safety (for a house full of girls)

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2022.01.23 08:33 dollyofthevalley safety (for a house full of girls)

Our aunt with the loud husband and the chest surgery scar leaves on an overcast day and our mum begins to explain to the three of us how to get to somebody’s heart with a knife, via stabbing. It all seemed so dramatic but my mother believed that it was a conversation that needed to happen, for safety’s sake.

I tell my sister, one night: “You know, Meagan, if you ever need to punch someone in self defence, you keep your thumb on the outside of your fist, otherwise you might hurt yourself and break something.”
She looks at me, says nothing and the tv blinks on, continuing to play the movie we’re watching.

Our mum tells us while in the car, coming home from nowhere in particular: “If you’ve ever been thrown into the boot of somebody’s car, you can usually kick the tail lights out.” I look at a Thai restaurant’s neon sign. We’re about a suburb or two from our house and I wonder how many of my classmates know what my mother has just said, and how many of them might one day need it.
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2022.01.23 08:33 KeazyKatz OH MY GOD

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2022.01.23 08:33 aussiebeauty01 (Serious) do people really hate fat people as much as society thinks or is it overdramatised… like yes we should advocate health but do they hate them simply because they’re fat and disregard them as a person… what is your experience with this concept?

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2022.01.23 08:33 r33pa102 H: 2 bloodied fixers. W:offers

B/25fffms and b/e/50dwa
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2022.01.23 08:33 vlkv1 Torun vs Opole

So basically I need to choose one of those small cities for Erasmus. What are the pros and cons?
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2022.01.23 08:33 oopsykjygxfykb Atomizer short with Vaporesso luxe 2

I'm facing a very well know issue in the vaping world but i feel very sad because it's not the first time i have to chance my mod because of this issue. i'm looking for help because i think it's not a good deal to change the mod every 8 month…
Several hours after changing a coil and be able to vape normally, i finally got this message "short atomizer". i've tried to change the coil, disassemble the atomizer and clean it, also tried to clean the 501 connector but nothing.
When i take off the atomizer from the mod, the mod keep saying "atomizer short"… don't you think it should say something like "check atomizer?"
If you can help, i'll be happy :)
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2022.01.23 08:33 FranG080199 I'm feeling down, everyone pay your pet tax in the comments!

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2022.01.23 08:33 Scarred_wizard He's opening a chest! KILL HIM!

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2022.01.23 08:33 throwawaydesignroom Hi! This mature beauty I picked up a few weeks ago has some black spots. It is not mushy. Is it harmful? What would you do?

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2022.01.23 08:33 LifeWithoutTheLiving 19 [M4M] [Relationship] Gaymer Nerd Looking For Love

About Me: I'm a 19 year old cis male from the states. I'm 100% gay and demiromantic. Anyways, more about me; I live in the mid-south from the volunteer state. I'm very independent and live on my own in a condo I own. I am very self sufficient financially and otherwise. I consider myself very sweet and very sensitive but I have to let you decide that for yourself. I don't have any amazing gifts, looks, or the brains but I would like to thank I got a heart as big as anyone if that even matters anymore. I consider myself an old soul as I still believe in chivalry. I'm the type of guy who would hold a door open for you or open the car door for you on dates. I would try to hard by wearing my only tie I own to make myself feel cute for you even If I wasn't when we got out to dinner. I will make dumb jokes and pretend I'm funny. I will be sarcastic a lot and pick on you lovingly because that's how I roll. Yes, as you can see. I'm not a great catch but I'm still a fish in the sea looking for love.
So what makes me? hobbies? interests? Well, first, I am a regular gaymer. That takes lots of my time when I'm not working. I also love to cook and volunteer. When I'm not doing those things, I can be found watching Netflix with all my plushies or going to the movies. Yes, I'm 19 and have lots of plushies and you must love them as much you would me. :) I also spend lot of time listening to music on Spotify or asmr on Youtube. I will include some of my favorite stuff in form below

Okay. So, their is a good start about me. So, what type of guy am I looking for? Well, first you must be with respectful age range. 2-3 years seems acceptable to me. You need to be from the USA ( the closer the better as I would want to be able to logically meet up one day-my state is above). You must be gay. No offense to bi guys but I;m not interested. I just want someone gay like me. I tried to be open to bi guys before and it's just not something I am willing to pursue. Enough said there. I'm demiromantic so I want a guy that's the same. I don't care about looks at all and you need to feel that way too. If you're superficial about looks, don't message me. I have 0% tolerance for that. I don't care about how many abs you got and if you say you're good looking all the time and how "hot" you are, it's a no-go. I want someone humble. Don't ask to see a pic of me after 10 minutes or 5 hours. I won't send. Also, you have to be drug, alcohol, and smoke free. I won't be around it. Lastly, .axolotl. you must be a kind, decent person. You know if you are or not. Just be honest. It will save us both lots of time and headache.
So, if you're reading, what type of relationship am I looking for? Well, first I want someone I can take my time to get to know and develop something slowly. I won't jump into with a guy just to say I got a guy. I want something we can build together long-term that will last. Other than that I want to have a healthy relationship mentally. emotionally, and physically. I So, that's sums my story up. If you feel we would get and wanna chat, you know where to find. If not, I hope you find what you're looking for. :)
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2022.01.23 08:33 Ykana1 Despite having the 2nd highest population of seniors, Florida ranks 20th in Covid deaths/100k.

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2022.01.23 08:33 aboynameRoopraj Founded this on quora

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2022.01.23 08:33 AP_Ezreal [EUW] 23 ADC Main - looking for a duo partner in ranked.

Hey LeagueConnect,
my name is Daniel and recently my go to duo friend dropped league so i now find myself searching for a regular duo botlane player.
I always play ranked but honestly dont really care about the rank itself that much and i usually place high Gold or Low plat on the ladder at the end of season. I keep an upbeat energy during games and chat about and around the game, so if you are tryhard-climbing then i might not be your guy.
I main ADC (Ezreal/Draven/MF) but can always switch it up by playing support (Xerath/Thresh/Blitzcrank) from time to time.
I would prefer to play with someone who is 19+ years old, Silver+ ranking, non-toxic, mains support and can play during evenings/late nights (Timezone: CET) and are okay with Voice Chatting.
If interested hit me up on EUW with a short introduction of yourself, my username is: "RustBucket" or alternatively my Discord: "#8989 Danne".
Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.23 08:33 SonjaDrechsler Maryse big boobies

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2022.01.23 08:33 DallMit Any ways to change gender and skin colour?

My character is a white dude. I am a BLM protestor and a feminist so I got the worst possible combo.
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2022.01.23 08:33 ExperimentalBomb Spitfire and Seafire in formation

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2022.01.23 08:33 MarSv91 Movie night at Minas Tirith

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2022.01.23 08:33 avatarbytes Perfect NFT gift this Valentine’s Day

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2022.01.23 08:33 liamadams12 Cat eating habits

When my cat is hungry he'll meow for food, just like any other cat. Yet when I go to feed him, I find that half his food from before is still in his bowl. He'll only eat after I put in new food in his bowl.
Is there a reason why he won't the food from before?
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2022.01.23 08:33 iTzAlvaro96 This game is so Dead

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2022.01.23 08:33 Aggravating_Ad9502 Idk anymore

Tbh it’s like getting high solves a lot of problems for me but on the other hand I think I’m an addicted it’s to a point where if I don’t get high im just not happy or more accurately just don’t feel like me anymore the thing is the weed isn’t working anymore and I can’t keep doing this
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2022.01.23 08:33 Knowledge_Rude I saw the neighbour on the roof twice. He can see inside our rooms from his roof. What is he doing there? Do you think hes watching us ?

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2022.01.23 08:33 quickflash90 I fought with Pants in the Last War. He was a cunning warrior and a good friend.

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2022.01.23 08:33 Beneficial_Region_70 AITA for not letting my MIL see my daughter?

Back story I (20F) and my fiance (18M) have a 8 almost 9 month old daughter. We met when I was 15 and he was 13. His mother and I have always had a good relationship over the 5 years, she's always invited me over for holidays and just in general.
Well my fiance lived in Kansas when we first got together, I lived in Colorado. We officially got together when I was (19) he was (17). After doing long distance for 4 or so months we decided we didn't want to anymore so I moved to Kansas and got myself a little apartment. Two months after that I found out that I was pregnant when I was staying the night at his place and since he was 17, I instantly went up to inform his mother. Obviously she reacted as any mother of a teenage boy would, but since she liked me it was a little easier for her, even asked me to move in so that way we can save and she could have grandbaby time.
About a month later we learned that she was smoking/shooting up meth, we both tried telling her she needs to get off of it that she's got a grandbaby coming which she then fired back that her grandbaby is the reason she's doing meth that it's too much for her to handle. Shortly after that MIL and her bf started smoking it right in front of me as well as MIL was bringing me along with her to find the guy that "beat" her, (I was 2-3 months pregnant at this time) and when my fiance got home from work he was informed of it and told her to get her s*** together and get off the drugs or she will not be in babies life.
Well another month passes and she texted my fiance to get the F*** out of her house that he was dead to her (I had left with him as well). But we figured since she has BPD grab a couple nights worth of clothes and give her a few days to calm down and collect herself. Well later found out she was being serious and said all my belongings were now hers, meaning all of my clothes, my brand new $300 dresser, jewelry, alot of sentimental value stuff, just everything.
A few days later we had an officer show up at the place we were at to ask us questions about my finaces relationship with his sister which we were all very confused why a police officer was asking those kinds of questions, well come to find out she was accusing fiance of raping his sister (which was proven to be false as she was checked). After that was proven false she then accused him of forcing her to give him oral, same thing proven false. To then saying he sexually assaulted her in general everything was proven false. So she then went after me and tried getting me for rape on fiance but he was of age to consent. This went on for a good month.
Since non of her allegations were proven true she then tried to reconcile, which we forgave and went over to see her and attempt to sort things out as well as pick up both his sisters school stuff. Only for MIL to tell fiance that I was responsible for all of this, that it's my fault and my plan to break the family apart, which fiance seen past. So we grabbed the stuff and left.
After that she started more drama, by attacking me on a family meme I had shared on Facebook that wasn't even relevant to her or the situation, making post saying that I tore the family apart and I'm on drugs, that's she's finding her pipes in my dresser, etc. So we told her to take a walk. She carried on with her drama for sometime and we just ignored it. Then she tried to reconcile again, of course we gave her yet another chance, and she let me grab my dresser and whatever was left in mine and fiance's room. I then asked about my clothes and missing jewelry, she told me that it's in her daughter's room but I'm not allowed to grab them since her daughter demanded that I don't get my belongings back.
After we left a couple days passed and she started more drama saying that we stole from her and disrespected her, and just lied to every close family members that would listen to her. So once again we cut her out. Only to later give her another chance because she offered to go threw my clothes with me since fiance's sister would be there and I accepted, it was obvious some of my clothes were hidden but I grabbed what I could. Then we all talked and later fiance and I left.
I was later told that night by fiance's brother that my MIL had wished my baby dead or harm to come to me that way we'd both be gone. We confronted her about it, she denied it but then the brother played us the recording of her saying it along with many other things so once again cut ties.
A month passes and I have my daughter (MIL wasn't allowed in the building so instead she stalked the hospital from outside) which we found out from Facebook as she had made a poor me post with pics of the hospital. Saying how she was suppose to be in the delivery room and cut the umbilical cord which wasn't true at all.
Now after a month or so of text talking we decided to give her another chance since she said she had been trying to get clean and hasn't touched meth for a good 2 weeks. So we let her meet her granddaughter and spend sometime together only for her to start more drama after we had left. After that we figured would be the last straw. We blocked her and refused to talk to her since she was once again trying to come between fiance's and my relationship and was even having her daughter steal my belongings that I had gotten back and take them back to her place, plus found out she lied about being clean.
We finally ended up moving back to CO because we had enough. After a few months she called us up crying and begging for help because she had lost everything and was now being evicted from her home. We then made a trip down to Kansas again, helped her put her stuff in storage and then left. Once again started more drama and that was our final straw especially since we were the ones paying for the storage unit.
She still tries to reconcile with us but we are to the point now that it's like till when, we don't need someone thats only in our lives or is good to us when it's beneficial to them let alone in our daughter's life. The last time she seen our daughter was in Dec and that was because we made a trip out and she was finally seeking help. So we all went out to eat before she got checked in.
She went into treatment Dec. 18 2021-Jan 8 2022. She swears she's doing better but we've also learned that she's still in contact with her drug dealer and possibly reconsidering a relationship with him again.
Overall I really want to forgive her and give her another chance since she is a grandma now but I'm also sitting here thinking that if she's willing to do it to her own son what's stopping her from doing the same thing to my daughter... She had already taken my daughter's ultrasounds from me, the baby clothes I had picked out for her, her crib, diapers, everything I had stalked up. Not to mention she still refuses to give me the rest of my stuff back to this day and it's been over a year.
We want to do what's best for our daughter and keep her away from toxic people, drugs, just anything that could harm her mentally or physically. But part of me feels like the AH and questions if whether she deserves another chance since she is attempting to get better so AITA?
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