Wood Furniture dusty residue !

Vinyl strap, outdoor sling fabrics by the yard, roll or bolt, parts, powder coatings, paints, umbrella stands for outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture projects. Located in Alberta we are suppliers of reclaimed barn wood in Canada and the US. Our barn wood products are perfect for rustic interior design applications. When looking for unique, quality dining sets in Miami, Broward, Naples, West Palm, and Fort Myers, El Dorado Furniture has a wide selection. Glass and wood table sets available in traditional, modern, rustic, and contemporary styles. Dusty’s Bar & BBQ was named after Dusty, a stuffed horse that rode into Whistler in 1979 in the back of a pick-up. He was placed in the bar, and for almost a decade, watched over the regulars as they partied the nights away. One full moon Friday, legend has it a female partier stripped totally naked and jumped on Dusty’s back. Dusty Miller Cirrus Daniel Saumbraus/Getty Images Silver Dust Care . Although silver dust is an old-fashioned tender perennial that has been around garden centers for decades, the drought tolerance and pest-free nature of this plant make it worth revisiting for busy gardeners who want to add dazzle without fuss to their landscapes. “People put them on top of the television, back when the TV was a piece of furniture.” eBay By the time the 80s rolled around, ceramic Christmas trees were going out of style but they are now making a nostalgic reappearance. The layer of dust that settles on your furniture can be a combination of many things; tiny particles of dirt, fibers, pollen, pet dander (bits of fur and skin), and even human skin flakes. Solid, timber made beds and furniture. Designed and made in Australia. We are a small family business in Melbourne, putting our heart in everything we do. We locally design and craft solid timber furniture pieces of high quality and timeless aesthetics. Tiny house or sprawling estate, NFM's giant furniture selection can make your house a home, inside and out. Great pieces for every living arrangement from baby nursery to retirement condo, any budget from cost conscious to no luxury spared, and multiple styles from mid century modern living room collections, to farmhouse kitchen tables, to transitional bedroom sets and space saving work from ... • Gray wash is accentuated with dark pewter hardware; brown wash is accentuated with antique bronze hardware, dusty charcoal is accentuated with dark pewter hardware and Montauk white is accentuated with antique nickel hardware. • Features art…

2022.01.23 08:36 jimmyzzz6 Wood Furniture dusty residue !

Any idea how to treat/protect/preserve wood furniture ?
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2022.01.23 08:36 Lipko_is_searching My skin is the worst it has ever been. Why is that???

I’m 178 lbs male and my dose for the first 70 days was 30mg now I have been taking 40mg for the 35 days and still can’t see any progress. In fact my skin is so f*cked up it’s crazy (Before I started my forehead was clear and now there are acne on it). A lot of people is saying that their acne gets so much better after month 3 but that’s not the case with me so I’m pretty sad. Does anyone know why accutane is not working?
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2022.01.23 08:36 Ok-Zookeepergame6417 A dream about my father

Hi I know this is a little bit odd.
I haven't seen my father in a year and he is passing through a hard time at the moment, more than just an illness. I dreamed that I saw him wearing neat light blue shirt, he had a shiny white rounded beard, and a tanned skin. What does that mean? Thanks
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2022.01.23 08:36 Clean-Entrance-525 This is my cat, Milkshake, and she is in my sisters dressing gown. Everytime it would be left ANYWHERE (and i mean anywhere) the cat would sit on the thing. Admittedly, it is the softest thing i have ever touched, but my sister has just given it up.

This is my cat, Milkshake, and she is in my sisters dressing gown. Everytime it would be left ANYWHERE (and i mean anywhere) the cat would sit on the thing. Admittedly, it is the softest thing i have ever touched, but my sister has just given it up. submitted by Clean-Entrance-525 to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:36 jahsehsuperfan appreciation post for Indecision

although the song suffers from the same thing that almost all of his music does which is that it isn’t really expanded upon and ends kind of abruptly when it couldve been an even better song if he just tried to make a ‘full’ song, it’s not really fair to exclusively judge his music like that.
So judging his music for what it is, out of all of his music that i used to listen to daily a while back that i kinda ‘forgot’ about and don’t listen to anymore now, Indecision became one of my favorite X songs looking back at it now & i still listen to it regularly.
I love the aesthetic dark and depressing tone of the song, it actually sounds like the title & the feeling i get that i think he was trying to portray in the song is hopelessness. His strongest point has always been setting a certain mood & making you feel it, in my opinion. The screaming X does in the song (and in multiple other songs of his) understandably isn’t for everyone of course, but i really like it a lot and to me it reinforces that feeling he wants to convey.
I know if you compare this song to the standard that the grunge-like genre typically has, that there’s a TON of stuff that sounds like that and argually does it better & it’s kind of a mediocre song when comparing it to the artists that are in that music lane, but i’m soley talking about X’s music here, and i think it’s one of his best songs (kinda lacks lyrically though)
It’s kind of cliché saying it at this point because people start saying it about every rapper now when they make a song that’s not ‘typical hiphop’, but when hearing stuff like this from him, it reminds me of how much potentional he actually had to grow FAR outside of hiphop music if he comitted to experimenting with different sounds in a realistic way (cause he he had the tendency to overestimate himself aswell tbh) & develop his music in a more mature way then he 100% wouldve lost that ‘rapper’ label that people threw at him and have a big name in multiple other music genres, or at least have had some kind of significance that people wouldn’t be able to ignore.
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2022.01.23 08:36 _MyApocalypse_ Any slackers

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2022.01.23 08:36 Sudden-Fact3797 6 Hours Of Beautiful Meditation Music - Sleep Music - Calming Music

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2022.01.23 08:36 mrbones2810 The Elemental: Chapter 8 - Interruption

Silence hung in the room as Adamant stared at Kella. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“We’re from the same dimension; you know what sorcerers think of mortals,” she said, looking down at her feet. “And you followed the worst one of them all.”
Adamant folded his arms across his chest. “I’m not Mevolent. It took a long time for me to realise it, but he is wrong about many things.”
Grand Mage Bulwark, still fixed to the wall, regarded Adamant with a new sense of interest. “Who are you?”
Adamant gestured, cutting his voice off with a barrier of air.
Kella looked back up, meeting Adamant’s eyes. He continued. “I don’t care that you’re a mortal. I do care that you lied to me. If we’re going to stop this,” he nodded at Bulwark, “you need to start trusting me.”
Kella stood up a little bit straighter. “I trust you.”
“We’re not done talking about this. You need to elaborate on things when we’re out of here.” His tone indicated that this discussion was over for now, so Kella shut her mouth and turned to glare at Bulwark.
Adamant dispelled the barrier of air deafening Bulwark and hit him; a short, sharp blow to the face. The Grand Mage’s head lolled forward and Adamant seized him by the scalp, dragging his head upright. “How do you know she’s mortal?” Adamant asked, his face mere inches away from his captive’s.
Blood trickled from the corner of Bulwark’s mouth as he grimaced. “I was told.”
Adamant let out a low growl. “Stop with the vague answers. This only ends with you telling me everything. The sooner you give it up, the easier your death will be.”
Bulwark tilted his head slightly, as if hearing something. He smiled. “You’re out of time, Elemental.”
Far too late, Adamant noticed the faint sigil glowing dully on the Grand Mage’s collarbone.
The large window beside them shattered inwards, and an object clattered down to the floor. Adamant immediately splayed his hand out, conjuring a forcefield of air around the flashbang just as it went off.
Adamant’s shield stopped the concussion of the grenade, but didn’t deter the blinding flash of light. He staggered back, blinking madly. “Get behind me. Now!” Adamant roared. Following the sound of his voice, Kella crashed into him and rebounded, falling to the floor.
Adamant’s vision swam as it started to return, and he could make out the blue-garbed outlines of City Guard officers streaming in through the broken window. A commanding voice cut through the chaos and the officers formed efficiently into a line, each facing Adamant and raising a rifle.
Adamant, relying on the air currents to tell him what his recovering vision couldn’t, felt Kella scramble to her feet behind him. Bulwark hollered away gleefully from his icy bindings. “Shoot them! Shoot them!”
The line of officers opened fire, and Adamant stood his ground, stretching his arms out as if welcoming them. Bullets began appearing in front of him as the curtain of air slowed them to a stop. When the hail of bullets finally stopped, Adamant lowered his hands, letting the bullets fall to the ground.
The officers began reloading, until Adamant swept his arms back, and their rifles flew from their hands. Two officers pressed forward immediately, drawing their swords and charging at Adamant, who waited in a ready stance for them to come to him.
He twisted out of the path of the first blade and drove his elbow up into the attacker’s nose. The second officer lunged forward with a straight sword jab. Adamant swayed to the side, letting the officer’s momentum carry him past, and gave him a boost of air so that he ran, sword first, into his comrade.
The impaled officer slumped, and Adamant moved in, seizing the other officer by the head and wrenching it to the side with a resounding crack. He retrieved the swords from the corpses and turned to face the remaining officers, who stood in shocked silence. The skirmish had taken a whole of ten seconds.
One of the men standing before Adamant, his badge marking him as a Captain, stepped forward. His face betrayed no emotion as he narrowed his eyes at his enemy. Without taking his eyes off Adamant, he addressed his men. “We have our orders. Fight, or die well soldiers.” He pulled his sword slowly from its sheath and brandished it in a two-handed grip.
Adamant raised his two swords and bared his teeth in a feral smile. The swords ignited, flames licking hungrily up the blades. “Come and die, then.”
Adamant leapt forward at the soldiers, and Kella stood, transfixed as she watched the carnage. Adamant attacked with unrelenting ferocity as he carved his way through the line of officers. A pair of soldiers peeled off from the main group and charged towards Kella and she backed up, desperately looking for something to protect herself with. They were nearly on top of her when they were yanked back from her as if scooped up by an unseen hand. They crashed into their comrades, scattering them like bowling pins.
A sharp cracking noise pulled Kella’s attention to Grand Mage Bulwark, who was struggling to extricate himself from the ice. Adamant, still in the thick of combat, yelled out to her.
“Stop him! We still need him!” Kella raced over to the Grand Mage, snatching up a glass flower pot and smashing it over his head. Bulwark slumped once more, and Kella watched him, poised and ready to strike again.
Adamant, now cradling a wounded arm and bleeding from a gash in his side, moved carefully, facing the remaining three officers, including the captain.
The trio of guards charged him, and he flung his sword at the first officer, who failed to stop the blade from tearing through his chest. Adamant propelled himself away from the other two with a blast of air, sliding across the floor to the side, and snapped his palm open, blasting out a stream of flame at his opponents. The captain ducked behind his officer, using him as a human shield to soak up the flames.
When Adamant’s flow of fire faltered, the captain let the charred body drop, to reveal the pistol in his hand levelled at Adamant.
Adamant shifted himself, positioning himself so that his body blocked Kella from the captain’s aim. He smiled at his final opponent, and held his hand up in a ready stance.
Bulwark, awakening from Kella’s attack, growled at the captain. “What are you doing? Kill them.”
The captain, his gun still aimed at Adamant, glanced around at the corpses of his men littering the room, and looked back to Adamant’s confident smile. He eventually gave a despairing shake of his head. “I cannot beat you.” He moved his pistol, changing his aim to the Grand Mage, and fired twice.
“NO!” Adamant roared, throwing out a blast of air, but was too late to stop the bullets thudding into Bulwark’s chest. The air caught the captain and threw him off his feet, sending him head first into the wall. His neck twisted sideways with the impact and his body crumpled to the floor.
Kella stood frozen in shock. “Why? They were on the same side.”
Adamant ran over to Bulwark, grabbing his head and looking into his eyes. “He knows too much.”
Bulwark coughed after a moment and resumed breathing; his breaths now laboured. He looked up at Adamant in resignation. “I never thought it would come to this. He’s gone too far. He’s… Lost himself.” A trickle of blood accompanied the words.
Adamant grabbed the dying man, shaking him. “Who? Tell me!”
The Grand Mage’s eyes started to close, and he spoke, his voice now a whisper. Adamant leaned forward, hearing the man’s final words. “Resolve. It’s all Resolve.”
Adamant stood there a moment, still gripping the dead man. He eventually let go, and turned to Kella. “We need to get out of here.” He walked out, leaving the room of corpses behind.


The Room of Prisms was shrouded in darkness. Senan Veracious, Sensitive to the High Sanctuary and close confidant to the Supreme Mage, swore softly as he walked in.
It was an unnatural darkness, as if all of the light had been forcibly drained from the room. “Stop it, Octavian,” Senan shouted into the gloom.
Light began to bleed back into the room, brightening and sharpening until the room was back at its usual luminescence.
Senan walked through the room, weaving between the spires of glass until he came to Supreme Mage Octavian Resolve, sitting in his chair at the back of the room. “How long have you been sitting here in the dark?”
Resolve got to his feet. “Not long enough. I was thinking.”
“Thinking of ending this foolish endeavour, I hope.”
Resolve began to pace back and forth, wringing his hands restlessly. “You know I can’t, not after what I’ve seen.”
Senan stopped the Supreme Mage from pacing, putting a hand on his shoulder. “The team sent to Grand Mage Bulwark’s house was found dead this morning.”
Resolve’s voice grew frantic as he reacted to the news. “And what of Bulwark? Did he talk? Does the killer now know of my involvement? Does the girl?”
“Calm down. Right now. Bulwark is dead, killed by bullets from the captain’s gun. Make of that what you will.”
A frown creased the Supreme Mage’s face. “The captain made sure he didn’t talk, alright.”
Senan narrowed his eyes at his friend. “You ordered him? You’re willing to throw away the lives of your sorcerers, just like that? Just because of a vision? You need to watch yourself, Octavian.”
“You are the one who had the visions, Senan. Not me. You are the reason I’m hunting this girl.”
Senan folded his arms across his chest. “All I told you were my visions, not how to act on them. A man often meets his fate on the path he takes to avoid it.”
Resolve backed up to his chair, and sank into it. His voice was quite now, almost a whisper. “That girl needs to die. My life depends on it. Get it done.”
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2022.01.23 08:36 judith_mega I’m looking for a real sugar baby on here

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2022.01.23 08:36 hate-zenkai Nataruk isn’t the best weapon please shut the hell up

Thank you!
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2022.01.23 08:36 holasoyshadow what's the most important thing for you?

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2022.01.23 08:36 chromaticdistortion [FOR HIRE] minimalistic digital pencil style. commissions starting at just 30$

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2022.01.23 08:36 Walklightglassflws Last 4 seasons of Dexter

Why does the last 4 seasons get so much bad rep? It’s been 6 years since i originally watched it but i watched a season 7 and 8 recap cause I’m desperate to start the new season but someone give their opinion on what they think cause i don’t think it was that bad
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2022.01.23 08:36 YorickSub Friend wants me to buy her drugs after not talking for years. Exploiting me?

(I am so sorry for a long story for I need to mention some important details for the understanding of the situation, TLDR below)
Some background on the relationship between this girl and I; We are both the same age, 20, and we used to go to school together. From 4th grade (11 yrs old) to 8th (14), and we developed a friendship during this time. A rather odd one actually, I would say. We didn't hang out like other people did with their friends. Whenever we bumped into eachother in school, it would just turn into a day of hanging out. I would ditch school just to be nice and follow her to the dentist even though she did not ask me to. She would take the bus with me when she was going the complete opposite way. We never really made plans to hang out, it just kind of happened. But I want to stress that we were never really close. It was a relationship where we didn't talk about the rough things in life. We were both depressed and I guess it was a comfort to have someome beside me that knew how it felt but didn't judge me.
It is worth to mention in this story that this girl has been depressed and suicidal for years. She has never really been happy, and it has always been hard to have a conversation without her bringing up suicide as a joke most of the time. It got kinda tiring, but I didn't want to leave her side for this reason. We all know how draining it is though.
Fast forward of 5-6 years of not talking at all. Our contact stopped when she switched to another school, and then we both went to highschool. We are now both 20, and I am now in my first year of uni and we brought up contact somehow, just texting. I don't have a lot of friends, so I asked if she wanted to hang out some day at my place. She said yes, and we planned a specific date for her to come over. I checked up on her several times leading up to this day and when the day came I spent money on food and alcohol so we would have a good time. Note that I am a broke ass student, and I didn't really have that money. She ghosted me. She never came and then texted me at 1am asking if she could come over anyways. I was sleeping, because I had explained to her before that I needed to sleep early. This happened several times. She ghosted me atleast 3-4 times until I stopped asking her to hang out. It wasn't worth it anymore.
One day, she got the information that I had been doing mushrooms on a weekend (by myself, my first time), and she texted me asking if I could get her something. She was being extremely eager which I didnt like, putting the request in every sentence as we texted, but me knowing her suicidal mindstate I said no. I explained why, mushrooms and other psychedelics like that should never be taken when you're in that kind of mindstate. Anyhow, I wouldn't buy her anything anyways. She has been distant, ghosting me, just genuinely rudr behaviour. She was eagerly explaining how "If I wanted to kill myself I would have done it already. I have loads of alcohol and pills. I know how to tie a snare. I could make a cocktail anyday now." Okay? Her saying all of these things doesn't make me want to help her have drugs more. I don't really understand what to do. I am not going to give her anything, ever.
I blocked her on snapchat. I couldn't deal with it anymore. She was spamming me asking for it and I had said no atleast 5 times. She then proceeded to start spamming me on my phone number. Guilt tripping me and saying that I am no better than (a specific friend of mine who SHE used to bully) and that she thought I wanted contact and be friends. She said if I'm gonna be "so fucking offended over a question just say so" . Asking me what I'm asking of her, that she's not gonna hunt me down because she's not gonna force me to talk to her, but that's exactly what she's doing. She wants ME to hunt her. This is exactlt what a guilt tripper does. I studied psyche for a while and I just feel my mental is way too strong to fall for her feet. I haven't responded to her text messages, because I don't feel that it's worth my time or my energy. But she keeps sending me texts guilt tripping me every day for 3 days straight now. I honestly don't know what to do. Do I just block her number too?
This girl has been a mean one her whole life. She used to bully half of my class while always staying nice to me and I never got why. Is she jealous of me? She always admired me. But she is really showing her true self by doing this. I can see now, that she doesn't have a good person inside of her, which I thought she did. I thought she would have gotten better, grown up at this point. Apparently not.
TDLR; Old friend which I didnt spoke to for years started asking me for drugs (psychedelics) when she is suicidal. I declined her request and now she is guilt tripping me, spamming me text messages and trying to make me feel bad. I want to end our relationship but she wants to win in the end.
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2022.01.23 08:36 XenomorphPorkPieHat OG Ghostface killers be like..

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2022.01.23 08:36 ggtron Question: Midi routing

Well, at the moment I use the electribe 2 as heart of my setup and sequence all synth (volcas and other cheap stuff). So now I miss having real keys.
Is it possible to connect a midi keyboard like the arturia keystep into the e2 midi in and play the synth which are connected to midi out of the e2? as well as record the played sequences.
thanks a lot
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2022.01.23 08:36 Alarmed_Zucchini Hold on let me just whip my phone out quickly to record you

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2022.01.23 08:36 gismotrends Steam Deck reveals more than 40 verified and compatible games

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2022.01.23 08:36 Professional-Art9797 Best way to find safe portable water?

Hopefully we will be starting our permanent nomad life in a TT, Ive been searching for apps and websites to help find fresh water on the road with little success, we want to keep all of our tanks as empty as possible until we are close to a the dry camp we choose, for weight savings until we upgrade our tow vehicle. Any apps or website that will show what Truck stops, interstate rest areas, basically any place we can get what we need as close to our store as possible.
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2022.01.23 08:36 Smooth_Environment13 That's stuff make me better every thing

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2022.01.23 08:36 DawnOfLegion1 House of Black is a genius name

Because it can be interpreted in so, so many ways :
- is it a house that belongs to Malakai Black, as his last name surely is Black if we are going by wrestling logic ?
- is it a house that's painted black ?
- is it a house constructed purely off of black materials ?
- is it a house that represents darkness, damnation, apocalypse and all that good stuff ?
- or perhaps, all of the above ?
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2022.01.23 08:36 LISETTE-ARTIST Artwork from 2015.

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2022.01.23 08:36 inmoon سریال آرایشگاه زهرا فصل اول قسمت ۱ رابطه دوستانه با عشق قدیمی

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2022.01.23 08:36 danielhanchen Any ideas on historical daily OHLC data for Dow Jones / S&P500 all the back to 1914 / 1896?

Any ideas on historical daily OHLC data for Dow Jones / S&P500 all the back to 1914 / 1896? Hey everyone!! Does anyone have any suggestions for OHLC daily data for S&P500 or DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average)?
Yahoo Finance for S&P500 does show data all the way back to 1929, except there are serious data holes:
You can see Yahoo Finance seems to not provide Open prices from 1962 January 3 to 1982 April 20. There is HLC, just no Open. Below shows HLC existing from 1962 January 3.
Likewse, pre 1962, only Closing prices exist, Volume exists as well, up until 1950. Then until 1929, only Closing prices are seen.
For DJIA, Yahoo Finance is even less comprehensive, showing data only from 1992.
I have found the official Dow Jones closing prices data dated all the way back to 1896/7 via https://www.spglobal.com/spdji/en/indices/equity/dow-jones-industrial-average/#overview, which is very helpful. However, S&P does not provide S&P500 pre 1957. https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/339903?seq=4#metadata_info_tab_contents shows how S&P500 pre 1957 is calculated via "theoretical" estimates ie you have to manually calculate it - some people have done it, and have released datasets.
https://www.measuringworth.com/datasets/DJA/result.php# is another source of Dow Jones closing, and it explains how you need to reweight data from 1914 December 12 due to WWI.
I was hoping to use data from Stooq, but there are serious data integrity issues (which I've reported to Stooq). They do have data all the way back, but there are errors on Volume (10x difference ie 216M vs Stooq's 2.19B???), Open (4% off), Close (0.2% off), and Stooq reporting data on SUNDAYS??? (Saturdays were a thing pre 1952).
Does anyone have any data sources that you use that is reliable and has OHLC daily data from 1896 or 1914 December 12 onwards? I'm already starting to give up :( - I was just planning to just use the official DJIA for now.
I was also trying to contact S&P, csidata (where Yahoo Finance gets their data from), Morningstar, etc to see if they have paid accurate data - ongoing though.
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2022.01.23 08:36 inmoon و خورشید رو میبینیم که

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