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Need help

2022.01.23 10:13 shaqtin-a-fool27 Need help

So I’m a noob at master duel and yugioh in general so I decided to ask for help here .So I want to build a hero deck or elemental hero deck since GX is my favorite yugioh series but I have no idea how to obtain the cards or really what cards I should be looking for Or adding to my deck
I seen something called secret packs but don’t know how to obtain them
Any help is appreciated thank you
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2022.01.23 10:13 PermissionOk7146 A great rivalry

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2022.01.23 10:13 Apprehensive-Rest795 What are your favorite Polish sayings? I made a YT video about them, would you guys mind watching and give me some feedback? 7 cheeky Polish phrases https://youtu.be/G7JmLOQjSKM

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2022.01.23 10:13 smoke_woods Ink won’t stop cracking (white on black)

It only ever seems to happen with white on black. Even with other colors on black, it doesn’t seem to crack much at all.
I’m using a heat gun to cure. (I know not advised, but this is my only choice ATM).
Basically what I’ve been told when doing print-flash-print, is to print one layer, then heat it until it’s only dry enough to not come off on my finger, then print another, then fully cure it for 3-5 minutes.
I’m using permaset standard white ink if that matters.
Am I doing print-flash-print correctly? Is there anything else I can do to ensure it’s cured? Since switching to permaset from speedball it already cracks quite a bit less, but it’s still not holding together too well.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.23 10:13 TangLung710 Showing some love for the blue fusions

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2022.01.23 10:13 jookco Mort - Nécrologie - Cause Décès : Pk le drapeau est en Berne Qui est décédé Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.23 10:13 meows-and-monsteras Long Nights

Y’all, tonight has been AWFUL. For context, we’ve had our 11 week pup for 2 weeks now. Been crate training from the get go. First few nights were rough, but we were able to get him on a roughly 10pm bedtime, 2am potty, 6am breakfast schedule. He was great about going potty and going right back to bed. BUT the last few days have been HELL. 12, 2, 4, 5, then crying until 6 when my boyfriend lets him out for breakfast. We’re trying to reaffirm “you only get out to go potty then back to bed,” but now by 4 when we let him out, he’s ready for playtime.
Any advice for this exhausted couple?
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2022.01.23 10:13 numerical_panda Slow freight services to Norway

I want to ship about ~80 books (assorted, for personal use) from Southeast Asia to Norway. I looked up DHL and FedEx and they are crazy expensive (of course, because they ship within a week). How would you ship this kind of cargo on "slow freight"? I don't mind getting the cargo a few months later if I can get it done for much cheaper than the brand-name shippers. Where do I start looking? Who do I start asking? I'm not an importer making regular large shipments, so I only know the consumer name brands like DHL or FedEx.
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2022.01.23 10:13 Lisapatb 21 Marketing Pros Give Killer Tips to Improve Search Results for Your WordPress Website!

21 Marketing Pros Give Killer Tips to Improve Search Results for Your WordPress Website! At the center of your brand’s universe, you’ll find your WordPress website. You put lots of sweat and tears into building your site, and you expect it to perform.
Perhaps the biggest key to boosting the performance of your site and driving actual business conversions is optimizing your site to show up higher than the competition in search results.

What is the true impact of SEO on your site’s performance and on your business?
You can always pay to drive traffic to your site. However, paid traffic from ads and sponsored content is expensive. It’s also often ignored in favor of organic results, which are far less costly and can help you save your marketing dollars.

Learn more here!
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2022.01.23 10:13 ComicStripsBot Birthday maths :) (xpost, *NOT* oc)

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2022.01.23 10:13 Belthazorrrr Druddigon Raid! First 5! ADD 4146 0632 0621

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2022.01.23 10:13 AztriMiAztri I want my favourite mountains from where I grew up tattooed on my arm! Need opinions on the placement of the mountains

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2022.01.23 10:13 Iloveflorida2017 Alligator sighting at Port of the Islands.

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2022.01.23 10:13 Warm-Main1590 Write notes with me

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2022.01.23 10:13 corax_aus [Archetype] Brought my first skeleton watch

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2022.01.23 10:13 Creative_Principle55 What is THE most powerful movie soundtrack?

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2022.01.23 10:13 Medium-Cauliflower11 Can someone from the show just confirm they are NOT in Ontario

...so we can all stop discussing how the BC filming location doesn't look like Ontario, yada yada. I know they originally described the show as taking place in Ontario but clearly they changed their minds, which is obvious even from the script when the pilot mentions views of the rockies. That one line in the show description has led to way to much Ontario talk! As if the girls are being silly for not trying to hike to Toronto.
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2022.01.23 10:13 TotallyThomas1 Trading N R Business Monkey

IA: 5 low aged phoenixes or 4 high aged phoenixes
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2022.01.23 10:13 csdavo3 Bonk drinker returns

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2022.01.23 10:13 Look-lucky-9 Unrailed! : $6 (-70%)

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2022.01.23 10:13 Raine_X44 HP Chromebook 14a Blooglet Gemini Lake

Hi can i ask can i install windows on my chromebook? HP Chromebook 14a NA0031wm thank you! Or is there any update about gemini lake being supported?
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2022.01.23 10:13 Salty-004 So since Microsoft bought actvision will they bring back skylanders?

It would be cool to see but I do have a couple of worries if f they do make a new one.
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2022.01.23 10:13 swearcoat Ukraine accuses Germany of 'encouraging Putin' over refusal to send weapons to Kyiv

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2022.01.23 10:13 Exproxii Funniest furry meme's i've seen yet

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