People who can sleep through the night in one position, how?

2021.11.27 17:41 rhard28 People who can sleep through the night in one position, how?

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2021.11.27 17:41 noviaccou Simplii Referral Link to earn 50$

To get the bous must make a deposit of at least $100 within 6 months after account opening, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
Click on link below to open account
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2021.11.27 17:41 LatinaPumpkina How important is going to college for you?

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2021.11.27 17:41 Independent-Hat7266 Budget Collector Tips

Hey, looking for some advice from experienced collectors. I’ve been casually buying sets here and then since graduating college. I’m now at a place where I can start investing money, but I’m only able to spend max $1000 a year. What’s your advice on when is the best time to buy sets (cheapest but before they are out of stock) and general advice how to maximize my money?
I want to build/collect the following: - Lego City - medieval village - micro scales of Star Wars scenes - collect Marvel, Star Wars minifgures (enough to build various chess sets in addition to just owning them)
I find my guilty pleasure is collecting Star Wars battlepacks. I don’t plan to use the vehicles really, but Id love to have as many Star Wars soldiers as possible.
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2021.11.27 17:41 alice333434 what is the most trusted cheap online clothes shop?

i’ve just recently started thinking about buying clothes online and i’m sceptical about doing so. does anyone have any recommendations please?
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2021.11.27 17:41 kevinowdziej Boom

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2021.11.27 17:41 RushRadar Referral ID: 20% OFF + 40% OFF (2021) • RushRadar Referral ID: 20% OFF + 40% OFF (2021) • RushRadar submitted by RushRadar to RushRadar [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 17:41 Owelet182 Medical records have gone MIA

Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post. I recently needed to show proof of some childhood vaccines for a new job. I figure no problem since I had them.
Problem: I was born in the mid 80s (what a time to be alive!). I saw a pediatrician who administered those vaccines. This doctor still practices and sees my child. Once I was too old to see a pediatrician… I’m going to say it was before 2007 I moved to a PCP. I didn’t see them for too long and at some point they retired- I have no idea when. I moved to another PCP who I saw for a long time… probably over a decade. And in June of this year I started with another PCP. I signed release forms and all that jazz. Well, much to my surprise my new PCP couldn’t get my records. I called PCP #2 mostly just looking for the vaccines. They also could not find them and stated they never had them. And PCP #1 has disappeared without a trace. I am a bit perplexed as to how PCP #2 never had them. I also feel like I have a memory of physically picking up my files from somewhere at some point.
I got a titer done for what I need for employment. I was able through my OB to find proof of two of the four I needed. I’ve tried the hospital and even my pediatrician. Nothing. Tried local BH. My state has an online vaccine records system but anything pre-2011 probably isn’t there.
What would be the best way to track down where my records went when my first PCP stopped practicing? Would those records even still be stored somewhere? Or am I just SOL and will need to get a million titers done? Sorry for the novel!
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2021.11.27 17:41 ShadowWarrior1995 My new to me Norinco AK with flat back mag

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2021.11.27 17:41 Prof____Chaos Omg!!!

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2021.11.27 17:41 Legitimate_Citron_29 Going from larger company to Series A startup - compensation negotiation?

After spending several years at a FAANG (not as a new grad), I'm now in the process of interviewing at a startup that's completed their series A (both seed & series A being on the higher side), but I feel like I'm flying blind now that it's time to negotiate compensation as I can't just look the company up on a site like
Would it be reasonable to just take my current total compensation, slap a bit more on top of that, and give them that number and say I'm looking for something in that neighborhood? My goal here is to find a job I enjoy more, rather than trying to increase my pay, but I'd rather not leave money on the table, especially given the current market where companies are desperate to find people with experience. Am I being too paranoid about them walking away?
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2021.11.27 17:41 ConanEdogowa123 Which one is better.

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2021.11.27 17:41 QuestionMark-IDK Skye, the derp

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2021.11.27 17:41 ScantlyChad [EVENT] The Mantegna Family is Finished

October 1503 "We now present, for our great lady...!"
Francesco Mantegna tore away the sheet to reveal months' worth of creative labor painted onto the sizable canvas, the finished product of two generations of artists, and the first of the final works of his father...
"...The Triumph of Caesar!"
The previously uncolored sketch had been filled in with a number of paints, as had been requested by the Mantovano patron, Isabella D'Este. The painting itself was so massive that it had required the work of the entire team of Mantegna artists to complete it.
Knowing that his family's fortune and future depended entirely on the mood of his patron, Francesco nervously crumpled up the sheet into a messy linen ball and knelt into a bow facing his audience, composed of Isabella and her army of art critics and agents. The small crowd began to quietly murmur and whisper their thoughts to one another, making Francesco and his team even more nervous. Perhaps it was best to move on to the next painting?
Francesco broke his pose, used the sheet to wipe away the beads of sweat that had puddled up on his forehead, and hurried over to the next painting.
"The Holy Family and Family of the Baptist!"
The Holy Family had been initiated by his father but finished by Francesco, with the painting showing some of the signs of the late master's techniques in displaying the emotion of his subjects, as well as the fine folds and details on their clothing and the smoothness of the skin, but also showed signs of the much less talented Francesco, with the two men flanking the mothers having much less quality in their colors and details.
The decline in quality was noticable, and so was Isabella's souring mood. Francesco muttered a curse under his breath, and now it was his younger brother's turn to attempt to impress Isabella.
Ludovico Mantegna now sprang into motion and headed over the next covered painting. With his confidence wavering, he gave a nervous shout to present the work which he had himself completed.
"The Baptism of Christ !"
Like the Holy Family, this work has been started by his father and finished by one of his much-less-talented sons, again very noticable in the varying quality of work dashed across the same painting. The two subjects in the center of the Baptism didn't have the same quality that other depictions of Christ that the late Mantegna had completed. Ludovico's work failed to capture his father's display of emotion and detail, and along with it, Isabella's approval. The art patron and her critics gave another round of disapproving murmurs.
And with just one painting remaining to present, the youngest Mantegna son, the teenager Bernardino, and a former student of Andrea Mantegna's, Lorenzo Costa both gathered their courage and prepared to tear off the sheet.
"And now, for the final painting of the late master Andrea Mantegna," squeaked the young Bernardino in a high-pitched voice. "Completed by myself and Signor Costa...!"
The sheet was torn away to reveal:
"...Isabella d'Este in the kingdom of Harmony!"
Wow! It was a great painting! Not only did the painting manage to capture the fine painting style of Mantegna that properly conveyed color, detail, and emotion, but it had also managed to wow Isabella as it depicted her and her closest circle as mythological figures. Bernadino and Lorenzo were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a round of applause from the audience.
And now, with the art presentation finished, Isabella D'Este gave her verdict to the Mantegna brothers and Lorenzo Costa:

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2021.11.27 17:41 Psychological-Rub919 Cute little belly

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2021.11.27 17:41 RandomThisAndThat Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

What happened to the cathedral in France after it burnded a couple years ago? Was it ever rebuilt or is is still a mess?
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2021.11.27 17:41 rprince18 What Vince McMahon thought when heard AEW resigned the young bucks.

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2021.11.27 17:41 Deadpool-CB23 I made a set of “(insert color) Elegant Tux’s” for anyone to wear. I’d LOVE if you guys would check them out and see if they fit your style. (Image and Creator ID linked).

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2021.11.27 17:41 33Danso (15+) FREE Vocal Drill Sample Pack │ FREE Vocal Drill Loop Kit (Russ Millions Kay Flock Tion Wayne)

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2021.11.27 17:41 Live-Gas7999 Trading mekmek sp for dragon plushie.

Also offer for any revive tokens.
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2021.11.27 17:41 InternationalCow6645 Another hotel hallway…

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2021.11.27 17:41 pinkcalx [GNOME] Am I part of the club now?

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2021.11.27 17:41 dogglesnake War of the Champions! Tonight at 8 pm EST (Live & Free on YouTube) ChocoPro 178 is a special single match show pitting the returning Minoru Fujita, Hagane Shinno, Sayaka, and Masa Takanashi against Choun Shiryu, Yuna Mizumori, Chie Koishikawa, and Baliyan Akki with a 60 minute Time Limit!

ChocoPro 178: War of the Champions If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about with ChocoPro, or why they wrestle in that building on that “pillow” (the chocolate mat makes bodyslams feel like Powerbombs, btw), this is a perfect time to dive in! (I just wanted to say fuss, to be honest.)
The Champ is back! But there is another (Interim) Champ now...who will come out on this Road to Super Asia battle? Each champ has three of the best and brightest of ChocoPro at their side. Egg Tart is on opposing teams! Akki is hunting Fujita! Sayaka has a lot to prove, since she has the least experience! (but some of the most vicious elbows in the biz) Masa thrives in these kind of matches! Yuna is definitely gonna do some crazy power stuff. Let's go! ChocoPro 178 is a special single match show pitting the returning Minoru Fujita, Hagane Shinno, Sayaka, and Masa Takanashi against Choun Shiryu, Yuna Mizumori, Chie Koishikawa, and Baliyan Akki with a 60 minute Time Limit! It airs at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PT (Sunday at 1 am GMT, 10 AM JST) Live and Free on YouTube!
Don't forget to Adjust Your Volume, Wrestling is Loud! Tired of the same old, same old? Join us on the bleeding edge! (This is not your regular wrestling show.) Change the stage, break out of your comfort zone! If you're looking for big characters and engaging storylines, you've come to the right place! Join us for this live episode, or check out the back catalog of 9 wonderful Seasons on the Gatoh Move ChocoPro YouTube channel...170+ episodes with stories and pro-wrestling like you've never seen. New to the promotion? It features a roster of skilled veterans, rising stars, and wonderful guests fighting in the ChocoPro Arena: Ichigaya Chocolate Square. Subscribe for more content than just the live matches! (AEW Watch Alongs, Discussions, Interviews, Food Challenges, etc) Even if you can't catch it live, don't sweat it! It will still be available on the channel.
Here is today's example gif: Bad Communication!
Minoru Fujita, Hagane Shinno, Sayaka, & Masa Takanashi VS Choun Shiryu, Yuna Mizumori, Chie Koishikawa, & Baliyan Akki War of the Champions
If this is your first Ichigaya "War" match, they're basically big tag team matches with crazy action and really utilize the ChocoPro format to its fullest. We are the perspective of the match, so during these big bouts we'll be focusing on specific pairings that sometimes spill into multi-man chaos due to the fact that tag attacks, submissions, and pins are all legal!
Though not the original line up (Akki wished to be against the true Champ rather than along side him, so he and Masa switched teams...), the Returning Fujita has surrounded himself with a killer trio. Can they overcome the Dragon's forces and secure victory in his first match back?
Minoru Fujita is the Super Asia Champion of ChocoPro, Gatoh Move, and the Independent Scene overall! Having recently recovered from a hospital stay, the living legend will be seeking to regain his status as the top of the promotion. Fujita has accolades from all across Japan, from Deathmatches to Tag Championships...the latter of which will come in handy in this chaotic match. Before he left, the Principal seemed unstoppable. This ungodly technician will be looking to prove that he has not lost a single step!
Hagane Shinno is the Cold Killer. This canonically beautiful, unfeeling, and enigmatic wrestling machine brings with him an icy precision and heartless brutality! If you would like a great example of his striking skill and terrifying technical talent, check out his 60 minute draw with Fujita. The Blade is a quick favorite among new fans, since there really aren't too many wrestlers out there like him. He says a lot without speaking! His joyful tag partner Chie is his opponent this time, will Egg Tart handle being on opposing sides, without each other to balance them out?
Sayaka is the Beautiful Cosplayer of the Fourth Generation. Due to her absence during the first few seasons of ChocoPro, she has fallen a bit behind her rookie peers...but is making up for it in a flash! How can she be so good already? Sayaka's striking is the stuff of legends, those forearms sounding like gunshots. With her haunting (and unflinching) smile and improvement in both pins and submissions, Sayaka will be looking to prove herself worthy of this event. Expect someone to get their chest caved in!
Masa Takanashi is the Drunken Monkey, a trickster and counter specialist...and the President of Gatoh Move! Masa is one half of a legendary tag team with both Emi Sakura & Chris Brookes (not to mention many others!) and his laid back attitude lets him handle dangerous situations better than most. While his mischief might distract him from the goal of the match, it also leads to some of the best moments in the series! Try to play along, because when Masa gets serious, it goes bad for his opponents. Will Akki's decision to switch teams with Masa backfire in the long run?
Choun on the other hand has a bit more varied team, perhaps to his advantage! Can he prove to Fujita that he is the true champion? The Road to Super Asia will be a hard one!
Choun Shiryu is the Dragon of Ichigaya...and the Interim Super Asia Champion! This Kung Fu infused technician will dazzle and delight with his unique takes on nearly everything (while showing a talent for the fundamentals) that wrestling has to offer. His striking is some of my favorite in the promotion, since it just seems so precise and impactful! Choun fought hard to earn the Interim title, and doesn't plan to give it up so easily. Fresh off his birthday, this fierce competitor will be looking to prove to Fujita that he is more than enough to take him down and unify the titles. There is a reason he is called the Dragon! Prepare yourselves.
Yuna Mizumori is the Tropical Fairy, a sing song lariat machine that will knock you out of your seat (and her foes out of their boots!). This vibrant powerhouse is one of the main reasons I am watching ChocoPro, since her Ironwoman match with Mei was one of the first I saw! Her spinning back kick is seriously killer. Yuna is boundlessly charismatic and evokes her own idol, Stan Hansen, in every match! Those lariats are incredible. Yuna is by far the most powerful in the bout by strength alone, it will be thrilling to see her rampage across Ichigaya while shouting out her move names. Can't stop the Tropical....YAHHO!
Chie Koishikawa has “Too Much Energy” and is the Frantic Fencer of ChocoPro! This speedy striker uses alternative back-handed knuckle chops and focuses on Stretch Muffler variants. Her quirky personality and hyper active style have helped her on the way to becoming the “Ace of the Fourth Generation” (she'll be paired up with the other Ace, too!). She'll be running around and fighting against her beloved "Shinno-san" though (something we hear shouted quite often) and isn't too thrilled that Egg Tart are on opposite sides. Chie is quite loud, maybe second only to Yuna, so this team is going to lean into that statement about adjusting your volume! Chie, like Hagane, is one of the easy favorites among new fans. You'll know why from the moment she says “Helloooooo!”.
Baliyan Akki is the Ace of ChocoPro...and has a score to settle. The Super Asia championship was his destiny, after all. While he is one half of the Asia Dream Tag Champs...Mei Suruga is in America. Those belts don't hold value when they can't be defended! Without the Apple Goblin around, Akki has been struggling in Ichigaya. Despite the Ace being an amazing combo striker and aerial technician, the Winds of Change don't seem to be blowing his way. But Akki has faced those cold winds before...and always pushes through. Like a Lone Wolf wandering through a Blizzard, Akki plans to show just how resilient he is...and he has a goal in this bout: personally defeating the Super Asia champion! Akki is going to prove himself to the world someday, but for right now he just needs to prove himself to one man.
A War without Pencils...but where is Lulu, anyway?
Come and see the wild creativity that produced Two of the Four AEW Women's Champions!(Both of which have appeared on ChocoPro!) You'll be wondering if you're seeing future champs, as well. ChocoPro is the Frontier of Pro Wrestling! Match after match of hard hitting, chaotic, fun bouts with a friendly online audience.
We're quickly growing, and you're welcome to come along! ChocoPro has featured stars such as Ken Ohka, VENY (ASUKA), Chris Brookes, Ryo Mizunami, Kaori Yoneyama, Drew Parker (Next Week!), Kazusada Higuchi, Saki Akai, Yukio Sakaguchi, Kappa Kozo, SAKI, Rina Yamashita, MUSASHI, Hikaru Shida, Waka Tsukiyama, Mizuki, Minoru Suzuki, Makoto, Hikaru Sato, Sakisama, Fuminori Abe, Aja Kong, Masato Tanaka, Cherry, TAMURA, AKARI, Daisuke Kanehira, Tsubasa Kuragaki, Toru Owashi, Hanako Nakamori, PSYCHO, Riho, CHANGO, Kagura, Mei Suruga, Emi Sakura and Yuu! Also sometimes DJ Nira...
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
“What is this?” ChocoPro is a free online promotion run by AEW's Emi Sakura, that takes place in the legendary Ichigaya Chocolate Square! It features a steady pace of live Episode releases, fan interaction, season long story arcs, and much more! A place where the turnbuckles are replaced with 14th floor windows, unforgiving walls provide creative avenues for skills otherwise unthinkable, and you can take solace in knowing that the referees usually do nothing. While it might be a shocking change at first, the intensity and storytelling will leave you wanting more.
“Why are they fighting in ____?” Short answer is that it is a cost effective, unique venue with a better availability schedule and allows the roster access for training. Emi Sakura has been using this place for a long time, and you might be surprised at some of the names that have used it (even outside of ChocoPro!). There are a few in-ring Episodes, and Gatoh Move has in ring shows with crowds on the YouTube channel. Think of it like the Hart Dungeon but as a promotion, if that helps!
”What are the rules?” While special match stipulations will usually be explained before the respective matches, the general rules of ChocoPro are simple. Pins only count on the Chocolate Mat and are not broken by the edge or Wall. Submissions usually only count on the Chocolate Mat, and ARE broken by reaching the edge or wall (sometimes ceiling...). Double pins and Double submissions are legal (and encouraged) in ChocoPro Tag matches, meaning cohesive teams will always have the advantage! Count Outs only exist if specified, since many matches stray from the comfort of the Chocolate Square into the streets (and the rest of the building itself!) There is a Time Limit for each bout (based on card placement and importance) and the Referee has discretion (even if they tend to do nothing most of the time!). Every Ref is different, some have different levels of bias and speed.
“How can I support them?” Watch the show! Even if you can't see it live, the views matter! Like & Subscribe! You can buy single episode Sponsorship, Digital autographed photos, and more on their shop site as well as purchase shirts from PWTees (which features some great options!) If you'd like to donate or purchase a main wall sponsorship, you can via Paypal or Patreon. ...and don't forget to cheer for your favorites!
“Why are you posting this here? / Are you paid for this?” This is a wrestling forum, and I'm trying to broaden the horizons of others! There is a lot of good wrestling out there...Plus growing the fan base means more people for me to joke around with! I honestly do believe this is what a lot of fans are looking for, even if it is too different for some! But different tastes are good. Variety is the spice of life. This is a labor of love (it really doesn't take that long) considering how much work they do to put on so many shows...for free!
”Where is Emi Sakura & Mei Suruga?” The Killer Queens are at AEW! Ichigaya is still a den of goblins, however, and the presence of the Oni is still felt!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me on here or on Twitter, where I'm thinking about how much Meltzer likes Utami. (secret: so do I) Also, for a better take on the events check out this champion preview by Last Word on Pro Wrestling! ChocoPro is Minoru Fujita!
Season Tracker: We're on 16/18 in Season 10! (Each Season is 18 episodes)
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2021.11.27 17:41 beleaguered_penguin Has anybody ever eaten a 4.5kg Toblerone?

Available here:
If you have eaten one - how?
If you haven't eaten one - do you want to?
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2021.11.27 17:41 Im__A_Carrot [NEW] [A3] [Recruiting] No.11 Commandos [WW2/Modern]

We are the Number 11th Commando Group. We offer operations that span across both World War 2 and Modern era with operation objectives ranging from simple reconnaissance to urban skirmishes. As of right now we mostly do operations primarily pertaining to World War 2 where we allow the players to create their own endings with each operation, keeping things fresh. We also provide a new and unique rank structure that allows for players to be incentivised to get a promotion and progress. Operation Times: Tuesday 7-8 PM EST (Training) Wednesday 5 PM EST (Fun-Op) Friday 7-8 PM EST (Main Operation), Saturday 7-8 PM EST(Side Operation), Sunday 7-8 PM EST (Fun-Op) Age Limit: 15+ Offered Roles: Rifleman, Grenadier, Machinegunner, Autorifleman, Ammobearer, Medic, Marksman, Demolition, Anti-Tank, Radio Transmission Operator, & Pilot Slots. (New positions may open up.) Modlist Information: Our current modlist holds about 60 mods. We also DO NOT require you to own any of the DLCs. Additional Comments: Looking for additional zeuses to host side operations. We are able and willing to train new zeuses if need be. We are also looking for people willing to take leadership positions such as Squad Leaders and Team Leaders.
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