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2022.01.23 08:45 Aggressive_Donkey- Broken Nails and Inside Jokes by dropout_ninja - They went from enemies to embarrassed allies to penpals and phone calls.

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2022.01.23 08:45 AutoModerator Como criar um canal de React no youtube? Ractions: Canal ganha R$ 18.093,53 por mês

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2022.01.23 08:45 AutoModerator Top 20 TV Plot Twists of the Century (So Far)

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2022.01.23 08:45 AutoModerator Dia dos namorados

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2022.01.23 08:45 musics_relaxant Yoga Flow — Full Body Stretching

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2022.01.23 08:45 ronneezau Andrew Tate - Making Money in De-Fi (Full)

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2022.01.23 08:45 Suzangercekleri 2022 Dünya Kupası için Katar'a 3 bin 250 polis gönderilecek

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2022.01.23 08:45 Admirable-Park-9888 Hey guys just wondering if any of you knows what Jordan’s these are. I was given them by a friend and now outgrown them. On the tag it’s UPC 00883418401641. I have looked this up but it only took me to a German eBay page which didn’t help. Any help is appreciated.

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2022.01.23 08:45 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha yes

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2022.01.23 08:45 sleepyyak Is it suitable to use Asian Sunscreens in Tasmania?

I’ll be moving to Launceston in March for work, and am currently using my holy grail (Missha’s All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel SPF50+ PA++++) and I reapply every 2-3 hours BUT I checked the UV index and its a 11 almost everyday 😱 I like how cosmetically elegant the Missha sunblock is, and I do reapply my sunscreen often, but I was wondering if that would hold against that insane UV there?
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2022.01.23 08:45 spiritedafar Looking for active friends

Need active friends for exp. I will send/open gifts daily! Please add me: 1738 1289 4617
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2022.01.23 08:45 vegardbeid Steinaaar, vil do smitte deg med meg?

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2022.01.23 08:45 xdcutemynutella Give me one weird word that best describes you

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2022.01.23 08:45 Bonzodoodah What type of game are you expecting when you see this squad? Tactics and play style

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2022.01.23 08:45 CommanderBerkay arkadaşlar sadistim mülteciler için bir FLOOD hazırladım

çete kuracaksın 5 tane tacizci mülteci bulacaksın tüm mültecileri toplayacaksın hepsi böyle eli kolu bağlı orospu çocuğu 5 mülteciyi çıkarıcam bunlar göz kapaklarını yakıcam izleyen mültecilerin kafalarını da oturtucam ki zorunlu izlesinler sonra bu 5 mültecinin ilkinin karnını deşicem sonra aslan kafesini getiricem bağırsaklar mide ne varsa atıcam sonra bu piç bağırıcak acıdan ağzını öyle bir açıcam ki ağzı yırtılacak sonra böcek kafesini getiricem ağzına dökücem amk bokunda boğulacak o sonra boynu testere ile yavaş yavaş alıcam ikinciye gelicem taşşaklarını balon balığına vericem sonra tarantula kırk ayak çiyan yılan dolu bir kafese atıp tam ölmeden önce o kafesi yakıcam 3. sünün ailesini çağırttırıp hepsini yavaş yavaş teker teker uzuvlarını kesicem ve pişirip yedirttireceğim sonra kendi uzuvlarını kesip sokak köpeklerine dağıtıcağım 4.ye geliceğim sülalesindeki herkesi gözü önünde taciz tecavüz edip kendisiyle birlikte kaynar suya atacağım sonra gelicek 5.ye 5. zaten bunların hepsini gördüğü için dayanamayacak zaten o yüzden onu sanayi aletleri ile sikeceğim sonra izleyen herkesi yukardan vuracaklar sonra orayı yakıp gideceğim böylece mültecilerin anasını sikmiş olacağım suriye ve afganistandan gelmeye devam etmeye çalışanlar gelemeyecek o da başka bir postun konusu.
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2022.01.23 08:45 eclipsenow I need someone good with atmospheric weight on Mars. I'm trying to prove the idea SFIA mentioned in "Colonising Mars" on 20km high Kevlar walls ringing an area for terraforming. How much of Titan's atmosphere would we have to ship to fill it?

Hi all,
on the Mars reddit I've been discussing a few centuries down the line when there might already be many kinds of colony on Mars. They will have their Nuwa cliff cities, their enormous lava tube cities around the Hellas Planitia, and even domed over various valleys and crater lakes. In a few centuries, who knows how many millions or even tens of millions of Martians there might be? Would they shoot straight for terraforming after all this? Or would there be more of a spectrum, with different attempts at different places?
How do you partially terraform a planet? Isaac Arthur offers some insights.
Here's one option. As nice as those domed parks on Mars might be, I imagine always being aware that a meteorite could crack them. Sure, air would take a long time to leak out and emergency service crew would have patched it before there were any real danger. But I imagine being aware.
What if I could go somewhere there was actual open sky, at least in one area of Mars? How? Gigantic Kevlar walls 20km high built in a ring hold in the air. (Kevlar - or some other material that might arrive in a few centuries like carbon-nanotubes produced vastly cheaper than they are today.)
It's not domed, but open sky, because the walls are high enough to hold in the atmosphere. It's a lot of work to build a Kevlar ring, but provides an earth-like park on Mars within a more workable timeline than some unimaginably long exercise of tugging in a full 2 TRILLION tons of nitrogen from Titan. For comparison, we're about halfway through the oil era - near 'peak oil' and have burned about a trillion barrels of oil. The whole world, using the most important transport fuel there is, has only just burned about a trillion barrels of oil. A barrel is only 136 kg, so if I've done my maths right, we've only moved and burned 136 MILLION tons of oil and it took us about a century to do it. AND it's an economically essential activity in its own right - transport - something that is an end in itself - not a means to some future goal like a terraformed planet.
CHECK MY MATHS PLEASE: Earth has 10 ton per square meter atmosphere. To feel the same, Mars would require more because of the lower gravity. But as the nitrogen from Titan paper says, maybe they could settle for an atmospheric pressure lower than Earth normal - say something at an elevation of 3000 metres here on Earth. There are plenty of towns and cities at 3k high.
So this is where I get hazy. How much air is that? Is it ten tons of nitrogen per square metre anyway, allowing for 1/3g but settling for 3k up? This is the bit I had trouble with.
On this assumption, every square kilometre requires 10 million tons of nitrogen.
Let's put a Kevlar Ring around the whole vast Sydney metropolitan area - all the way from the Eastern beaches out to Penrith at the base of the Blue Mountains. It takes well over an hour to drive across. It houses 5 million people in suburban conditions. It's 12,367 km2. Times 10 million is 123.677 BILLION tons of nitrogen. That's 10 times more nitrogen in weight than the entire history of the oil industry - but oil is refined and purified and shipped and then burned. This would be bagging the raw atmosphere of Titan itself - not processing it unless they were just freezing it to go on the tug. 10 times the oil industry should be much easier when it's not all being refined. Then once frozen into huge blocks, it's 'only' 123 deliveries from this nitrogen super-tug from Titan.
Now here's the key concept. Once one of these Kevlar Rings turned out to be viable, wouldn't they want more? Wouldn't they start to over time grow out around each other, protecting the inner walls from accident or sabotage with an outer protective layer? From space it might look like a honeycomb growing across the surface of Mars. Only inside each, an earth like park.
Cool, hey?
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2022.01.23 08:45 Legendary_ACR Let's Slice And Dice Some Fruit: - Fruit Ninja 2 VR

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2022.01.23 08:45 Lkings1821 'Patience is a Virtue' - Curwen Park Workington

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2022.01.23 08:45 StrawsForTurtlesLLC [Positive] for u/Rockysbuddy (Buyer)

Fast, clear, honest buyer. Pleasure doing business! 10/10
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2022.01.23 08:45 fprintf Luxury car tax still applies at $50K even with an average new car costing $43K

If you buy a new car or SUV that costs over $50K then you will also pay an extra 1.4% in sales tax above the standard 6.35%. At $50K this is $1,400 extra cost. For a luxury item only purchased by the rich, this seems (or seemed) fairly progressive. Tax the rich etc.
With the average Amercan payiing a car price in 2021 exceeding $43K, adjusted to remove high end cars, it seems odd that we still pay extra tax when going over $50K.
We bought a new vehicle that is admittedly very nice, just before the supply chain rise in prices. In 2015 changes to state tax laws increased the sales tax rate on cars over $50K to 7.75% without adjusting the threshold at which the tax applies.
Now $50K may seem like a lot of money for a car, and indeed when I was in my 20s that would have been an absurd price point to pay but when your average car is $28K and average SUV starts in the mid 30s it doesn't take long to get to $50K. You can barely get a Jeep Grand Cherokee or 4-door Wrangler out the door under $50K and I would hardly call either of these "Luxury" vehicles.
I just think it quite insane that we either put the label at $50K as "luxury", which implies extra discretionary spending by wealthy people or that we didn't have it adjust upwards as inflationary pressures naturally raise the cost of vehicles. Cars and SUVs never get cheaper and 7 or more years is a long time to not touch the threshold of the extra vehicle tax.
I suppose you always can buy cheap beaters used. Maybe people paying $50K for a car over the course of 8 years don't care but it sure as hell hurt to write out the sales tax check for an extra $1,400 on my new car.
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2022.01.23 08:45 TjeerdlikeBOTW Can I just address how unbearible roofing is beyond the standard "placing 1 roof to cover the house and your done" state?

Ceilings (which are problematic entirely on their own already) disappear and appear, as well as random items troughout the whole lot. Exterior trims become glitched in shape and light exposure. Random pieces of wall sometimes stick trough the roof as well as roofs still seen inside because of the ceiling problems. Its so extremely problematic and annoying when you do a little bit more thatn the standard. You just can't do one action without disrupting the whole build most of the time. I wanted to know if I'm the only one experiencing this problem or if there are more people who are annoyed by this.
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2022.01.23 08:45 jack_potguy96 ??? This user is no found ???

??? This user is no found ???
This user has join today, my friend found is, ,idk what's user has be now, this is question, all Redditors in here can sovle it ???
link user:https://scratch.mit.edu/users/dangkhoa814/
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