TLAUNCHER downloading minecraft everytime i open and press enter

6. Now, double-click on the downloaded file and click on the “Install” button. Within a few minutes, Minecraft will be installed on your Chromebook. 7. Now to access Minecraft, press the Search key on the keyboard and search for “minecraft”. Finally, open “Minecraft Launcher”. Tinder "Failed to Delete Account" : SwipeHelper. Preview. 5 hours ago Tinder "Failed to Delete Account" I'm trying to delete my Tinder account and keep getting the message "Failed to Delete Account".The account is new (only been active 2 hours) but i was seeing the same profiles over and over (and got no likes) so figured i got a dodgy install and wanted to try again. always when i try to go skywars server i log in and it says wrong passwor dbut i know its not i typed /login password but it keeps kicking me out Open Minecraft from your PC or Mobile Phone; Add a new Multiplayer Server with the IP and the default port 19132. Enter the Server and accept the following welcome message, after that enter the PloudOS IP of the Server you wanna enter. (You don't need to add the domain here) Answer: Install it to drive C, move its entire folder to drive d, then click on its desktop shortcut, press Alt + Return to bring up the Properties window and then change the two fields thwt start with C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) to wherever you put it on your D drive. Alternative...

2022.01.23 08:58 Nukkusu TLAUNCHER downloading minecraft everytime i open and press enter

hi pls help me everytime i exit tlauncher then re open it then I press enter it always downloads tlauncher pls helppp
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2022.01.23 08:58 Solid-Dog-1749 Is ReStore Melbourne legit?

Hey guys! Has anyone here heard or bought from the shop Restore Melbourne for resell streetwear and sneakers?
I don’t see any reviews on the internet so I’m trying to know if anyone here experience buying from them before
Kind of a late question coz I already bought a $500+ item 😂 from them and I’m really praying they don’t sell fakes lol
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2022.01.23 08:58 SafeMoonXPost Safemoon holder be like: [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2022.01.23 08:58 CostCrazy3443 DaisyKeech🔥Find her new updated link in comments 📁(New content)👇

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2022.01.23 08:58 SafeMoonXPost WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Now Vitalik Buterin is following Safemoon on Twitter! LFG! [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2022.01.23 08:58 Late_Importance7495 Help with my DCF model

Hey guys how’s it going? If I projected the free cash flows of a business (calculated by subtracting cap ex from cash from operations) do I add back cash and extract the debt to the final figure? Thank you :)
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2022.01.23 08:58 GuruWitch How did they know?

Mr and Mrs Davidson are newly wed and madly in love. They jet off to Barbados from the UK for a 2 week honeymoon and all is seemingly perfect. They return. One night, later that same week, Mr Davidson is woken from a deep sleep by the ringing of his phone: RING RING
‘Hello’ ‘Hello, is this Mr Davidson?’ ‘Speaking’ ‘This is the police, we have sad news that we think we may have found your wife’s body, could you please come to the crime scene to identify her’ ‘Right away’
And the phone call ends.
Mr Davidson was in tears and without hesitation he quickly rushed out of bed and threw on whatever clothes he could find and without pausing, slips on his shoes as he strides towards the door. He drives down to the scene where he sees multiple police cars and a cordoned off area amongst the trees.
As he steps out of his car and darts towards the scene a policeman approaches him.
‘Mr Davidson, we are arresting you for the murder of your wife’
With no DNA evidence, or CCTV .... why did they arrest him?
How did they know?
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2022.01.23 08:58 Ogulcansubs92 Navcoin listing ?

Still waiting for Navcoin listing. 🤞🏼
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2022.01.23 08:58 Davidand8Ball Most accurate drawing of ankha I've ever done

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2022.01.23 08:58 Balls_of_satan How to present Minecraft players_list?

My son has a Minecraft server running in a Docker container with he use to play with his friends. I have the Minecraft integration running I HA to monitor the sever and recently discovered the attribute players_list under the players_online sensor. I would like to present wich players are online at any given moment in a card in Home Assistant, but have no idea how to extract the list from the attribute or how to present it as a list or something in a card. Anyone did something similar or have any suggestion on how to do this?
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2022.01.23 08:58 SafeMoonXPost SafeMoon will bring my early retirement. All I got to do is HODL. HODL (& BUY if you can) with me and let's achieve our goals! 💶💷💸💴💵 [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2022.01.23 08:58 _TheGankan_ Programmer's first thoughts: Frontend and Backend

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2022.01.23 08:58 adronstar Баги в будинку

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2022.01.23 08:58 peta-chad88 average M*slim response to a little girl wearing a dress

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2022.01.23 08:58 Agreeable-Air2152 Role-playing server

My friends and I started a role-play server it's been a lot if fun we have built a great community of friendly people
Some server info: -18+ -Online 24/7 -Active discord with special roles -some in-game community jobs available -Housing for new residents available contact and Admin in game or through discord to help get you to one of our populated towns
How to find the server:
Eden PvE Light RP IP: Port: 41331
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2022.01.23 08:58 KaamDeveloper 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.23 08:58 X_GhostFace I want see other's creative bios (has to be about Lebanon).

It can be a joke, sarcasm, satire or anything creative.
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2022.01.23 08:58 bluberriesandcheese Resisting the urge to cry cuz I fucked up my art piece but I don't wanna redraw it cuz it took so long

Drawing on newspaper and erased some parts too many times and tore them, trying to save it but she looks possessed alfbfj
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2022.01.23 08:58 KombatBunn1 Cookie cutter test print, only 4 more of these to go.

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2022.01.23 08:58 SafeMoonXPost Some of you are like this. Stop it. [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2022.01.23 08:58 halkhyrk Is every father like this?

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2022.01.23 08:58 self_help_hub [TASK] Looking For A Writer

Looking for a writer for to write introspective articles (or write something about their hobbies if it is in line with the content). The project is possibly going to be long term depending on performance. It is more of a career position for someone looking for growth and better pay or positions along the way if things pan out well or nothing major happens.
I work long hours at times and it doesn't give me much time to work on this side project so I am looking for someone to helm it whilst I work and look for money to pay them. Chances are we'll maybe be dividing the work at the moment give or take when possible on my end. Writing amongst other tasks I might teach you will be done by you and the other tasks which is the technical aspects will be done by me depending on free time or situation (might help and assist on rare occasions with writing for now).

Pay: $5 per month as a start (but things might improve with time depending on the situation or performance) since this is slavelabour
TL;DR: A writer needed entertainment and tech $5+/m open to all (but within rules and reason)
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2022.01.23 08:58 PuzzleheadedAd304 Whats this mean ???

Ive been seeing this guy since October we go on dates, watch movies, talk, and hook up at least 4 times a week. When we have sex a never pulls out and he has seemed careless and not worried about pregnancy We really like each other but are both really busy when We aren’t together everything has been the same since we started talking until about a week ago. He has been way more affectionate in general lately and holding and kissing me more and he has been communicating with me differently when we have sex saying words that are more possessive and saying “im his” or that he loves things and is emotion based, saying things like “i love my Pussy” He also has wanted to be with me and stayed the night almost every night for the last week. Now the most confusing new thing is for The past 3 times he slept with me he has tried to do anal and when he’s tried it didn’t fit inside me but it made him so hard just trying and he was fingering my ass when he was fucking me and i could feel it made him so Hard he was throbbing inside me
I really like him but we have sorta talked about progressing and he slows me down when i mention it. I haven’t bbrought a relationship up in a while since what should i do
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2022.01.23 08:58 AlterEgo1924 Beyond Will and the Day You Vanished with the Stars

All right, I've been thinking about this for a while. Since TDYVWTS just had a rerun recently along with Honkai Kingdom Zero right before Chapter 28, I think there is some purpose to it more than simply a rerun.
Captain and Otto do have some similarities, like motives and solutions to their problem(messing with time). I don't think this is suppose to make you forgive him though, the methods Captain used, and then by some extend you, use are far too less extreme than that of Otto, it just meant to make you understand his motives, not necessarily approve of his actions.
Otto is not a normal person, he grew up without any care or approval and Kallen was the first one to give both to him. You can say that you will save Kongming, but will you commit several genocide-worth of murdering to do so, you probably will, probably not, but the game isn't forcing you to make that decision. It just really hammer down the desperation of being unable to save your loved one, and trying again and again until you can archive a miracle.
When you reset, you mainly focus on Kongming, yes, you don't go "I don't care if the world burn as long as she can live" like Otto, but she and her feelings are your main drive.
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2022.01.23 08:58 noolvidarminombre A Very Long Rant About The Renegades Trilogy (Part 2 of 3) (Spoilers for the whole saga)

Hello, it’s me again. A week or so ago, I made a rant complaining about the first book of the Renegades trilogy and everything that was wrong with it. You can read it here. Because it was too long, I decided to separate it into two parts. Now I’ll try to fit the second and third books into this post.
If you don’t remember some details, here’s a summary so you don’t have to read all that:

With all that out of the way, let’s begin with book 2.
Book 2: Archnemesis This book starts with a few character pages with the names of the characters and their powers, and mentioning to what faction they belong to, same thing the first book did. It’s a damn feat in and of itself, but Meyer managed to mess up the fucking dramatis personae. In the section dedicated to the Anarchists, there is the name of a new villain character named Spine (I think? I read the Spanish version, and I didn’t find her on the wiki, so eh). The thing with Spine is that she’s not actually an Anarchist, never in the book we’re told she is and it’s not even implied. She's just a drug dealer and a hospital robber, no connection to the Anarchists whatsoever, so why is she put in the same group as the Anarchists? How the hell can you mess things up so early?
The story itself starts with Adrian’s group about to stop Spine and her normal human allies, who are trying to rob the medicines of a hospital in order to make drugs. During this fight, Adrian/Sketch uses one of his tattoos to shoot a guy and fucking send him flying through a window. Logic would tell us that if you get hit by something hard enough to send you flying and break glass with your own body, you’d be dead, or at least incapacitated, but no, this dude literally just stands up and takes a hostage, a situation which takes up like half of Adrian’s team to solve.
Meanwhile, Nova and Monarch (butterfly girl) follow Spine up to a bridge, but the villain escapes into a boat. It is at this moment that the Centinel appears, fights Spine, gets his ass kicked and sinks into the river. Then we get a chapter of Adrian swimming out of the river and de-transforming from the Centinel. His parents find him all wet next to the river and yell at him for leaving his team behind, telling them nothing about what he was doing, and worrying them all so much. Perfectly reasonable things to worry about, and honestly his leadership of the team should be revoked for doing such a stupid thing. He’s the leader, he has to communicate, he has responsibilities, but no punishment of the sort ever comes up.
Back on the Renegades’ base, we get some awful banter between Adrian’s team, Nova says something and then there is a passage that goes along like this “and then Monarch looked at me like she was suspecting something”. Oh gee, I wonder what she is thinking. There are more things like that spread throughout the novel, and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at all of it. This is Meyer’s idea of foreshadowing, hitting you in the face with clues that make it super obvious. She did the same thing last book with a twist that will appear in book three, but that I predicted by just one phrase of Meyer’s obvious foreshadowing.
From now on I’m not really sure in what order things happen. This is pretty much a setup book, and so all the plot is establishing things that will happen in book 3. Everything kind of meshes together into a vague mush of ‘I don’t care’.
The narration starts saying that the popularity of the Renegades has dropped since the attack of Ingrid, the Anarchist that started bombing that amusement park. Do we ever see any of those people losing trust in the Renegades? Do we see anxiety, despair, worry, or anything? No, because there are no people without powers that are relevant in this story. None. Zero. Nada. And so we just have to believe the Renegades are losing popularity because the story says so.
Nova thinks it is good that the Renegades are losing popularity because people are starting to see that they can’t always save them, but how the hell does that help the Anarchists? To the eyes of the public, they are the threat the Renegades failed to protect them from. If anything, the Anarchists look even worse now.
At some point, the heroes reveal a toxin named “Agent N” which neutralizes the powers of any prodigy who is injected with it. They made it from Adrian’s brother, Max, who can absorb powers. Some of you may be thinking, “Hey, isn’t this like that one X-Men movie?”. The answer is yes.
To show how Agent N works, they bring out the Puppeteer, the guy that mind-controlled children from book 1, and although he takes control of someone and causes chaos, they inject him with Agent N and remove his powers.
Now comes one of the most enraging parts of the whole book. After the Puppeteer loses his powers, Meyer tries to make us feel sorry for him. Nova says he looks sad, and that the Renegades shouldn’t have the power to take away a part of people’s identities like that.
Fucking what!? The Puppeteer is a terrorist, one that caused harm exclusively to children and showed no remorse for any of his actions, and you want to make me feel sad when the heroes take his power away from him? Fuck that! He deserves it, who the hell cares if he’s sad about it? Hell, it’s better if he feels sad, that way he may be able to feel a fraction of what he’s inflicted on children.
During the demonstration of Agent N, the narration wants to make us think Adrian is better than everybody else because he’s not cheering for the villain losing his powers. But the real reason he’s not cheering is that he’s afraid of receiving Agent N, because he’s a part-time vigilante and doesn’t obey the laws!
Then she starts wondering how they will treat prodigies who don’t follow the Renegades’ code without being criminals, will they just erase their powers just because they don’t think like them? This would be a great point of discussion if we fucking knew what the Renegades’ code is, and if every character who we are told breaks it wasn’t a terrorist or a black market dealer.
The best (or worst) part is that they even give the Puppeteer psychological attention to help with the loss of these powers. The Renegades, alleged oppressors, give free psychological attention to criminals. They are clearly the bad guys /s
Nova tells the Anarchists (living in her apartment) about Agent N, and says she’ll give them a sample so they can replicate it.
Then Nova is accepted on the artifact section of the Renegades HQ. The artifacts are all objects made by the powers of a prodigy, some have abilities like making you poison and disease, amplifying your powers and other things like that. This sounds insane, right? Having people with powers also have access to this magical equipment, this place must be a super well-guarded section, right?
Only two people work there. An old lady and a teenager. And none of them have powers that would help defend the place.
Not only that but it’s outright stated that these magical artifacts are barely used. And I’m like, WHY? If you are using superpowers to stop criminals anyway, why not use magical artifacts while you’re at it.
Nova gets interested in a Talisman of Health that makes you immune to poisons and the like, because she thinks it may protect her from Agent N.
One thing that is fucking baffling to me is the lore behind this Talisman. Supposedly, it was forged centuries before the story happened. Centuries. Weren’t prodigies something that happened relatively recently? How the hell is there a prodigy-made object that's over a hundred years old? Does Meyer have any idea what implications that would have on worldbuilding? Apparently not, because all that is stated as matter of fact and the characters don't even reflect on the Talisman beyond how it would be useful to the,
Then Nova goes to accomplish her actual objective: stealing Ace Anarchy’s helmet. Turns out the helmet is hidden in a cube of Captain Chromium’s indestructible chromium, and she needs a way to get it out.To do this, she starts asking a million questions about where it is located, how it is protected, and if they are sure the securities cant be breached. Nobody ever ever suspects her intentions. There is a point where she fucking makes something explode on camera, and she says it was an accident while cleaning. Do they take her out of the artifact's wing because she clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing and is putting herself at risk? No. Not at all.
As she looks into ways of destroying the cube and taking back the helmet, she meets Callum, the other guy taking care of the artifacts.
It turns out his power is to make people see how beautiful the world is and make others see it that way, while also revealing their true feelings or something? The way it works is super vague, and is actually just a shortcut Meyer uses to put ‘character development’. Instead of having the protagonists come to certain realizations due to profound dialogue that makes the reader think, she just gives someone a power so they come to those realizations without making much effort.
For all he does, Callus could be erased from the story and nothing would change.
At some point, Adrian takes the Talisman of Vitality and uses it to enter his brother’s quarantine zone without losing his powers, and it works. From that, he gets the idea of getting a tattoo that gives him that same immunity, and it works as well. Think about it, Adrian had the ability to make himself immune to having his powers stolen, to copy the powers of artifacts and potentially other prodigies, his possibilities are literally endless, and he still uses power armor and springs on his feet.
At one point, Adrian goes to capture Spine, even though his parents told him not to and that Frostbite (remember her? the mean bitch girl from the last book that was actually more likable than the protagonists?) and her group were sent to deal with her. Adrian, not listening to his parents, dresses up as the Centinel and goes there anyway. He literally disobeys his boss and goes to ‘help’ against a villain who already kicked his ass while a group of capable Renegades with no reason to trust him or work with him are there. Fucking genius move, Adrian.
When he goes, he finds out that Frostbite and her group torture Spine for answers in the middle of the street, all so that they can capture more people of her black market ring. This is because Meyer wanted her to be an example of a bad Renegade and couldn’t think of anything but making her the worst person ever. Why even torture Spine? They can just take her in and question anyways, and if Spine tells her wrong names, they don’t have a way to verify any of it, so there’s no benefit in torturing her. Frostbite makes these choices because Meyer wanted to show that the Renegades are not objectively better than the Anarchists in every single way, so instead of showing a corrupt system, she just has one Renegade be pure evil so she’d have something to point at and say “see? the Renegades are bad!”
And to be honest, the Renegades ARE bad, not because they do bad things, but because they do things badly. They make every pragmatically wrong decision and it makes them look like braindead idiots instead of the people that saved the world once.
Adrian, as the Centinel, confronts Frostbite and her whole team. Obviously, they kick his ass and he barely escapes, but before he leaves, he sees Frostbite and her team execute Spine and blame the Centinel for it. From then on, the Renegades mark down the Centinel as a full-fledged villain.
Now, imagine if Adrian had confronted them as himself, what would Frostbite have done? Try to silence the son of her boss? Threaten him? No! She couldn’t have done shit! Adrian’s word would’ve held much more weight than that of Frostbite’s, and Adrian could’ve rooted out corrupt Renegades. The problem is that he’s a dumbass and didn’t think of that.
One day, Nova goes to the mansion Adrian and his parents live in to try and steal the Talisman of vitality from his parents. There, she asks a million more questions about how to break the cube containing Ace Anarchy’s helmet and still nobody, not even the leaders of the Renegades, think it’s suspicious.
At one point, Captain Chromium mentions how the Centinel is now a villain and that they didn’t think he would actually murder someone. Adrian, bitter, thinks to himself that it was actually Frostbite the one who killed Spine, but he doesn’t say anything because then he’d have to reveal he’s the Centinel.
This guy.
This FUCKING guy.
He literally turns a blind eye to TORTURE and MURDER because he could get in trouble with his parents if he told them anything. This is the love interest, people, the guy you’re supposed to like, the one that lets horrible people walk free because it could be inconvenient for him. What the fuck?
During the dinner, or in another part of the story, I don’t remember, they also mention an event where ALL THE RENEGADES will be. Can you imagine if the police did that? If they wanted to raise their PR by holding an event where ALL OF THEM would be partying instead of doing their fucking jobs? It’s stupid, it’s so goddamned stupid.
In the end, Nova steals the Talisman of vitality under the noses of the leaders of the Renegades. But when she goes back to the Anarchists’ headquarters, she finds that a butterfly from Monarch (the girl that turns into butterflies) had followed her and saw everything. So, she captures her instead of killing her, because if one butterfly can’t join the rest, then Monarch can’t turn back into a human.
This restriction only comes up now, because it is convenient to the plot. Monarch’s power getting restrictions on the spot so that Nova can’t be outed as Nightmare is a trend that will continue to infuriate me in book three.
Then Monarch, as a swarm of butterflies, goes to the Renegades. What does she do? Guide them to the hideout of the Anarchists? Make an arrow, so that they know she wants to guide them somewhere? Literally just spell out ‘Nova is a spy’ by making the shape of letters with her butterflies? No. She does none of that. Well, she does guide them to the Anarchists, in the climax of the book. Why does she wait until the climax? Because otherwise, things wouldn’t have gone as Meyer planned, so she waits for no reason.
Nova goes to the event where 99% OF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS WILL BE, planning to leave early, sneak into the headquarters, and use Captain Chromium’s spear to break the cube. This would be the perfect moment for Monarch to come in, surround Nova with butterflies and out her as a traitor, but nothing like that happens.
Nova sneaks out of the event and starts scaling the Renegades’ tower, which is guarded by Frostbite’s team (six people). Six people. Guarding an entire building. Nova gets into the place where the controls of all the security cameras are and… there’s nobody there. Nobody’s watching the fucking security cameras. Nova just turns them off. At that point, it wasn’t even necessary, because nobody was fucking watching them.
While she leaves, she is attacked by one of Frostbite’s team, but she defeats him easily. Luckily for her, the guy didn’t call for help from his teammates, so nothing was lost.
Nova goes up to the artifact place and takes the spear, is about to break the cube, but then, she is confronted by Callum. Callum, the guy who can’t do anything to defend himself, reveals himself to a villain who may well try to kill him, and doesn’t even call reinforcements. He just tries to convince Nightmare to stop, and she obviously puts him to sleep and leaves.
Nova then tries to use Captain Chromium’s spear to break the tube, but it doesn’t work. Then, the bracelet that her father made for her when she was a girl lights up and destroys the cube. This moment had me fucking baffled. Nova’s bracelet just so fucking happens to help her in this exact moment so she can do this exact thing when it never did anything before. If you are wondering why I never mentioned it in these posts, it’s because it was practically irrelevant to the story and I had forgotten about it.
Then Nova is found by Frostbite and her group and they capture her. They try to inject her with Agent N but it doesn’t work, because she has the Talisman, and Nova uses a smoke bomb of Agent N to take their powers, but Frostbite dodges it and she doesn’t lose hers.
From there, we cut to Adrian, who Monarch’s butterflies guide to the old church where the Anarchists used to be before they were defeated. In that church, he and his friends, who also were guided there, fight Phobia, a guy who turns into your worst fear. They manage to drive him off, a feat that contradicts something Meyer tells us in the next book, and find Ace Anarchy, below the Anarchists’ old headquarters.
Meyer. You’re trying to tell me that once the Renegades went looking for the Anarchists, they didn’t think of looking in their old headquarters? Like any investigator would do? If they had done that, they would’ve found Ace Anarchy earlier. But that wasn’t convenient for Meyer’s plot, so it didn’t happen.
Adrian’s friends discover he is the Centinel and scold him a bit but nothing comes from that. They go to fight Ace Anarchy and they win, putting a note saying that the Centinel beat him, so the Renegades see him as an ally. Instead of, you know, having Adrian reveal he’s the Centine and gaining the trust of his parents immediately.
When the fight is over, Adrian gets a message from his brother, saying that Nightmare is fighting Frostbite and that he will help.
Back to Nova, she’s now fighting Max, the boy that steals powers, and Frostbite. At some point, Max becomes invisible and Frostbite accidentally impales him with a spear.
When that happens, Frostbite is all shocked, but it turns out that is because she’s losing her powers, not because she hurt a kid. Again, Meyer wants Frostbite to be the most horrible person ever so she can say the Renegades aren’t all good. Nova pushes Frostbite into Max so he can absorb her power and try to stop the wound, then she tries to help a bit and escapes when the Centinel arrives.
Obviously, it ends up looking like she did it, and Adrian takes his brother to a hospital.
The book ends with Adrian going to Nova’s apartment and asking her help to catch Nightmare.
You know how in trilogies book 2 tends to end with the protagonists losing badly, so their victory in the finale is much more satisfying? Well, that doesn’t happen here. Some characters who don’t do anything for the plot get hurt or captured and that’s it.
We’re at the end of book two, and still nobody but one person who can’t even talk has figured out that Nova is Nightmare. A plot point that has been going on since the first book hasn’t advanced practically anything at the end of book 2.
There are a lot of things that I haven’t mentioned, too. Like the eye-rolling ‘romantic’ scenes between Nova and Adrian, and the constant circle of thought of Nova. “I’m here on a mission, I hate the Renegades, but Adrian is so hot, I love him, but I hate the Renegades, they didn’t save my family, they deserve to die, but Adrian is so hot…” It goes on and on like that, and it’s super frustrating.
Once again, this post turned out longer than I thought. Next week I’ll cover book three, by far the worst one of the bunch.
Until then, goodbye.
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