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2022.01.23 09:28 scenariidefilm .

Hyundai investește în baterii: parteneriatul care îi acordă un avantaj via SQUID App
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2022.01.23 09:28 solateo Ryu-jo Travelogue event from Jan 27 - Feb 10

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2022.01.23 09:28 Alternative-Dust-941 Gender/ age?

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2022.01.23 09:28 RiderofRohan3 How would you get someone hooked on Warhammer 40k?

I’ve only just recently dived into the enthralling universe and lore of Warhammer 40k, and I must say it’s beyond fascinating and epic, but how would you explain or present to someone how awesome and amazing Warhammer 40k is to hook them on learning more?
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2022.01.23 09:28 ravenhairedmaid How can the industry of US prisons be improved to reduce recidivism? How can improvements be accurately measured?

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2022.01.23 09:28 urMuMgAy567 Cursed Cod

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2022.01.23 09:28 bobby_page TIL that Killing Hope, the book about the history of US backed coups around the world, is publicly available on

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2022.01.23 09:28 GearFighterCZeta Dolore

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2022.01.23 09:28 Snoo_32025 I told my Mom I wanted the Xbox 360 and she got me this

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2022.01.23 09:28 sanjizoro1028 Who's the strongest fighter among them?

In a 1-1 perspective
View Poll
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2022.01.23 09:28 DFG743 Top VR Compatible Metaverse Worlds

Happy Sunday, Metaverse community! 👋
The purpose of this post is to share with you the top Metaverse worlds currently in use and under development that are VR Compatible. Please note that these will be listed alphabetically and not by overall rank. If you would like to learn more about each Metaverse world, I welcome you to visit Life in Meta ( Enjoy!

BYOP is a collection of 10,000 unique programmatically generated 3D pills with the aim of being the first consumable NFT across various metaverses.
Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the BYOPills will each provide a unique trip based on its traits in both AVR and eventually in the Metaverse. We will begin with Augmented Reality experiences using our mobile companion app. The app connects to your wallet, pulls your pills metadata, and crafts a unique AR effect based on those traits.
Our long-term vision is to integrate BYOPills with various metaverses & blockchain games, providing collectors access to in-game trips, ability boosts, special emotes, or power-ups. This will drive demand and utility for BYOPills among different communities on the blockchain.

Ceek VR
CEEK Metaverse platform directly connects music, sports and other communities together through VR App and Livestreaming.

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world and metaverse, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. In this Metaverse, users can buy land in order to build stores and art galleries as well as host events.
Cryptovoxels is compatible with the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Dvision Network
Dvision Network is the ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. Dvision Network provides a global payment system for participants to engage in robust economic activities in the new virtual world. Here, participants can participate in Dvision Network anywhere in the real world and receive nationwide services.
In the Dvision ecosystem, crypto assets are issued through the usage of blockchain technology to mainly overcome shortcomings such as changes in exchange rates between key currencies of different countries, slow transmission speeds and burdensome commission fees paid to intermediaries. The crypto assets address the issues mentioned above, and reduce payment procedures for those developers and partners who will participate in the token ecosystem built on a single blockchain network.
By utilizing blockchain technology, Dvision Network is expected to reduce entry barriers for potential global partners, which will result in corresponding outcomes.

Everdome will provide a destination for Metahero’s remarkable tech to live, interact and flourish. Taking Metahero from the gateway into the metaverse, together with Everdome, to a fully ubiquitous web3 experience - to the point when you take off your VR headset you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Fantasy World
Fantasy World is a real-time tactical RPG under development by Fantasy World Studios, an independent gaming studio based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Fantasy World will be primarily play-to-earn, with free-to-play area for players to sample once it comes out of the beta stage, and upgrades coming from NFTs.
In Fantasy World, each element will interact with the others, each will enrich the whole to create a coherent world which can be accessed through different platform: computer, VR and mobile servers will be merged. Players dive into epic adventures with thousands of other gamers from around the world.
Armed with NFT weapons and a lot of characteristics & spells, they must carve a path through an immense, living world either through battle in guild or through politics in a quest to gain control of the factions.

Mars4 - centered ecosystem where you can explore a virtual Mars Metaverse, own and customize your land property with MARS4 dollars and even reap the rewards of the world's first revenue-generating NFT!
Mars4 is a unique metaverse with a virtual reality component. The Mars4 project's development team has modeled their detailed 3D map of Mars' terrain after NASA's Mars data. Think of it as Mars' equivalent of the 2001 Google Earth 3D map. In this virtual world on Mars, users purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, build upon and monetize.
Mars4 users purchase land plots where they can later cultivate civilisations and create economies. Landlords can build upon, rent and sell their lots. With MARS4 they are able to get ownership certificates, change the name of the land, pay for a range of avatars, wearables and more on the Mars4 marketplace. In this way, the world on Mars leverages NFT Mars Land, Gamification and Token Redistribution to create attractive tokenomics for traders and investors.

Netvrk is a social virtual world built on the blockchain, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily make, share, experience, and monetize your creations.

Pax World
Pax.World is an open and accessible blockchain metaverse with an early-mover advantage.

RD Land
RD Land is a multi-sensory webXR metaverse for progressive entertainment and virtual relationships.

RFOX VALT is a fully immersive, virtual reality-driven retail and entertainment experience in the metaverse that combines gaming elements, bringing together the best-in-class of crypto through NFTs and real-world applications of e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, and more.

Somnium Space
Somnium Space is an Open, Social and Persistent Virtual Reality World, empowered by blockchain technology where everyone can buy land, build or import objects, use avatars and scripts, easily monetize their experiences and immerse themselves into a completely alternative reality.
Somnium Space is available for all the major virtual reality PC VR headsets from Oculus, HTC VIVE, HP, VALVE, all Windows Mixed Reality headsets and other compatible major headsets.

Stageverse is a metaverse platform and virtual world for friends, communities, creators, and brands to connect, grow, play, and share culture together within a beautiful and immersive 3D experience.

Wilder World
Wilder World is an immersive 5D Metaverse built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine and ZERO. Wilder World is a completely new dimension of reality that includes multiple systems with the goal to build a 5D photorealistic marketplace, known as Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM), where you can make NFT's come to life in the Metaverse. The long term vision is to also create a community-owned, fully decentralized, liquid NFT market and social platform.

If there are any that I missed, please do comment them below! Thank you for your time and support.
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2022.01.23 09:28 PuttingFishOnJupiter What brand is your Kettle, and why did you choose that brand?

The title says it all really. Mine is a Dualit, and it was a present to me.
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2022.01.23 09:28 littlekalle [PS4]H:aae90 gp.W:b2525 Enklave +add

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2022.01.23 09:28 9jointspiritualwhip H: AA/50vc/25 Ultracite Laser Rifle W: BSS+1S Deathclaw Gauntlet.

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2022.01.23 09:28 Cheesy358 Prosim? 🥺👉👈

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2022.01.23 09:28 GrimButDim How To Combat These Constant Withdrawals. Upset and frustrated.

Been on buvidal a few months. Asked for a dose increase before Xmas and I'll be finally getting that increase next week.
Anyway, I'm constantly in mild withdrawal. I am feeling really angry all the time. Sometimes tearful. No interest in my usual hobbies/interests. No appetite. But the hot and cold flashes are the worst.
Been an addict 20 plus years so I've tried the usual remedies like hot baths and clean clothes etc.
I just wondered if it's going to get better and any tips for help with my symptoms.
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2022.01.23 09:28 Razioss Well i joined the game , i guess i got lucky... is it "convenable" for a 8 mint ?

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2022.01.23 09:28 Itz_TheWhiteWolf Opening low tier halo commissions

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2022.01.23 09:28 Bazynoooooob Opening of Halloween ends ?? (SPOILERS to H kills and ends)

Do you think that ends will start in 2022 or not?? If it will open in 2018 and then jump into 2022 then why would they remove the unused ending from kills ?? I want to see exactly what happened after Kills and not just jump into 2022 without seeing how people reacted to what happened in kills.
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2022.01.23 09:28 winter_boy2021 Should I buy this?

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2022.01.23 09:28 DevelopmentOk5760 Tiger NFT Giveaway🎉

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2022.01.23 09:28 hypernet563 [BLUEPRINT] How to scale to $10K/week in PROFIT (2022 Edition)

I’ve got something EXTREMELY exciting lined up for you today -- a downloadable Blueprint graphic that reveals in crystal-clear detail how to build an Ecommerce business from ZERO to as much as $10,000/week PROFIT (and beyond) if you take action, put the effort in and carefully follow the steps...
Everything is revealed. The whole step-by-step process.
The best news is that none of the turmoil that is going on at the moment has an effect on this model… in fact, it has only made it MORE effective.
So no matter if you are looking to increase the profits of a current online business, or whether you are looking for a NEW way to supplement your income (even if you have a full time day job)… it’s really important to get hold of this blueprint (and the FREE book that comes with it) and read through them as soon as possible.
All this incredible content will only be available for a very limited period so you must grab it right now, while you have the chance...
>> Click here to watch the intro video and download the Blueprint.
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2022.01.23 09:28 imbabyplaywithme I'm thinking of becoming free use AMA

The idea sounds so hot and I've tried it with spdcif people, but I'm thinking I want to put it on my dating profile, and start swiping right on everyone.
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2022.01.23 09:28 Zenzitaro Actually loving this game as much as I love the show.

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2022.01.23 09:28 JoeBiden2016 u/trouser-chowder gives a short history of butt-wiping, and speculates about the antiquity of the practice [r/AskAnthropology]

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