counselor called cps, don’t know what to do

2021.12.04 14:40 Anonymia1101 counselor called cps, don’t know what to do

long story short, i had a panic attack after my mother called me in the middle of class to yell at me for something, so i came clean to my very WHITE counselor about how my mom treats people, and she filed a cps report and now the people are gonna come to my house. i tried to retract it but it isn’t working, what do i do? i’m panicking
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2021.12.04 14:40 ggoldteethh ben fakülteme ve bölümüme ısınamadım acaba nasıl bölüm/fakülte değiştirebilirim ?

Ben okuğum şehre ve bölümüme ısınamadım.Aslında mütercim tercümanlık veya amerikan/ingiliz edebiyatı okumak istiyordum ama aile ve peer pressure yüzünden eşit ağırlıktan seçim yaptım. Başka bir dil bölümüne geçmenin tek yolu sadece yks'ye tekrar mı girmek ? Ben çünkü 1 sene mezuna kalmıştım ilk sınavda batırdığım için ve tekrar 1. sınıf olarak başlamak istemiyorum.
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2021.12.04 14:40 zipfreeman Hot Dog Surgery [oc]

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2021.12.04 14:40 Paper_Cut_On_My_Eye A tiny nug.

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2021.12.04 14:40 NotAash PAYPAL , CRYPTO AND GIFTCARDS!!

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2021.12.04 14:40 Artistwithasoul00099 Pls help, I’m trying to draw chibi for the first time and it looks weird. What should I do differently?

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2021.12.04 14:40 Toyota-zis30 Spikey boi was digging up my garden and almost got my plump house cat on his leash, luckily he is safe and sound now.

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2021.12.04 14:40 BlueShellTorment [US-FL] [H] Switch: Super Mario Odyssey, Paper Mario Origami King, South Park TFBW || [W] Switch: Super Mario 3D World, NSMBU Deluxe, South Park offers

As noted, willing to entertain random Switch offers for South Park
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2021.12.04 14:40 Reasonable_Jello_603 MetaverseX Token👄 | First Metaverse Adult content project 🚀|%100 Buy Back! |Next 100x Gem💎|Approved Website|Doxxed Team⚡️|Launch: TOMORROW 18:00 [UTC]

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⏰ Launch: December 5th 2021 18:00 UTC
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2021.12.04 14:40 GreenNapster Axial RC stuff on sale Horizon Hobbies Ryft rock bouncer $279.99, SMT10 builders kit $139.99 [Deal Price: $139.99]

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2021.12.04 14:40 angoisse_diurne Puisque Éric Zemmour a lancé sa campagne sur youtube, quels seront les youtubeurs qui seraient membres de son gouvernement ?

Greg Toussaint : Premier Ministre
Code Rheino : Ministère des armées
Caljbeut : Ministère de la Culture
Baptiste Marchais : Ministère de la jeunesse et des sports
Jean Lassalle : Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Alimentation, de la Cohésion des territoires et des Relations avec les collectivités territoriales
Tatiana Ventôse : Ministère de la Transformation, de la Fonction publique, de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation
Astronogeek : Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation
Papacito : Ministère de la Justice
Patrick 51 : Ministère de l'Économie, des Finances, de la Relance, du Travail, de l'Emploi, de l'Insertion, des Solidarités et de la Santé
Il en manque sûrement...
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2021.12.04 14:40 pixmetanft Se viene un proyectazo que está empezando a sonar de NFTS :

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2021.12.04 14:40 Perfectlegend MK12 Leaks?! Perfect Legend Speculation & Thoughts

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2021.12.04 14:40 ConsistentMany5732 (Paid) Looking for an artist, that has an anime or cartoony art style, for a YA comic. $50 a page, and the goal of launching the book on Kickstarter.

Hello, everyone am looking for an artist for a YA with an anime or cartoony art style, comic am developing. The script already competes, so if interested send me a dm, so I can send it to you and see if you're interested in the project.
The goal is for me to commission the 4 main characters of the comic, the villain and, the cover, and 8 pages all used for marketing for the Kickstarter. If the Kickstarter is funded the rest of the funding for the art will come from there.
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2021.12.04 14:40 BikerJedi PV2 BikerJedi goes to the field. (Or, our hero arrives at his permanent party unit.)[RE-POST]

Howdy folks. This is my December re-post, first written 7 years ago, before I was even a mod. As always, lightly edited. It also another story about nothing really. Enjoy.
So after finishing AIT (Advanced Individual Training - where you learn your job), my ass got "sent" from Ft. Bliss, TX to Ft. Bliss, TX. They were kind enough to bus me and my duffel bag from the AIT training area to A 5/62, 11th ADA, even though I probably could have marched it.
It makes one wonder - why ask us for our top three assignments? No, I did NOT want Germany. Nevermind that I lived there as a kid & spoke German. No, I did NOT want Italy. No, I most certainly did NOT want to go to Ft. Carson, CO, where I spent a lot of my life and my parents were retiring to. Nope. Fuck you, PVT BikerJedi, your ass is going to glorious fort-fucking-bliss - in the middle of the fucking desert.
Don't get me wrong. I loved El Paso, and I loved Texas. It is just that after months and months at Ft. Bliss for Basic and AIT, I was ready for a change of scenery. And as I have mentioned before, being a FORSCOM soldier at a TRADOC post sucks ass. FORSCOM is "Forces Command" - meaning the soldiers who go and fight or support those fighters. TRADOC is "Training and Doctorine" - which is what is sounds like.
About a week or two after arriving at A 5/62, things changed. It had formerly been a Chaparral/Vulcan unit, and was being reformed as a StingeVulcan unit. So the Chaparrals were gone, and in their place were nice, shiny new HMMWV's with racks for the Stinger cases. Like seriously brand new, straight from whatever facility painted the standard BDU camo pattern on them.
Along with the change in equipment, Alpha battery had a change in personnel for fourth platoon. We had a platoon of cooks, mechanics, etc, and three platoons of Vulcans - only one platoon of us Stinger guys. Gone were the guys who were qualified in the Chaparral MOS, in were us. I have no idea where they went. Probably to some facility that chopped them up and made them into Drill Sergeants. Anyway, all that was left of our platoon was the LT. The junior enlisted were all new. Some of the senior NCO's had already reclassed or didn't need to. For junior NCO's, we had some brand new E-5's that had reclassed from other MOS's into 16S to be Stinger guys as well. Hence the reason I didn't get station of choice in fucking Germany - because God-damned Alpha Battery had to upgrade and become a StingeVulcan unit.
So, shortly after showing up, the CO tells us we are going on our first battery FTX (Field Training Exercise). Now, this is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. First, this is a battery full of mostly new soldiers under the rank E4 - like fresh out of basic and AIT new. Second, none of us had a chance to get checked out on the HMMWV. Everyone just assumed that if it drove more or less like a car that we could handle it. Third, we had no radios. That's right, our brand new CINGAR radios had not come in yet. Fourth, and really not last, most of the assholes in my unit could not read a map or do land nav.
Now, I will be the first to admit that I wasn't the most high speed of that breed known as the American Soldier. However, I was very good at reading a map and land navigation. So as far as reading a map/land nav went in the junior enlisted ranks, I was one of the top three in the unit. Below that we had another ten or so who were fairly competent. The rest had no fucking clue at all. Mostly because they were from the inner city and they had no kind of education. A lot of them barely graduated high school.
Anyway, the day before we leave for our first battery FTX under the newly re-formed banner of A 5/62, our radios come in. Someone, probably TOP or the CO, decides we can not go to the field without our radios. So we stayed up until somewhere around 0200 hours installing radios and antenna's on these fucking HMMWV's. Which means we had no time at all to have a class on how to use the fucking things.
Before we roll out of the motor pool at 0500 (thank you Jesus - the CO let us sleep in one hour!) the NCO's make sure everyone is on the same radio frequency. That means most of us got THREE WHOLE HOURS of sleep. Which later on in my Army life would seem like a great deal. Out the gate we go. Forgive me, but it has been 20+ years, so I don't remember what direction, but Ft. Bliss has a gate that basically opens up on White Sands missile range. White Sands, NM, doubled as the training area for 11th Air Defense Brigade and 3rd ACR. Perhaps because of that we were two of the first units to deploy for Desert Shield/Desert Storm - our knowledge of the desert. Off we go - we start our road march to White Sands, which lasts about an hour.
After a while we arrive at the location for our battery TOC (Tactical Operations Center - the HQ) area. First, everyone gets chewed out for the shitty radio discipline. Then we get briefed. The idea behind this FTX is to make sure we can set up a firing position, learn the capabilities of the trucks, and practice navigation and practice setting up a concealed firing position. Everyone gets a set of coordinates to go to. After a given time, the platoon sergeants and LT's will come and find us. In other words boys and girls, we are going to play hide and seek.
The navigation is a problem. First, the maps. The desert is always shifting. So half the "roads" on the map aren't there anymore, and half the "roads" in the desert aren't on the map. Second, calculating distances was a problem. The odometer on the HMMWV's is in miles, and the maps are in kilometers. So you had to do a little bit of math. If you had to travel 5 kilometers on a certain azimuth, you multiplied 5 x 0.621 and figured out you had to drive 3.1 miles. I got it. Some of the other guys got it. But the majority of the junior enlisted could not do it. At one point, one of the sergeants, completely exasperated, says "Private BikerJedi, please show these guys how to do this. Maybe they will get it if you explain." So I had to conduct a short class in how to do it, which made me look like a suck up.
Shortly after my Team Chief & I got into position, we heard one of the platoon sergeants call one of the teams. He called them by the proper call sign, and when they answered, he said "Where the hell are you." They made the mistake of not authenticating, and said "We are lost." For the civilians out there, authenticating is a process used to make sure you are talking to the right person and not the enemy. You use code books, and only someone with a matching code book can give you the proper response. After the ass chewing was over, he said, "What do you see around you? Because I am at your primary firing position, and you are not here." The response was, "Ummmm, I see berms, yucca plants....oooooh! I see a mule deer!"
There are no landmarks in the deserts of White Sands unless you can find an actual paved road or some of the buildings used for training. White Sands is filled with, guess what? Berms, yucca plants and mule deer. There are also other plants and animals, but that is the majority of it.
Driving HMMWV's in off road environments like that is fun. Four wheeling anywhere is fun, but driving a government vehicle so you don't have to worry about damage to the vehicle is great. When you hit the yucca plants, the seed pods would explode, which I found hilarious for some reason. On the way to our designated position, I would drive over everything - berms, plants, whatever.
Once you get to your position, you had to put up the camo nets, try to disguise your vehicle, dig a foxhole, etc. Then you had to hide. If you saw the NCO or LT who was coming to find you, before they saw you, you were expected to grab your rifles and stop them as far out from your position as possible. If they managed to sneak right up on you, you got yelled at. It wasn't hard really. If you did a decent job hiding the vehicle, and sat quietly after, you could often hear the HMMWV's coming from a ways off. So my TC and I would play cards while listening to the battery radio net and keeping an ear out for any vehicles incoming. Other than digging the foxholes, it was kind of fun.
Not too long after that, some high speed asshole calls for help. He says he is stuck. The reply from the platoon sergeant is, "Stuck? You can't be stuck! Those things can go anywhere! It's why the Army bought them!" The PFC on the other end insists he is stuck. Sure enough, he got it stuck. Specifically, he managed to high center the HMMWV. The desert of White Sands is flat. Like, flat as Kansas. This guy managed to find the only berm that was more than five feet tall in the entire area, and it was shaped like a pyramid. He drove straight up on it and had only one wheel on the ground.
After he is rescued, we get a call from the CO, All stations this net, RTB, over." The guys, tired, hungry, hot and pissed off, all immediately started calling in, "Roger, wilco." My TC and I looked at each other, smiled, and he keyed the mike and made the CO authenticate. A couple other teams after us did the same. When we got back to the battery TOC, roughly 2/3rds of the junior enlisted were getting smoked - doing PT as punishment for not authenticating orders. See, the enemy is expected to listen in on coms and use English speaking psy-ops teams to give false orders. So you make everyone authenticate.
Finally, that night, I got pulled for guard duty, from 0000 hours to 0400 hours. I was paired up with a kid from the projects in some large city, I don't remember which one. Prior to joining the Army, the only wildlife he had seen was a dog and a cat. So when the coyotes came sniffing around, looking to scrounge food, and started howling, he freaked the fuck out.
"Dude, relax. It's a coyote." No dice. He had a vision of a timber wolf or something. I kept trying to tell him that coyotes aren't aggressive and wouldn't hurt us. If you have seen the movie Operation Dumbo Drop, picture that one soldier who was going home soon and was all paranoid, literally shaking in his boots. That was this guy. He started to bitch that we needed live ammo to "defend ourselves."
Not surprisingly, we made it through the night, and after another day of playing hide and seek with the NCO's and LT's, we went back to Bliss. The day after that we spent what seemed like a month cleaning the dust and sand from our weapons, and cleaning the HMMWV's. In a classic case of "Punish everyone, regardless of fault" we had several days worth of remedial radio classes, land navigation, map reading, etc. It sucked for everyone involved.
My first FTX was over. It was kind of like camping with bigger and better toys.
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2021.12.04 14:40 ProfessorSmartAzz You have nothing to lose but your chains. And only agency to gain! [Cross posted)

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2021.12.04 14:40 rwat16 Zekrom. 4978 2484 2698

Adding 5
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2021.12.04 14:40 BoardingApollo Bad gap between wall and kitchen countertop..

My wife and i were planning on caulking around our kitchen countertop and around the sink to make the seams look better. However, i found a bunch of masking tape at one spot and started scraping it off revealing a huge gap in some places (thanks previous homeowners!!). Any ideas on how to fill/hide this gap? Should we switch plans and run quarter round around the kitchen countertop? I personally hate quarter round and would strongly prefer to go with caulking if possible...
gap in question...
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2021.12.04 14:40 Wonderful-Kitty Does anyone have a Carvana code ?

I am about to buy a car and need a discount code !
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2021.12.04 14:40 is-this-now Getting tired of LeBron’s entitled whining. He’s angry because he had to fly alone on a private jet and that his household staff has to isolate. And mad because of poor testing!?! Welcome to what the rest of have been dealing with for 2 years.

Getting tired of LeBron’s entitled whining. He’s angry because he had to fly alone on a private jet and that his household staff has to isolate. And mad because of poor testing!?! Welcome to what the rest of have been dealing with for 2 years. submitted by is-this-now to LosAngeles [link] [comments]