not tied to the POS code because we all know how that's working out ;)Anyway that is all, everyone starts doing this so it can be addressed :)
Anyway that is all o7
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2021.10.16 20:33 Lvl69DragonSlayer Boost for Boost

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.10.16 20:32 phillypharm KC Half Marathon: Marathon-pace training run within a 20 miler

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 1:30 Yes
Mile Time
1 6:50
2 6:49
3 6:41
4 6:32
5 6:16
6 7:06
7 6:33
8 6:29
9 6:37
10 6:58
11 6:37
12 6:04
13 5:54
14 1:11 (for 0.2mi - 5:51/mi pace)
Training This race is 3 weeks out from my goal marathon (Indianapolis) and was done as part of my last 20 miler. For the majority of this year I was between 20-50 mph and then started to tail off in the early summer and had a few weeks below 30 mpw. I decided to ramp it up again and try to get to 70+ mpw so I started building up. after a week of under 20 mpw, I then jumped up to 53 miles and built to 80 miles (the week of August 9th) over 7 weeks. Since then, I’ve been between 75-89 mpw with the exception of a down week when I went hiking in Glacier national park and only got in around 10 miles of running that week. It’s been 5 weeks since that trip. Training has consisted of varying types of tempos (3x2mi, 2x3mi, up to 7mi straight), speed (400s-mile repeats), and marathon pace efforts in long runs (3x5K, 8mi, 2x5mi). Lots of easy and recovery runs in between.
There was no real taper for this race. I had a hard 3x2mi workout on Monday evening going at 6:15/mi, 6:07/mi, 5:56/mi paces. After that, it was some easy 6-10 milers. This race was to be part of a 20 miler with a 4mi warm up, doing the race at marathon effort and maybe some fast ones at the end, then another 3mi cool down.
Pre-race I made some chicken tortilla soup for dinner with rice and tortillas. I tried to go to bed around 9pm to wake up at 5am (race was at 7am). I got up at 5am, had a stinger honey waffle and some Gatorade as I got ready. Left the house around 5:35 and was parked about a mile from the race by 5:50am. I drank more Gatorade on the ride down. I jogged a mile to the starting area to check it out, then did another 3 miles to finish my warm up. Dropped off my extra layers at gear check and then moved to the starting area to do some more loosening up. I also had a liquid gu at this time as I wanted to practice having gels through the race for my marathon prep.
Race The race temps were perfect, 43F and not much wind. It was a clear day too. The course was notoriously hilly, but they did change it up this year to make it slightly less hilly than prior years.
First 5K Starting off, my plan was to shoot for 1:30 pace with a negative split and hopefully start around 7:10/mi for the first two until easing down into goal marathon pace and holding that. The first three miles were net uphill and initially my watch said I was going 7:33 pace even though I felt much faster. If that was right, I was going to be in for a rough day. After about half a mile, the watch settled down to sub 7:00 pace. I was feeling good early on and debated if I wanted to back off or not. I decided to since it still felt easier than marathon pace, to just go with it. Despite the uphills, I reeled off 6:50, 6:49, then 6:41. At 5K I was in 45th place. These miles were through the Plaza area (big shopping district) then moved up north towards Liberty memorial. I was glad to see some of the running group members I know cheering us on.
Through 10K As we hit liberty memorial, we then started a big net downhill as we would then keep going north through downtown. I’m a pretty good downhill runner so I used that to my advantage and clicked off the next miles quite quickly at 6:33 and 6:16. After mile 5, we had to hit a big hill as we approached the heart of downtown KC. I live just a few blocks north of the area and was happy to hear my girlfriend cheering me on at mile 6. I wasn’t sure if it’d work out because she had to work at 8am, but luckily I got there around 7:45 (shoutout to Garmin live tracking). Mile 6 was my slowest at 7:07 due to a 140ft climb along with a headwind, but I felt strong coming out of it. At 10K I was in 41st place.
Miles 7-10 These miles turned south out of the city and would also head east towards the Jazz district then south on the Paseo. The sun came out here, but luckily temps were still great and not much wind. We had two nice downhill miles here until we hit the last big, long climb of the race. I again used the downhills at clicked off 6:33 and 6:30 miles. I was assessing how I felt here with regards to marathon pace and felt really good, better than I thought I would honestly as I was way faster than marathon pace so far. Miles 9 and 10 were uphill climbs and I figured a good check on my fitness. Despite the climbs, I was able to hold comfortable paces of 6:37 and 6:59 (mile 10 had about 80ft of climbing). A ton of my fellow running club members were here to cheer us one and grab some nice photos.
Miles 11-finish After I finished mile 10, I felt great. I decided that I’d just continue to cruise and then hit it a bit harder the last 2 miles to get some more work in since marathon pace is kind of no-mans land for training benefit. Mile 11 was mostly flat with a slight uphill, but I cruised it in 6:37. At this point, I decided to use the downhill of mile 12 and pick up the pace into more of a tempo feel. There was a net 80 mile drop in mile 12 and I hit it in 6:05. I began to pick off a few runners at this point and was encouraged by the pace. Mile 13 was mostly flat, but I wanted to get faster than tempo effort in and picked it up some more, 5:54. Just before the 13th mile marker, we turned the corner into the final straight. I was moving good here despite turning going uphill. The downside was that the half marathon finish converged with the 5K and 10K and unfortunately I had to do a bit of dodging to get around them. Garmin had the last bit at 0.2mi, which I held at 5:51 pace.
Finished 32/2400 runners.
Post-race Post race I still had to get a few more miles in. So I just grabbed a bottle of water and then went to gear check. I picked up my stuff and threw back on my long sleeves and pants and knocked out another 3 miles while cheering on other runners. After that, I watched more of the race with the running group. Had my Endurox then headed home to take in more recovery drinks and have some breakfast.
I’ve got my full marathon attempt in 3 weeks and this was a great sign since I mainly just ran at marathon pace. This route had about 800ft of climbing over 13.1 miles and Indy is supposed to only have 200ft over the 26.2 miles. I figure I’ll probably play it a little safer to start in Indy, but part of me wants to def shoot for 2:55 over just breaking 3.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2021.10.16 20:32 DirectorSubstantial1 Fekir fitting in quite handsomely :)

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2021.10.16 20:32 regian24 [Image] Progress

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2021.10.16 20:32 jlkunka Mill Turning on the K&T 2D Rotary Head Mill

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2021.10.16 20:32 NicoleMeh_OwO Moth enjoys as well Lovejoy

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2021.10.16 20:32 louisprimo artistas de género urbano que les gustan?

hola mi gente, busco nuevos artistas del género urbano pa escuchar con flow como superjavi, keyshita, channel, etc. básicamente artistas buenos de los barrios que aún no estén pegados pero que le meten.
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2021.10.16 20:32 SoManyMinutes Local area Fred pays off dental school loans.

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2021.10.16 20:32 leos-rdt OTHER: The Return of Michael Keaton’s Batman

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2021.10.16 20:32 Beautiful-Log-5324 Chispa app

So recently I was on the chispa dating app. I had gotten a mesg from some female telling me to txt her so I did . Then she started saying her services. So I didn’t reply . Next day I get a txt from a number Saying all my info , and If I don’t pay up they’ll come for me and my family . Should I be worried because it literally made me sick
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2021.10.16 20:32 Catfat29 [WTS] Multiple used pairs size 10.5-11 details in comment $250-650

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2021.10.16 20:32 whisperHailHydra Kind of disillusioned but still Christian. What denominations, groups or worship styles do I more align with?

I moved to a new city. Thankfully I narrowly avoided a historically authoritarian form of Christianity in my church search, found a new church, but recently learned we may not believe the same things about the Gospel. So I’m on the search again.
Please don’t just advertise your preferred group. This also isn’t a debate thread. I just want show what I believe and hopefully learn if there’s already established groups that match.
Theologically I’m more “Orthodox”/Traditional:

If I had to pick a prominent Christian book (other than the Bible) or person I most see eye to eye with, I’d say Crazy Love/Francis Chan. And I’d like to find a church community like We Are Church in SF, but I live nowhere near there. I like the idea though. I wouldn’t even know what to call that type of church community to Google it in my area.
I’ve also been drawn to the Orthodox Church lately, though I’m not convinced on some smaller theological points. I like the ties to ancient church tradition and embrace of mysteries. To be honest one of my most profound spiritual experiences beyond baptism involved church iconography, so I’m okay with icons.
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2021.10.16 20:32 nomii_94 Ruben Loftus Cheek vs Brentford [Most Touches 101] [Most Fouls Won 5] [Most Dribbles Completed 5] [Most Ground Duels Won 12] [2nd Most Accurate Passes 62]

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2021.10.16 20:32 q8Ph4xRgS [HELP] Premiere doesn’t save clip thumbnails, loads then slowly each time.

Every time I open my project file, all the clips in my project bins have to reload their thumbnails. Problem is, it doesn’t do this in the background, it does it as-needed when I scroll through my clips, and take a solid 20 seconds to load each page of thumbnails, slowing things down considerably.
Is there a way to avoid this issue, besides disabling the thumbnail view altogether?
Side note: it also doesn’t save which sequences I had open before closing the project either, never had this issue until now.
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